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  1. Street sweeping was all people did in the early years of the game. And, there was good reason: it was the best way to get xp. A couple of issues in, the dev's changed the amount of xp you get from missions essentially making missions more xp profitable than street sweeping. So, it went away forever. Some of my street sweeping nostalgia: 1) Running through the sewers with another person as the CoH beta server shut down back in 2004. 2) Sewers teams. 3) Perez Park street sweeping. (The go to lowbie strategy originally.) 4) Being on that same bridge in IP with
  2. It appears you guys either willingly or unwillingly confuse survivability with "tanking". To someone unfamiliar with tanking and/or the game as the OP appears to be, you're woefully misinforming him and possibly overwhelming him with unnecessary delineation about possible builds versus practical builds. All of which was covered in #5 and somewhat in #4 of my list of advice to the OP. You essentially did exactly what I said people mistakenly do on these forums - give overblown explanations of theoretical or very specific, expensive builds used in very specific situations. Of all things, a
  3. So just to be clear - In the tank section of the forums, where a person asked specifically about which end game tank build he should pick, your recommendation is to play an empath defender? There are clearly superior tank builds to others. There are clearly some that require very little investment in influence. There are clearly some that are easier to play somewhat passively and effectively. There are clearly some that require more decision making and tactics.
  4. What "armored empath" can tank? There is an empath build that can take alpha strikes from +8/+4 missions consistently from one group to the next, and can hold aggro, and have the same or similar mez protection?
  5. Here are a few things I forgot when I came back and re-rolled a tank: 1) Endurance draining enemies. 2) Psi damage. 3) The limitations of a purely defense based build. 4) The overwhelming noise and misinformation from farming builds as it compares to a tank for playing the game normally. 5) Almost every reply you get will have a build with hundreds of millions of influence (sometimes billions) and is an end game build assuming all incarnate powers and reaching a soft cap on some type of positional defense at the expense of everything else. 6) How some powers (and power
  6. It's easy to get caught up in the whole "smashing and lethal is the most resisted" blah, blah, blah, but the truth is...it really doesn't matter. You're either going to like the way it "feels" or not. Don't worry so much about the details. Just play it for a bit and see how you like it. Here's why I personally like it: 1) Fast firing, low endurance, fast recharge attacks. 2) 3 AOE attacks. (technically one is a cone) 3) The cone drops enemy defense. 4) As you gain blood frenzy, you gain a damage buff and an endurance reduction. Both are noticeable. Afte
  7. Okay, self-described noob. I had a grav/thorn dom during live. I made it mostly for zone pvp, but I still went through the leveling process to get there. Here's some basic facts for any dom: 1) The ultimate goal of any dominator is perma-dom. This will require you to both take hasten and slot just about all of your IO bonuses towards recharge. I know everyone wants a build nowadays, but it's really not that complicated. I believe you need 123% total recharge to get it. I just toyed around in the AE looking for cheap sets and was able to do it fairly simply. 2) Domina
  8. Hibernate is a power that comes into play if you like to push the edge with the game mechanics. i.e. Trying to solo 4/8 missions, or farm, or take on Taskforces solo, and especially pvp. In regular play, it's rarely useful. Just a nice thing to have. I think I used it more often when getting sapped of endurance than anything.
  9. What specifically is there to take advantage of? Just seems like positive changes across the board, not something that would drastically improve a specific set. Maybe I skimmed over the notes too fast? lol
  10. I calculated the numbers two posts above you. If I'm calculating this right, it should look like this: Regular mobs +1 enemies: .05 X 1.1 = .055 (5.5%) +2 enemies: .05 X 1.2 = .06 (6.0%) +3 enemies: .05 X 1.3 = .065 (6.5%) +4 enemies: .05 X 1.4 = .07 (7.0%) Lieutenant +1 enemies: .05 X 1.25 = .063 (6.3%) +2 enemies: .05 X 1.35 = .068 (6.8%) +3 enemies: .05 X 1.45 = .073 (7.3%) +4 enemies: .05 X 1.55 = .078 (7.8%) Bosses +1 enemies: .05 X 1.4 = .07 (7.0%) +2 enemies: .05 X 1.5 = .075 (7.5%) +3 enemies: .05 X 1.6 = .008 (8.0%) +4 enemies: .05 X 1.7 =
  11. I think it's truly a problem of perception. Prior to IO's and the now ubiquitous "softcapped defense" on every build, Ice was a solid tank choice and a fairly common pick for teams. Power creep and the reinvention of tanking since Willpower and all the newer sets have made Ice seem like kind of an outdated, weak set. (especially since it doesn't have positional defense) When considered as a whole, it's a solid tank with unique mechanics that have somewhat under the radar tanking benefits. It's a defense set, sure. But, you also have recharge slows, and movement slows build into two pow
  12. Okay great. So, let's ignore the incarnate modifier for a second. Here's my calculations from your info and the info from the link I posted: +1 enemies: .05 X 1.1 = .055 (5.5%) +2 enemies: .05 X 1.2 = .06 (6%) +3 enemies: .05 X 1.3 = .065 (6.5%) +4 enemies: .05 X 1.4 = .07 (7%) So this is strictly for regular mobs. There are additional modifiers for different ranks as follows: Lieutenant 1.15 Boss, Elite Boss, Sniper 1.30 Monster, Giant Monster, AV 1.50 Do you know if those are additive? As in:
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