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  1. Sounds like fire breath is hitting about the range that it goes the 'well you're close enough to punch' subroutine?
  2. Cole performing 'witch hunts' is given as why the Midnighters retreated to a 'pocket dimension' where Master Midnight was able to deal with the Club all at once. The Circle of Thorns not being present on Praetoria always seemed conspicuous by their absence, given their sheer ubiquity on Paragon City. Possibly they went to ground. It took Rikti portal tech to crack Oranbega's wards, and it is much less secure than it was in the 20th century
  3. I just got to IO sets on a demon/pain (any mitigation from powers is after the first combat exchange, basically) and there is a significant change to the resilience of pets with those resist and defense auras in place.
  4. Kallisti Wharf is, from looking at the old AMAs - was intended to be an area recovered ala Faultline for the city outside the previous War Walls, timeline wise after Statesman's death and Tyrant's fall. With Praetoria inactive and the Rikti Traditionalists working more and more closely with Vanguard, the biggest threats of large troop movements the War Walls help stop receded as well. Naturally the Battalion were going to choose it as Ground Zero for their invasion because Paragon City is one Task Force away from destruction every day of the week and twice on Saturdays. 🙂 Based on the NCSoft MOBA and some other comments, the plan was for Statesman to help rally the fight against the Oncoming Storm, as things looked darkness but not the Marcus Cole who'd spent eight decades tirelessly fighting for justice, but the weakened Tyrant showing the power of symbols - and if Earth could do that while thinking they were fighting with Statesman but instead merely a powered-down Tyrant, Earth's defenders had the strength all along and everyone just needed to step up - which I guess shows at least that Praetorian Marcus Cole did learn his lesson. This would probably end in in his death.
  5. A lot of this is Paragon Wiki to make sure I got this right: So the big starting point for all this is Tina MacIntyre and Maria Jenkins; these versions of the arcs are updated from Issue 18 and reflect to some degree the earlier version of the arc (Statesman was held prisoner in the past verison of the arc, and it's referenced in the current version where Positron gets the honor) as having taken place in the past. At this point in history, Praetorian Earth is something Portal Corps AND the Vanguard are aware of but dealing with the occasional raid - Anti-Matter's first attack and the revelation of a universe with apparently evil versions of the Freedom Phalanx was the old version of Tina's arc, and seems to be from what I can find the first incursion by Praetoria. Anti-Matter was previously trying to improve his standing - but a big issue was getting enough information on Primal Earth to adequately pinpoint an invasion (Portal Corps is apparently the multiverse's leader in cross-dimensional technology. Go home team) He lost, Neuron tried to copy, and he lost too. Both got snatched out of the Zig, by portals. Maria Jenkins then gets involved when a more involved plot involves capturing the Statesman to weaken Primal Earth's defenses. Statesman hadn't been very forthcoming on how he got his powers, and some items how Tyrant restrained him got noted as being incorrect in later versions of the arc. Tyrant also appeared, but was defeated. There are several side missions fighting various Praetorians. Sometime in the middle, some individuals from Praetoria defect to Primal Earth to be heroes or villains, and pass on more information on what Praetoria is like, showing it isn't just 'evil Freedom Phalanx' (Going Rogue happens, in other words). Some time previously, Maelstrom defects. The current version is a bit later - Portal Corps is aware Praetoria is a threat and the Vanguard, the primary Earth defense organization, is assisting - besides dealing with Anti-Matter trying to get his position back and get Dominatrix to like him, Neuron steals Anti-matters' plan (as usual), and the heroes stop both Praetorian scientists. Positron then gets kidnapped in an arc run by Maria Jenkins that runs similarly, except Tyrant himself doesn't show up - but the Praetorians DO steal a page from Nemesis and start building a duplicate Positron to leave Paragon City's defenses completely shut down, and Tyrant doesn't show up in person - arguably, full scale war would have followed if the plot succeeded. A