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  1. I did a search. Maybe I didn't run the right strings but I didn't see my question specifically answered. Also, you didn't point me in the direction of any knowledge with your original post. You just gave a one word answer. If you had provided a link for one of these threads and with all the answers, I would have said "/thread" and "thank you". There's a polite way to do things and a way that is meant sound Superior to an anonymous online audience. Your choice was the later. It's really that clear. If you had really just care about providing information, you say things in a polite way and be done with it. So please don't act like you cared about the good of the forum now. Be honest with yourself for a second.
  2. I do want to hear it though. If there's some functional reason why it can't be a toggle, I'd want to hear it. I was away from the game for a long time and am not familiar with all the mechanical reasons as to why it wouldn't work. Of course I want /Regen to be more survivable because I loved that set early on and I like the concpet.. But I can also understand that it was too strong at one point. But I never understood why it became a click instead of just a weaker toggle. So that's why I was careful to ask and not state that it should be one way or another. I was asking for input hoping that someone with more out info or insight could chime in. By de-clutter I mean to make the set simpler to use optimally. Moment of Glory is already the "oh snap" or "time to fight the AV" power. So having IH as a toggle would mean that it could just be there for regular use without having to worry about keeping it up and running. Right now, having a bunch of other defensive options to use in-between seems to mean that you're only using your main super power sometimes. So it would de-clutter the set by creating one less worry and making Regen a little more "set it, and forget it". You only slot the toggle for heal/absorb and endurance call it a day. So you can focus on your attacks and/or the other aspects of your build, not you're supposedly innate defense. As I said, that's one side though. I don't know the other side and why it was changed in the first place other than being overpowered at the time. But hey, good job on blindly assuming my intent and again, providing nothing.
  3. Something pretty hard for me to grapple with seeing as how Dark/Dark was always my favorite concept. But it's just not great... Ugh. At least Katana is decent, although I'd love Kinetic Melee if the animations weren't so long.
  4. Dude. This is great. Thank you. Now I don't know if those Scrapinel figures are too high and would make the Regen Scrapper too strong but it's good to remember that Regen still has to survive that alpha. I think that Regen should be mostly invincible after surviving the major onslaught.
  5. But the it's applied to damage done. Which means you're always at risk. Anyone can come back from something if they're not dead. With Regen it would seem that you can find a way to balance it so that you get closer to death quicker but you balance it by coming back quicker.
  6. Instead of "I vote no" please bring something to the discussion. I pose it as a question because I wanted to hear opinions. Regen used to be overpowered in the beginning of the game when it was a toggle. If you didn't get alpha'd you could just stand in the middle of a mob and feel nothing. But people talk about the extra clicks and how much more active it is compared to willpower so this seemed like a solution I guess. The absorb mechanic and a lower healing value would still make it less OP than it was before. But again, I'm just curious as to why people would prefer the click.
  7. What do people think about instant healing as a toggle for stalker and scrapper like it is for Sentinel? That's how it used to be and it's essentially the power that makes Regen heroes "Super". Everything else can be duplicated through sets/pools. It would help to de-clutter the secondary. That way you can focus on withstanding alpha strikes from the beginning instead of worrying about keeping IH up.
  8. That's interesting. Is there any other poer that does that? I wouldn't want it to be labor intensive to change it.
  9. I understand. DM is my favorite set conceptually. I just think that without only having 1 AOE attack chain power it'd be cool for it to be more useful instead of just looking good. Also it does look terrible when you are whiffing for that long on a miss.
  10. Hey, this has been a long standing issue from live. Thanks for any help with it at all. As it stands, the animation for Shadow Maul is too long. Anyone who used the Dark Melee set with shadow maul takes on a large risk as the character can be hurt the whole time it continues. This would be offset if the cone of the attack were bigger so that it could be reliably used to hit multiple targets but it takes very careful placement to hit more than one target with the small cone of the attack. You can adapt a bit but the time to move into position is also a DPS loss. As it is right now, most people aren't using it once they get other attacks. I think it could be fixed in one of two ways: 1. Spreading the same damage over 4 tics instead of 8, maybe .6-.75 of the original animation time 2. Making the cone bigger like the cone of Flashing Steel in the katana set. Option 1 probably makes more sense given the animation itself. And this would allow for Dark Melee users to more easily stack the to-hit de-buff that they rely on. Thanks guys, Muna
  11. Yeah, I played in the very early issues pre-ED and everyone had perma-hasten and level 50 tanks were just straight up invincible. They were wiping maps afk and taking punches from AVs like kisses. This is also before AVs were "attuned". Regen scrappers were invincible. Controllers with pets were running around with whole mobs because they could amp recharge up to a ridiculous degree. The gaps between ATs and powersets were also much more exaggerated.
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