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  1. Good call. There are animations from the teleport attacks but I wouldn't want those ported over because those should be unique to those power sets. Especially because it's the last or second to last power in those sets so it would be lame if anyone could just take combat teleport and have your cool Lightning Rod effect. Plus it would be weird if someone did a Shield Charge or Savage Leap but it didn't actually attack anything...
  2. New animations would turn Teleport pool into the new "it" pool".
  3. I was actually about to post on this topic. I'd be happy to have the animation for Jaunt as an option for Combat Teleport and Teleportation. Most of my favorite teleporters in comics tend to teleport more actively and movement looking more like Jaunt while teleporting, especially in battle. Because combat teleport is the "battle teleport" having the Jaunt animation makes more sense. Since that animation is already "created", I had hoped that it might be an easier port.... Thank you. *Edited a typo
  4. Worked perfectly with 32-bit. Thank you. Also, I have no end redux slotted in SS and I'm not getting momentum to trigger either.
  5. Dope. Thank you very much! Is Beta extremely laggy for everyone or is it just me and my subpar computer? I have no issue playing the normal live version, but Beta lags to the point where it's almost unplayable and rubberbanding.
  6. Ah, gotcha. Thanks. DId you get the numbers from Beta testing? Would you happen to have the number for stealth's defense in combat?
  7. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for this update. I'm glad the travel powers got a good looks. It all sounds great to me being one of those fools who takes a travel power (or two) on every single toon. I started playing in 04 and remember how much of a rite of passage level 14 used to be for getting access to travel powers. This should do a lot to re-establish them as a key upgrade for characters. Also, does anyone know what the defense bonus of stealth in combat now and after the update?
  8. This is a funny take but if you go by the level of his other senses from the Netflix version, he would definitely know where the light is. He could hear the faint electric whizzing from bulbs and tell how powerful they are. The slight change in temperature from the light would also be noticable to him. And from all his training he'd know what level of light corresponds to what other humans would need to see. So, considering the level of ability that they gave him and his training with Stick, I think it made sense.
  9. TheMuna


    the real problem is that you can't run combat jumping with ninja run. If you could use combat jump, sprint, ninja run, and shinobi all together, you'd have a really good time.
  10. Well they're also doing some general maintenance on the server and they mentioned an OS update. So they've explained it (though they really have no obligation to explain themselves).
  11. Willpower/Street Justice I'd say invul is a second choice but with no natural res/def to psi, it doesn't fit the name of a stubborn tough guy as well. But Invul still gives the image of you taking all the hits and refusing to go down so it's a second choice if you hate Willpower or something. For secondary street justice is great but Super Strength with all the knockdown fits well for a guy who is literally the last one standing.
  12. Dark/dark controllers are awesome. late bloomer but really turns into something from what's I've seen. Dark Tanks have some of the highest resistances (to ALL damage), a very good damage/taunt aura, and some of the highest damage numbers once you can keep soul drain up. A dark Defender was my first toon and it turns tough enemies into cotton candy for the team. Can't speak to the other ATs but probably just as good.
  13. So my last toon (or second to last) on live was a dark/dark scrapper. It was my favorite concept so it was my first toon coming back. I won't lie, I was somewhat disappointed. After putting inf in and getting my def up a bit my survivability was still not what I would have liked even with Incarnates and everything. But I think that was a lack of knowledge coming back. Most of my playing on live was pre-i6. So I didn't really know how to best use IO sets or the newer pools/power changes. Damage hadn't changed much but everything else did. I re-rolled as dark/shield and long story short, everyt
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