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  1. Congrats everybody. So a little remark for the election of the winners for next month (this will not change my folding habits, just putting it out there): there are a lot of people folding and well for most the top 10 is out of there league, having just 1 computer or so. So I would suggest not rewarding the same people every month. What i'm suggesting is selecting the top 10 not yet rewarded winners (because we are all winners for folding). And the 20 random winners also be not yet selected people. Thanks for listening Greetings Sealdy
  2. I just raised my base portal and still have it happen. The base portal is now floating with me in it. Changing characters didn't fix it either. *Relogging helped, now hope that it will take a long while to happen again.
  3. If you enter city hall and take the door directly to the left you come at the memorial as well.
  4. Can you open the advanced controller? If you click on your name there you get your donor info (not always up-to-date).
  5. Ah that is a pity, but you work comes through. Keep up the good work.
  6. When did you start folding? At the webcontrol you can see a more updated version of your points, but the look up info is lagging behind by a day or 2. edit: I just checked and you are on the list with 18627 points and 6 wu.
  7. I'll try to explain it. First a little biology: proteins (aka the key) can take certain shapes depending on the components they have. The covid-19 virus also has a shape (aka the lock). What they are trying to do is find a protein that binds the covid-19 (aka a key for the lock). When the lock is opened it is not working anymore (so effective treatment for covid-19). Now to stimulate protein folding (what shape will they become after a component is changed) costs a lot of computational power. And that is where the folders come in. The universities that do this kind of research don't have enough computer systems to fold fast. So every person who does folding for them at their computer(s) speed up the research. The program only works when your computer is on. But rebooting your computer or putting it off for the night does not remove the work you done. The next log in you just continue with what you were folding. I've noticed that older computers need longer to fold and get less heavy jobs (which are still usefull, but give less points). So basically anyone can fold. Personally i just use my computer as I always do while folding in the background. My GPU get's used a lot so is somewhat warmer now. Personally i found that folding at medium works best for me. A little sidenote because many of us are folding it sometimes takes longer to get a folding job. Hope it is a bit more clear now. Greetings Sealdy PS I love squares
  8. I'm not that knowledgable with site making and such, could we transfer it? I took a look at the source code of paragon wiki, so I guess some copy pasting would do a lot. Just not the images probably. And some of the links should be changed, but it might indeed save some time and give a better base to start from. Would ofcourse help if we found the person who started the homecoming wiki 🙂
  9. Hello Carandiru and welcome home. On the homecoming server there are no major differences. There is the sentinel archtype to play, haven't tried it yet so can not help you there. There are some extra badges to get. All pvp zones have 8 exploration badges now, There are 2 story arcs, one for vigilantes and one for rogues. And all the anniversary badges can be bought from Luna at Ouroboros in May for 100 reward merits each. Also you get a badge and some empyrean merits for each third veteran level after 50. Null the Gull at Pocket D can change your allignment now. And there is the P2W-vendor (T4V in praetoria) where you can get xp boosts and usefull powers (the old veteran powers). Excelsior is a great shard to play on 🙂 Greetings Sealdy
  10. 1522 now, finally got Master of Minds of Mayhem. Those nightmares didn't feel like showing themselves.
  11. A badge for defeating 100 freakshow after they resurrected.
  12. Sealdy


    Welcome home
  13. There is http://homecoming.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Homecoming_Wiki:Main_page It is not complete, but it is a start. And there is Badger: https://n15g.github.io/badger/ Which I like to keep track of the badges
  14. I love to spend time with the legion family and atleast 90% of the time someone is online.
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