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  1. Cool, thanks. Any tips to best use it or just set up a ground target the far group and then the close group and it sends us all back?
  2. Hey everyone, I am a bit of a noobie when it comes to trollers. The other day when I was grouping up on a scrap a troller joined the group and he was able to port ahead and get nearly an entire group of extra mobs and port them back directly to us. It sped up our play a ton. I was curious this is gravity dimensional shift? I haven't seen many people do this in the game so I was curious if it was this ability or something else? Seemed like a really fun thing to do and help a group out etc.
  3. Squishor

    Water/TA Build?

    I was curious if anyone could help post a build they like using? I am trying to keep defenses up as high as possible but not quite sure how to do it. I haven't played tactical arrow yet so I figured that may be a fun secondary to pair with but I am open. I have been enjoying my fire/fire/mace but looking for a little change of pace.
  4. Ok, cool. thanks! If I have a pretty much full IO'd build would you advise only doing the purples due to exemplar reasons or go for all?
  5. I was working on my scrapper and have him set in all attuned IO's as I was leveling him up and having those set s made it a breeze. Now that I am 50 I was possibly wanting to boost up a few of them but it looks like I can't use a booster on an attuned IO? Is that right? If so is there a way to un-attune an IO and then boost it up? If not then would it be advised to just sell the existing purple IO's and buy non-attuned purples and raise them up that way?
  6. I have not played the Pb since live original and I would love to see a human form guide to help. i have wanted to play one for a while now!
  7. Yeah, according to the topic comparing difference mm sets just below this one, on page 2, says that since the last patch this is no longer working. ;(
  8. Hey Everyone. I was hoping I could get a little help with a few questions. I have a thugs/time mm that is around 15 so far and I was following the guide from Warlawk for it so far. Now that I have my 1st bruiser life is getting a lot easier and I should be able to up my diff some. I was reading that the Gaus Chance for build up in the enforcers doesn't actually proc? If this is true does anyone have an idea of what to replace it with? Also, where he has the awesome purple IO's would anyone have suggestions for ones I can use during leveling as a replacement until 50? I have a farmer so the inf isn't a prob but I want to at least have something in those slots in the mean time. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Ok, Thanks for the answers. I guess one last thing I am a little unclear on is either LR or SC then going to get any of those crit chance bonuses or is it just things like thunderstrike or as etc?
  10. So I had a quick question with the big mini nuke aoe's and hide. I am kinda new so please excuse this if it was already answered.. If neither LR or SC break hide then do they have any extra bonus to crit while you are hidden? What would be an opener then, pop 1 mini nuke then AS? jump to the next group use other mini then AS again? I am not sure on the mechanics of aoe's from hide with regards to crit chances.
  11. I had breath for a while too but Nemu is definitely right on the positioning. I found I was loosing more dps trying to just position correctly to hit the most targets. Once you get your recharge up high enough I found my normal aoe rotation was hardly using it. I swapped it to Rain of Fire and I really like the change. I can have RoF going while blasting with other abilities all at the same time.
  12. Thank you again for all your help. I think I left in I21 from the original game and I am learning a lot more about the end game stuff that I was clueless about. I just got all 6 sets superior and reached 50 finally. I am going to respec and follow the build like you have it except swap envelop I think for RoF and throw the other purple set there. I have about half of the purples for all 3 sets acquired now too. Making progress! I got my alpha unlocked and am working towards the next 2 now. I think what I was seeing is that not having the incarnates unlocked was definitely showing the holes in my build but on yours you have those all covered with the incarnates and such added in. Thank you again and this guy has been a blast, blasting things... literally!
  13. Nemu, A few quick questions regarding a few of your slot choices if you don't mind? Sorry in advance if this is basic q's as I have been out of the game for some time. When I move a slot out of aim/bu and or the hami slot on blazing I notice the recharge time is very minimally effected, allowing me to maybe take up RoF or Fire Breath instead of superjump. Is that due to the incarnates you have selected and would you advise against doing that for something I am not noticing? I used to take blazing bolt just for the io bonuses due to the casting time and interupt on it but I am not sure I understand the free cast element of it with a characters % to hit buff??? I like the reason you have web envelop so I was wondering if that makes sense to add to my aoe rotation at all or with the recharge, just fss, ball, burn, nuke, and the incarnate when up are plenty? I know why you keep super speed from earlier and that makes a ton of sense to me now, I can just get a jump pack for flight if need be. Sorry for the maybe basic Q's I am just trying to finalize and I thought from my days on the original game that I would always use breath or rain in rotation but I don't see them and web envelope together?
  14. Rock on, Thanks Nemu! Will you sign my yearbook! 🙂
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