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  1. The FBSA had to disallow grip strength as a registered superpower when the paperwork deluge threatened to overwhelm them.
  2. For sheer comic-bookness I love the 'Primal' science labs with misplaced accelerators, giant energy spikes, unlicensed reactors...
  3. Seconding this - Pets with extra resistance and defense are a lot tougher (especially the AOE one - guy with flamethrower to other ATs is well, fire damage. MM not catching it in time is a mass resummon)
  4. Hybrid support also boosts defense which is useful on some set combinations (I'm honestly happy to trade out the timing trouble with assault and the extra damage for the tier 1 pets (especially) to be sturdier)
  5. The big problem for ninjas is the more + levels you add to notoriety, the even less their poor defense does, and the lack of resistance means they can't take many boss grade hits, at all. Most other pets have some resistance which helps, but ninjas it's a pure binary for all the damage, and the odds aren't especially in their favor. So definitely less of a problem at earlier levels but as you reach a point most power sets would be throwing a couple +1s on the enemies is definitely rougher.
  6. Basically every NPC line in that rescue mission. He is, after all, a gifted surgeon and nothing more.
  7. The biggest sign of Nemesis' pervasive influence and long-range planning is how those Warhulks get up a '1500 lb max' elevator, honestly.
  8. Nothing throws me out of the game quite like seeing a Sky Skiff waiting patiently in a narrow hallway.
  9. I'm fond of things that 'push' the powers like interface or alpha but MAN Judgement can be satisfying to pull out. Wouldn't change - if one got added, we've got buff, nuke, proc, summon, so I guess some sort of control super-power would be next, so maybe it's good they stopped.
  10. RWZ has too much fun with this (especially when the nicer Ritki get better translators to 'handle your adorably primitive causation structures') My favorite being technically an unquote from the super taciturn Psi-Scout Lk'Onik. He actually gets the colon structure on his pauses. Random Rikti 1: Quiet Traditionalist Psi-Scout Lk'Onik: ... : ... Random Rikti 2: Status Correction: Too Quiet Traditionalist Psi-Scout Lk'Onik: ... : Heh Runner up is Kelly Uqua in case you didn't get the hints earlier and haven't hit the Rikti before as you help cover up her infiltration: "Esteemed Thanks: Character"
  11. I do play redside though I can get how the aesthetic gets to people. I also blame the tutorial; it's a later-style arc with more interaction but MAN is the villain a barely functional thug with a violence addiction through the Heart of Darkness arcs. Most of the other stuff is much better.
  12. Is original Positron an option? Shadow Shards were quicker... Synapse isn't super travel heavy as slogs go and switches out the maps, so it doesn't bother me as much as Citadel, the Task Force of far too many Council maps. The small narrow structures with three level 'cooling ponds' with too many alcoves enemies can hide in. And you have to find every. one. It doesn't help the Council on Citadel is pretty tedious. Lot of base soldiers in fire and force, maybe a little sonic, and no Warwolves, and few Vampyri or Galaxy to liven it up. It's a lot of people shooting at you without many variations of buffers/debuffers, or super hard-hitters. Yeah there are hover bots and Mech Men, but they don't do that much more different besides shooting. Moonfire offers more variation in enemies and mission types, and Hess has a giant robot volcano base and is much more rare to see.
  13. You should have been nicer to them. I've had missions where I'm at 50 from old-school contacts decide Dark Astoria was a good place to go. Why the Carnival of Shadows was throwing a party a few blocks from a god of death I will never know.
  14. For the record I had a 95 percent chance I saw last night that missed 2 out of 3 times. I have taunted the goblin, and must suffer the consequences.
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