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    the real problem is that you can't run combat jumping with ninja run. If you could use combat jump, sprint, ninja run, and shinobi all together, you'd have a really good time.
  2. Great job Devs. Thanks for what you do.
  3. Well they're also doing some general maintenance on the server and they mentioned an OS update. So they've explained it (though they really have no obligation to explain themselves).
  4. Willpower/Street Justice I'd say invul is a second choice but with no natural res/def to psi, it doesn't fit the name of a stubborn tough guy as well. But Invul still gives the image of you taking all the hits and refusing to go down so it's a second choice if you hate Willpower or something. For secondary street justice is great but Super Strength with all the knockdown fits well for a guy who is literally the last one standing.
  5. Dark/dark controllers are awesome. late bloomer but really turns into something from what's I've seen. Dark Tanks have some of the highest resistances (to ALL damage), a very good damage/taunt aura, and some of the highest damage numbers once you can keep soul drain up. A dark Defender was my first toon and it turns tough enemies into cotton candy for the team. Can't speak to the other ATs but probably just as good.
  6. So my last toon (or second to last) on live was a dark/dark scrapper. It was my favorite concept so it was my first toon coming back. I won't lie, I was somewhat disappointed. After putting inf in and getting my def up a bit my survivability was still not what I would have liked even with Incarnates and everything. But I think that was a lack of knowledge coming back. Most of my playing on live was pre-i6. So I didn't really know how to best use IO sets or the newer pools/power changes. Damage hadn't changed much but everything else did. I re-rolled as dark/shield and long story short, everything is amazing now. New char is a god. Dark is fantastic. But you have to know how to maximize the damage of dark melee and work out being in huge mobs but taking everything out one at a time with 1-2 hits each. And you have to learn to throw in defense with your mostly resistance set to offset debuffs and secondary effects. I can remake my dark/dark to God status with what I've learned from other people in game and on the forums over the last months. Hell, my dark/dark probably has just as much potential than my dark/shield. But people complain about dark sets because they're not simple. Dark melee is single target focusing with buffs that need mobs. And dark armor is a resistance set which isn't the favorite for scrappers at the moment. But I love me some cloak of Darkness and death shroud feels good to me. Sets like Katana and shield defense are simple to use and easier for a new player but don't let that discourage you from making something that's your own and that you will love, especially with all the potential it has.
  7. This doesn't seem rude. You're helping OP to get more responses to a question. It's helpful advice. To answer OP question, I would do it on a Scrapper or Stalker. Dark Melee/SR is often cited as a killer combo
  8. Thanks. This is really helpful. I'm definitely gonna try to use this for information. Going by your name, I'm guessing you have some experience with Electric builds. The one thing that sticks out at me is the lack of a travel power. I'm not ready for the travel power free life haha. On my build I'll have to at least take super jump so that'll be a slot. I also like superspeed with it but I can live without it if it becomes necessary to build for survivability.
  9. How do you feel with him right now? Are you able to actually tank level 50+ content without having much Defense other than the cloak and pool powers?
  10. First Time Tanker here! I'm gonna try to be one who jumps into the first first. What I'm looking for is that Tanker experience of being...tanky. Taking or dodging hits and withstanding more than any other AT. So opinions on here (summarizing search) seem to mostly feel that resistance sets don't shine until the late game and IOs to fill in defense. Is it crazy to build up an elec/ tanker with the hopes of keeping the build to 100-200 mil (normal people money as I'm not a farmer). I've mostly played scrappers and for them Resistance was not nearly as survivable as Defense. Blocking secondary effects and not seeing the green bar move as often seemed to make life much easier given the same investment. On the stats Electric/Electric is the 7th most popular tank at 50 so people are playing it but I'm not sure if all those people have sunk a ton of money into it to make it viable. Does a purely resistance set (with a small hole of toxic damage) work right now and can my concept of Electric/Elec work or is it going to screw over teammates who depend on me all the way up the levels? If it will, I would think re-rolling to Shield or Invul would be the way to go. I can always sink money from other toons in throughout the build but it's just risky if it will never amount to anything.
  11. They went further and lowered the recharge time down to 11s and increased the damage a smidge. While yes, the damage on it is lower on it's face, DPS is basically the same as it was now and you can hit far more targets reliably. As it was, you needed to position yourself just right to hit multiple targets or have herded a massive crowd. This update makes it much better in every way in my opinion. This will be a large increase to survive-ability and QOL. For one, you can now hit everyone in front of you with that sweet -tohit debuff, so you're getting hit less by mobs and this keeps you in the game if your defense is taking a beating from defense debuffs. For another thing, that's less time swinging (or whiffing, if you miss) as you have a chance to hit a heal, or buff instead of helplessly watching your little green bar dwindle. I don't see any downside to this. I really appreciate how they've help the set. Also, as far as Dark Consumption, you always have the option to slot if for damage if you want a little more AOE damage. It won't do that much but in my AOE chain it often provides just enough to take out minions at the end. And with the +25 end, you can still fill up your bar with small mobs in the early levels or when fighting end absorbing goons. The mini-nuke would have been nice but people couldn't seem to agree on what they wanted and just appreciate the damage buff. People seemed to forget that DC is an end recovery tool first and an attack second. So having a close range mini-nuke wrapped in was still going to be a dope addition even with 90 second recharge. Whatever... at least shadow maul got some love after all these year (live and HC)
  12. This overall still seems great to me. The biggest problem with Dark Melee as a set was that it's buff depended on large mobs but it's real attacks could only hit single targets. This led to you have to stand there and gather a large group only to take them out one by one. This turns that around alot and allows you to actually take out minions and Lts while focusing your awesome single target numbers on the bosses and above. This improves the viability of Dark melee as a solo char basically by increased mob clearing speed. All around good changes. The increase in the way DC/DE works will help characters in the earlier stages when end is often an actual problem, and being full blue isn't normal midway through a fight. I'm really happy about the Shadow Maul time being brought down (they've done everything I asked for and more) and I think this can work as is.... I think they've balanced the nuke for the purposes of the pre-Godlevel class.
  13. People skip it? I've seen it described as one of the defining powers of the set when it was removed for stalkers. I always 6-slot either as a bonus AOE jab or as an end boost if I'm fighting enemies with drain. My endurance is fine in the end game generally but having the extra AOE ( I keep it slotted for damage) and a back-up plan is important.
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