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  1. It is 3.5, the patch notes still have a typo in them
  2. Generally procs in AoE toggles tend to be a little underwhelming because of the 10 second tick rate. Once you factor the radius into the PPM calculations what you get is generally somewhere in the neighbourhood of a 5-10% chance to proc every 10 seconds on each mob. In any case, there's a possible bug not sure if it is intended or not but the Power Transfer heal seems to scale based on the enemy' conning, so it heals more when they are below yourself and heal less when you're deep in the purple patch. Was noticing this when I had it slotted in Consume at least.
  3. The proc appears to be 15% boost to runspeed only, not all movement as it might suggest in the patch notes. Also, if you're 2-slotting performance shifter into Stamina in there then you're already getting a 7.5% movement buff, you're just going to forego your +end proc for a runspeed one by switching over to Synapse.
  4. I did mention this in the Patch notes thread but just so it's also in the focused feedback threat as well: the 4% regeneration in Synapse's Shock is pretty low for a regen set bonus, even Efficiency Adapter has a 10% regen bonus as a 4-slot set bonus. Might want to bump that up to at least 10%, maybe 12%. If balance is a concern the 3-slot 15% slow movement resistance could be dropped to maybe 10% since 15% is what a superior winter-o grants.
  5. Besides a few odd crashes, seems pretty nice. I think I've finally found a tp power that I could actually make use of in Experimentation: Jaunt, that insta-cast I can see being so useful for popping in and out of battles etc. Could I make a suggestion for the 4-slot set bonus on Synapse's Shock? 4% regen is pretty low for a 4-slot rare set bonus. considering pretty much every other rare set offers at least a 10% regen bonus even as a 2-slot bonus maybe bump it to at least 10% possibly 12%?
  6. Brutes are a favourite of mine, though I am someone who does like going for high damage toons. I like their fury concept, it promotes and rewards constantly fighting, constantly being in battle to the point where it can be fun trying to maintain that overall endurance and be able to run out of one mob and straight into the next without having to wait for end or health etc. certainly fun things to build towards in IO sets. My gripe with them was probably how they overshadows tanks in almost every aspect, being functionally about as survivable as they were yet having a TON more damage. The buffs to tanks to make them able to really hit some hard melee AoEs with the radius buffs does help differentiate it a bit though, which is nice. Could we let them hit max fury though, rather than this 90% cap thing? could be cool to allow that whilst simultaneously reducing the generation rate slightly (at least in groups anyway, you'll go from 0 to 90% in seconds running into a full 8-man spawn which kind of defeats the purpose of it being there IMO)
  7. I think that's the case, if you pop Siphon Insight chance for +ToHit that fires off when you launch the drones. It's frustrating, nothing seems to remain consistent when it comes to pseudo pet powers.
  8. I second your suspicion. Eventually I'll get around to testing it out, more or less. Unfortunately the seeker drones don't proc enhancements, not sure of the exact underlying reason but I remember a similar issue occurring with the Crab Spider's Omega Maneuver, probably because the power accepts Target AoE sets but the actual pet power is PBAoE and if it's following pet rules, would mean the power wouldn't accept that proc. Havig said that even the Cloud Senses dmg proc doesn't go off so... 🤷‍♂️
  9. Maaan I'm really looking forward to dusting off the Mastermind and getting back into it. I remember the biggest killer of my Demon/Traps MM was dumb pet behaviour, I can see these changes going a very long way to setting up better positions. Since I'm not going to have much time to actually dive into the game to check this, does the aggro still reset when new commands are issued such as a GoTo command? One of my biggest strategy bugbears about MMs second only to them just being downright uncontrollable up till now was the fact that if you did try and order them to move to a location, especially in defensive mode, it'd reset their aggro and would idle around for a while until something either hit it or me (which tends to take a while on softcapped defense 😏)
  10. In a recent patch Controller/Dominator Immobilize primaries were tweaked to convert all KB to KD instead. I'm noticing in Gravity Control this doesn't occur and KB will still fully impact foes, only the holds seem to suppress KB. I think before the update grav never had KB suppression on it's immobilize unlike some other sets like Earth. Just wanted to check if this is all by design or if Grav should get the KB2KD as well.
  11. /team_select doesn't work with powexec_location, it can't be run before or after it in this specific circumstance, it needs to be somehow nested inside that command. If i did that macro for Wormhole it would select my teammate but the power would then attempt to cast on them as the target, which it fails, because it's lost the targeted enemy.
  12. TLDR: in addition to the current "target", "me" and directional commands, could there be one to specifically focus a location power underneath a teammate without having to have them specifically targeted? ie. powexec_location teammate:1 to target whoever is no.1 in your team (or basically the leader) The reason is i'm running a grav controller and one thing i love doing in particular is using Wormhole to port groups of mobs to my team to AoE down while they're engaged. The only trouble is to actually properly use Wormhole you will need to have an enemy targeted, then set the location you want to send them to. This breaks pretty much all uses of powexec_location unless you want them to come to you, but I instead want to set the destination to a teammate and send them there rather than bringing them to me. When you execute the power you need to be within 80ft of your target, but the TP destination can be much further than that, even behind obstacles. So if you really want to utilise the full extent of that range you'll find yourself having to run off to acquire a target, run back to your team to set your location then run back to your target to get within range to fire off the power. It all works, there's just a fair bit of back and forth running to make it work though. I'm not sure if this would be considered exploitative or not, it wouldn't be adding any additional functionality to the power outside of allowing a bit more flexibility to auto-set a focus with the constraint of having to have an enemy targeted, thought i'd just throw it out there.
  13. Here's a few rooms I've more or less finished in my base so far. This is Avenging Phoenix, on the Torchbearer server. I've got all photos stashed in a OneDrive folder here with a couple of previews just below https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsH_NJFL6qh1gqgClMkOSpdcHXJSow
  14. Pet upgrades are already an AoE style effect, so long as your pets are all nearby whichever pet you cast it on, they'll all get upgraded. I personally would go for an autopower where it was applied to pets automatically.
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