bit later, as Incarnates start to power up, it looks like Tyrant says 'what the hell' and starts the invasion in the Apex and Tin Mage Task Forces - Vanguard successfully counterstrikes both on Primal Earth and Praetoria to basically stop the invasion before it can really start, but Tyrant then apparently somehow REALLY digs deep of the Well of the Furies and starts powering his forces up - the Incarnate Trials begin as Incarnates work with Resistance to dismantle Praetoria piece by piece. Except for a bit where a God of death wakes up, but even then some of the Praetorians are involved in the action. By the end, Praetoria is nearly dead - Tyrant's treaty with the Hamidon is null and most of the surviving Praetorians are refugees on Primal Earth; Tyrant's actions certainly killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of his own people in his mad bid to retain power. On the timeline question of who invaded who - it's not clear - I don't think Portal Corps was looking for trouble (the Shadow Shard was already an existent threat taking their attention) but the dimension name is cataloged - it's possible a research team was THOUGHT to be an invasion. Or Anti-Matter found Primal Earth, attacked, and Primal Earth's retaliation was thought to be an invasion because Anti-Matter kept his mouth shut. I'm not sure WHY Tyrant was sure the existence of Primal Earth was such a threat - Praetoria has some contact with some of the dimensions Portal Corps does (such as Warrior Earth; where Battle Maiden and Valkyrie's powers originated) or he was simply afraid news of such an 'underregulated' Earth would damage his regime. I personally lean to the latter just because of the First Ward/Night Ward storylines - Cole had gone out of his way to remove as much as one of the traditional origins (magic) as he could - it's the hardest to track and regulate, compared to technology or genetic powers. Arguably by the time of the defectors the Praetorians had made so much noise many of the more organized groups (Longbow, Arachnos, Malta, Crey, Nemesis as the big contenders) had started infiltrating and boosting the Resistance but the support given before Apex/Tin Mage is a lot less than Primal Earth throwing literally its most powerful heroes to the task of destroying the Cole regime. Feel free if anyone wants to chime in, I think I got most everything through the last Trial in here, which isn't quite the end of the story.
  6. One thing that is an early secret the Undeground Incarbate Trial uncovers.. Cole didn't beat Hamidon. He cut a deal to try and prove humanity could be controlled and non destructive. This appears to be post First Ward construction. Cole either decided or was informed as Primal Earth discovered Praetorian Earth, the 'uncontrolled' humanity still organized into nation states and hero/villain fights on Primal Earth risked breaking the deal. Tyrant having a plan to conquer makes me personally suspect his real plan was more around moving somewhere away from Hamidon, or knowing Praetoria was inherently unstable. He may not have admitted to himself. Or the Well pushed the situation somehow. Praetoria was originally evil Freedom Phalanx but got richer with Going Rogue. Some is mentioned in universe as Portal Corps getting more information. Also there is a sewer exploration badge, where the Enriche plant draws water from the same source as the Praetoria mains. It is quite possibly drugged.
  7. At least one point versus blasters, at 20 something they have AOE for groups. Demons has one cone breath at this point so you just don't have the relative tools to drop minions fast. Though as the bad guys get more hold capacity that blaster will need to be more careful and have some less room to maneuver. The archetype to some degree is built around ablative damage. Pre IOs as CoV opened, MMs were more the Rogue Isles tanking class than brutes were. The good news? At 23 you are near the end of the harshest period for all MM sets. 24 brings the second tier 2 pet, the Gargoyle is tough and has some contact auras to help focus attention. Probably the most damage focused pet in the powerset. And 26 has the tier 3 which comes with holds and slows which will alleviate pressure. 32 is a ways off but I usually feel the big divide. The second powerup tends to be a massive upswing for MM.
  8. Just to check you did mean melee for the ninjas too here? They've some wonderful up-close attacks. I wish the genin's disorient was a little more frequent - if it could stack enough it would help with the Boss Problem.
