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  1. Is this also Corpsman from the old days? -This is FireKatt.
  2. FF is back on Torchbearer, thought we are still trying to find Pride Warrior.
  3. Is there different Login info? It's not accepting my normal password which works fine when I switch back over to normal server.
  4. Yeah, I moved all my characters over to Torchbearer, found the current Leader for the FF. I'm helping him rebuild now. So any Felines out there feel free to hit us up on Discord: https://discord.gg/d6QN2QH
  5. I set up a chapter on Reunion with my ALT Lightstiker. My Handle is @FIREKAT I tried to transfer my Firekatt character to Torchbearer... But it seems somebody might be running around pretending to be me on there.
  6. I'd be willing to do between $6-$10 Per month for VIP Status. But there should definatly keep a free play tier.
  7. Hey. FireKatt here again. Has any body Reformed the Feline Fellowship? I used to be one of the leaders, but I can't reach Pride anymore.
  8. IF the FF has been reformed. I just rejoined. I can't find Pride, but I was one of the Leaders: @FireKatt I rebuilt FireKatt, If I could be re-invited, I'm definately down to rebulid the greated SG ever!
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