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  1. That would be something for the Typo thread, that is stickied to top of the Bug Report Subforum. Greetings
  2. As i suspected the Laptop itself has enough Power to run CoX flawlessly till 1 Point the Intel Graphic Processor. Maybe the solution from this thread could help u with that :
  3. Just curious... these days a Laptop that cant handle CoX? Id understand if it cant run max details if it has Onboard GPU only , bit otherwise even 5+ years old Laptops should be more as sufficient. Well theres always the Possibility of Compatibility Issues with special GPU's or Processors but else? Playing myself on a PC that was build 2010 for the Live Version and still working well even in Incarnate Trials and such. Greetings
  4. Erm Marine .. Shouldnt Debt lower XP Reward only? Nvr seen it hampers with Inf as far my memory reaches. I think there are a few Special Rewards like Exploration Badges that only give XP but no Inf.. but these are very rare and not as much as the OP saying. Also as example the Clock Gears as mere sub-Minions are if u at the rewards break barrier -4 lvls so low rated that they give only 2-3 XP and therfore no Inf. But again thats a rare special and should not happen as often as OP is saying. To be verifying we would just need more detailed information. which
  5. It may also be kinda Powerset dependent some are more sluggish then others , the animation and speed of Titan Weapons once u get em its buff feels fluent and fast, but Kinetic melee as worst example, which others pointed out in different threads already, feels sluggish and not kinetic (fluid/fast) at all. Of ocurse it wont be like in that movie cause that was no ingame recording but it could be make more fluent, just how much u can speed the animation has to be decided by every single Power and then other factors like Damage Output/Endurance Cost come into the Equation.
  6. The HC Launcher has its own Subforum though just 2nd Entry below Bug Reports. Also the Devs might need a tad more Info's like the Specs of your Machine most important which OS, and in which Path u tried to install it, and of course did u have/use Admin priveleges while doing it. Greetings
  7. also in Kings south close to borderline them was exchanging with Lost.
  8. sure a female fire based. Firecracker: Fire Blast/Thermal Corruptor? Fire Control/Fire Assault Dominator? Fire Blast/Fire Aura Sentinel?
  9. If its the very 1st mission of the arc, easiest solution, Team Window, Quit TF and restart it in Ouro. Greetings
  10. Paladin is known and worked on, there are several threads about it. Lusca however is easy gamewise, shes pretty much always there if not even in more then 1 place, the problem there is rather to find a team willing to fight her. Way more complicated is to get the Caleb GM in Nerva, cause hes flying and kinda stealthy, if u need a GM that is compareable to Paladin in terms of hard to get. Greetings
  11. And clockwork (spoiler alert) they dont act on themselves, this goes for the regular clockwork of course not for the praetorian.
  12. Don't want to spoiler much , there is a Storyarc (Striga?) in which the council Zanith Mech's pretty much go Skynet. Since originally the Council was 5th Column, they probably are linked, the Name-Change to council and very much later re-adding of 5th Column made it a bit a mess.
  13. Vahz have Eidolons with a stun aura, always noticing it on said Posi TF's if my melee wasnt able to reach their Mez Protect Power at that Point, sure Madness Mage can do that at range but still both group have bosses with mez power at that lvl. Greetings
  14. You Remember correctly that why we only got one extra slot on lvl 50 lvl up cause it would somehow majorly break the game code or something like that, but still what goes wrong one time may be better made next time 🙂 .
  15. I dont remember getting XP on Live past 50 at all (Incarnate XP excluded of course) and i played till the announcement of the shutdown came (was in the middle of a TF that fell apart when the news in chat channels came up) , i always thought this was a HC change.
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