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  1. Mmm interesting thoughts... A hami raid could also yield 80 merits if done once a day, the second is 40 for a total of 120. That said, you can buy a purple recipe of your choice at the merit vendor for 100 merits, and they sell for as much as the expensive hami. Also you can buy any winter set enhancement for 100 merits as well! So why not have the merit vendor also sell Hami enhancements, it can be argued that a good hamy is more expensive at AH than a winter set enhancement, and just as expensive as a good purple enhancement. So what price in merits makes sense? Since a purple recipe is 100 merits, lets just say that a built purple enhancement should be worth 20% more or 120 merits (the mats to make the recipe is about 20% of the price of the recipe in AH; thus I would suggest a hami to be available for 120 merits. After all the value of purples and hamis are subjective. If 120 is used, a player could do the Everlasting server hami raids which are doubles run events, and get the 120 merits in 1 session, note that the 120 would allow the purchase of a winter set enhancement or a purple recipe with 20 merits left in change. By doing this, it totally precludes the luck of the draw for hami enhancements. Sue
  2. Mmm... the /showfps as per wiki and my previous experience is show frames per second, not where in the map I am x,y,z. could there perhaps be another command? Sue
  3. Only a QoL recommendation: It would be nice to have a widget or addendum to the compass, where it provides your real time location (LOC) It sure would come handy Sue
  4. Hurricane and other powers, specifically the repel can't be made more intense, would be nice for them to be made strong enough to affect ebs and AVs, it is really a cheap shot from the developers to just give mobs ignores to a storm defender signature ability; I do not see mobs being given passes on melee signature abilities, that would be of course sacrilege, right? Longer hold player side, may sound scary, but controllers are broken, they can't hold anything over a LT with any practical consistency, and when they do get the hold, its comically short. MoG is annoying when itis exploited by the devs in so many TFs and you enter Planet of the Paragon Protectors... But I would rather have a power last longer than recharge faster, besides the always dumb posing for the graphic inthe middle of combat while the not-amused baddies pounds on you... Sue
  5. I like the trend of the suggestion At this time, controllers for their name sake are totally inferior to Dominators. If you try to do your job, and cast an aoe, all you do is draw 100% agroe, especially since must melee do not bother with Taunt (especially now since the great taunt nurf and even with 4 slots it's pretty much mediocre), results with all the Status-Effect users (almost all mobs) spamming them on the controller, who oh by the way, has "Zero" protection from it (resistance is worthless, so at best you are in lala land for half the time, way too much time to get killed while totally helpless). So possibly the controller locks down a minion, but the bunches of LT and Bosses they laugh at you, you won't live long enough to take the 2 or 3 or more attempts to lock them down. When you get to he sadistically status effect resistances of EBs and AVs, why bother trying to "control" them, you might as well use harsh language. If you are going to make the controllers useful, they need a lot of real love and not cosmetic. 1) They are supposed to be master of the Status-Effect attack, how come they can't defend from it? It strikes me they are like a dragon who can breath fire, but can't take fire at all, so utterly dumb. The first Controller improvement is that they get Status Protection that is 4 points better than tankers, they actually need the protection more so than tankers, that is 16 points. 2) Their status effect powers have too low mag to be effective, and the ones at 3 has such terribly long recharge times, they themselves are practically useless. Two things needed, 1) double the mag level effect potency of their Status Effect powers, that may make a dent and make them practical (while do not increase mob's status effect protections), 2) give a 5% chance their status effect powers ignore the mob's status effect protection regardless of their quality (minion, lt, boos, eve, av, monster). The same 5% they get to hit us despite our very high defenses rationale... So I am using the authors' concept to an extent, but just making it a bit easier to do, and practical. With regards to many controllers using it, when MOBs are attacking me, each and every one gets the 5% arbitrary chance of getting a hit, there is no change to the rule because 20 mobs are shooting at me... Hugs Sue
  6. Wuv you, excellent recommendation Sue