  9. I see 'you had a 95 percent accuracy and rolled a 99' with the sort of frequency of 99s I would love in 'roll for loot' games.
  10. As far as I can tell, absolutely huge for the ranged pets. and may stop ninjas from trying to roundhouse kick the map.
  11. To follow up late to this but I had a character without the badge who on instanced did not get, but did get next zone MSR.
  12. There's always dark miasma - area intangibility people will thank you as they take absolutely no damage!
  13. Niu Lien was lucky enough to be part of Praetoria proper as opposed to the hapless, doomed rabble beyond the sonic fencing, as the orphanage matrons were sure to tell their charges. Even luckier that Cole's purge of magic was done in the city proper, so when the ancient order she had unknowningly been a part of was dead, she got offered Powers Division instead of the chopping block. The spirit of chaos was intended to be carefully diminished through activity on behalf of order, but Niu hadn't been prepared or trained as the destined bearer, and chose the name Ryobuoni despite not being in any way of Japanese descent to at least have a good time if she was going to be having to fight ghouls in the sewers. The spirit and her began to bond in ways that would have given her parents apoplexy, as it whispered more curses, more powerful agents to use in the quest to keep her name in the lights. When she was eventually told of the Praetorian's invasion, she surprisingly went to Paragon on a diplomatic mission instead of carving a space for herself on the isles. Her press agent states that it was because of her contact with most of the Praetors - who may be powerful but couldn't lead a camping trip without backstabbing one another, let alone an invasion. In truth, it was mainly laziness - it's easier to work in a system to reap benefits, and her reputation as a 'maverick, not used to the laws of your dimension' has gotten two blogs following her consistently, regular headlines, and a movie option. There's another piece she learned later - while Hamidon is far weaker on Primal Earth; when she got here she thought she was a Top Dog, but the likes of the Circle of Thorns or Nemesis thrashed her like a pup. There's a lot more at play on Primal Earth than Cole realized, and a lot more to exploit. Really if someone's immolated in hellfire by ravenous demons, they cheer you on if it's a Sky Raider. Life's pretty good. It should be noted that there's a 'ninja dispatcher' hero with similar looks to how Niu looked as a human operating in Paragon, but she and her Primal Earth counterpart really can't stand each other and do their best to ignore one another.
  14. A bit tongue in cheek here. Entranced super heroes (or maybe Outcasts reforming for the Hero side, the MM cheering them on) Attack powers are from the psychic blast set for animations. (Psionic Dart level 1, Mental blast level 2, Telekinetic blast level 8 ) 1st tier: Summon Rookies; one fire/fire blaster, Level 6: one martial arts/super reflex scrapper, Level 18: Empathy/Rad defender 2nd tier: Summon Trendsetters: Level 12: AR/Devices blaster, targeting drone and snipes primarily. Level 24: Ice Armor/Titan Weapons tank 3rd tier: Summon Task Force Commander: Peacebringer that transits forms based on MM health level and whether aggressive or passive/defensive as a gimmick. (Nova/human for aggressive, human/dwarf for defensive, health threshold TBD) Costumes will be random selection on summon but within a specific easily distinguishable color scheme for each item, matching traditional (first Rookie is red/orange, Task Force Commander white/gold) depictions of power sets. Henchmen upgrade powers: 1: Security Authorization: Grants everyone capes and higher tier powers. 2: Vanguard Membership: Grants aura effects and AOE capabilities. Level 18 'flavor' power: Heartfelt Inspiration - gives single pet equivalent of 'level up' buff Inspirations.
  15. I can't give a ton of info from personal experience but for observational - Necro/Dark is one of the all-time classics from the start of MMs., it's loaded down with to-hit and nice heals which helps zombie (and team, I suppose...) survivalbility. Also for IO building Necro has four pets - or at least four things that take pet items, you can dump a ton of the globals into Soul Extraction if it helps tweak the rest of the horde.
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