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  1. Quick question, do you knwo hwo to add levels to IO's in mids? I see the +- when I select some of the IO's but I can't actually add a level to it, not sure the command etc.
  2. Thank you! Yeah on previous toons I have the attuned purples. I am guessing you make the purples +5 then also with the boosters?
  3. Awesome, thanks for the clarification. It has been too long since I have done that. I was leveling on attuned IO's and crafted recharge IO's for the recharge redux... Do I use an enhancement catalyst to bump up those recharge redux ones?
  4. Thanks. Not sure why I only had 4 in Energy transfer It should def be 5. I will swap around the PS from inexhaustible. So you were saying to 5 slot hasten? I am going to rework a little this eve and repost but I am not sure the 5 slot hasten reasoning. Also, I am almost 48 now so not too much more to go!
  5. Here is my current build. I know I will swap around SJ in the placement but I didn't know if anyone else had any ideas or pointers? My fire and cold def are a bit too high and my others are a little low for s/l. GC takes a lot of end so some of the other sets get me in a end bind. I am lvl 46 now so not quite there but I have most of the pieces already as attuned enhancements. Any tips would be appreciated. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Magic Scrapper Primary Powe
  6. I am enjoying it on a team for sure. I do what Siolfir is saying by targeting the bosses in the groups and run in and typically they are dead in 2-3 hits at +3-+4 diff. Everyone on the team is going to be rocking the aoe attacks it seems so if I can make the bosses be dead at the same time then it is a nice team speed increase for clearing
  7. I am running a energy/bio right now, I tried energy/nin and didn't like it all that much but with Bio it is really powerful. My aoe is pretty lack luster but in any group I just target the next group bosses and I have the boss down in generally 2 hits depending on the difficulty and the group will wipe out pretty much everything else at the same time. I am running with the cs proc in TF and when energy transfer hits.. oh man. I am lvl 41 and typically get close to 1k with build up or any team buffs.
  8. Squishor


    Hey everyone, I started a Energy Melee/Ninjitsu scrap here. I have previously played TW/bio and DB/bio on a stalker. I was wanting to switch up the secondary some though and I am really enjoying it in the lower levels. I searched and I haven't found any builds since the change, I was wondering if anyone has one they are willing to share or some pointers? I have seen a couple builds with nin and a couple with eng but not combined so I was kinda working on putting something together from other builds to see how they slotted there powers. It looks like most say putting the crit strike
  9. You are right, nada wrong with it and I appreciate you giving me the guidance. I was just curious for what others are running too since I haven't pieced all the build together. I had 3 different builds I ran with on my fire/ele blaster before deciding on what worked best with how I learned to play the class and such. Meant no disrespect to you and I appreciate you sharing!
  10. Hey everyone. I have played Coh back before homecoming and when I found out about here I came back. I mainly played blasters and scrappers as I liked being the one hitting big #'s from nukes or playing the op build of TW/Bio back before they brought it back to where it should be. I am coming to realize though that everyone can do damage and I have played on a few team where (I think it was) a grav troller would port ahead or do something to pull the group 2 in front of where the team was right back down to the group we were going to hit was just getting going. It was simply amazing and I never
  11. Thanks for this. I appreciate it!
  12. Cool. ty. I am curious to see your DB/EA build when you have a chance. any help is appreciated! 🙂
  13. Do you by chance know how much +rech you need to run blinding feint>ablaiting strike>sweeping strike on a scrap? I am running db/bio right now and can run the BF+ vitals no prob but was looking to see what I need to run the higher dps chain.
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