  7. I actually support the ability as a minimum to exchange any salvage to include incarnate within an account. In my case, that is a special since I am an Alt-o-holic. In general, I also support letting us sell incarnate salvage and add that to the market aspect of the game, it certainly will bring new life to that part of of the game. At one time, when the company made money out of time-sinks, the limitation made sense, it was a business must. But today, the game is free, and the business model has shifted from tedious time sinks to simple player enjoyment; a change I am all too grateful for. Long gone are the idiotic travel torture, even the TFs are being changed to remove brutal stupid tedium, so it only makes sense that incarnate stuff should now be sellable; in fact it would be a very very cool thing if the various incarnate slot items (t1,t2,t3,t4) for the various incarnate powers be craftable and sellable; but if any, as a baby step, just happy to be able to sell and buy materials to make such slot items. hugs Sue
  8. When you have a power that last a period of time, you have enhancements that reduces the recharge time, the amount of energy it takes, etc. But I never seen one that simply makes the power last longer, which from a player perspective may be quite alluring from the perspective that the power can last the entire fight as opposed to stop in the middle of the fight to restart it; such as many of the melee buttons that are so critical and have stupidly long animations. here is the super in the heat of battle, they stop everything to get into a poze, it does not matter that their enemies are pounding them while doing the poze. This is dumb, so why not have enhancement that can mitigate such foolishness? Other areas of benefits is for some pets being casted to last longer, etc. Also would be nice to have some enhancements to strengthen effects, for example hurricane, there is no way to increase the intensity of the signature power, so EBs, AVs, and even minions of higher level simply ignore it; for example my stormy level 53 with T4s galore, employs her hurricane in a BAF and all the crazies ignore it, how insulting. Sue
  9. Oro is a time and dimension place, so the cimerora destination is reasonable from that context, if not suggest, please! another much friendlier way to get to cimerora. The university and LFG are not good ways, so please suggest, be constructive, for a player friendly way Thank you
  10. I really do not PvP much, in fact I am a badge hunter. As a result I had to visit the various PvP areas to earn my badges, not being into the PvP scene, it was a nightmare trying to figure how to get to the zones, if I am going to Recluse's Victory, on red side I haver to go to the tower and then by some arcane feat of knowledge, know to look behind the map? common, that is stupid! Perhaps the portals that can send you to many locations could include PvP zones such as bloody bay, etc? Also while at it, can you at Cimerora to the oro portal? Thank you Sue
  11. My experience is that inspirations get put in a que, and it has to wait for the power set before it and its full animation is done, before it gets a chance to be used at all. If you press another attack, then the inspiration never gets used. Sue
  12. Hi: Been doing lots of safeguard missions, mostly at Peregrine Island, and noticed that if I could not one shoot an operations engineer, I would be rewarded with him deployi9ng a turret. Turrets are very tough, hit hard, and when eventually defeated awards nothing, a complete waste of time. The part that aggravates me, is when I kill the engineer the turret remains, now when I die, my pets dies too!, so my suggestion is this: Either my pets remain and clear the area (at least try) so I can rez safely or the Turret goes away when the engineer is defeated. Frankly, I like the idea that pets remains, if anything in an attempt to avenge me. Sue
  13. Was thinking of a new ARC, that is sponsored between the Vanguard and Portal Corps... Essentially the Vanguard found the "coordinates" to the Rikti home world! So we have Dark Watcher recruit a team of brave super powered folks to do an information raid series of missions. Missions could be to capture a Rikti communications officer, break into rikti facility and hack a computer, capture a Rikti beacon, protect the beacon from being recovered by the rikti, protect the beacon from being stolen by the Malta, defend the portal at portal corp from rikti assault team. Once the mission/task force has been completed, Dark Watcher remains as a contact for powered folks to do missions in the lines of Mayhem missions, were the humans go to the rikti world and "vandalized them". plant bombs in their research facilities, breakout captured super folk from rikti jails, break into a research facility to capture technology, sabotage a facility spaceship fueling station, etc. Sue
  14. I agree with the recommendation, it just makes sense that any contact in a zone should be good for mission within the zones levels. Thus any contact within PI should allow getting the mission. Sue
  15. Recently, I got the badge bug... So the never ending quest in pursuit of badges begun, it was then I learned you could get previous anniversary badges added to your collection, even those earned during "live" days. I spoke to a friend who had those, 1 thru 16 and inquired. He told me that in "may" there is a window of opportunity to buy them from a vendor in Ouroboros. I really can't see why the acquisition of them is limited to May, frankly it should be at any time. Is it possible to make them available year round? Thank you Sue
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