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  1. Greycat: There is wisdom in your words, but only to an extent, where play style can mostly overcome the obvious weaknesses and vulnerabilities that the support types have, but in truth it is only to a limited extent (I will give you that this extent is the lion's share of the load). I do disagree wholeheartedly to dismiss the value of a good IO based build as you indicated, it is unwise to dismiss the benefits of them, just because you don't use them, it does not mean they are without value, all it means you do not use them. I will be glad to meet you in Everlasting with any of
  2. I concede that a massive change to huge number of IO types where you reverse defense with resistances, could be perhaps hurt the balance. But if we limit the type of IOs that the reversal of resistance and defense with regards to how many combos in a set is required, would like provide the utility I seek for the support types. I would think Defensive set of IOs with reversed Resistance with Defense, would not be unbalanced, since Defense IO slotting powers are few for support, in general short of weave and leadership, you may get one or two more additional opportunities to slot the
  3. This is only a recommendation to assist support classes to have better means to provide support, as opposed to spending the majority of their IO slots in trying to figure how to survive first and then see what is left to help the team do better. The above statement, addresses the dilemma of all support classes, do I use my IO slots to be more survivable so I am more likely to be able to support (buff) my team mates albeit a bit mediocre; or do I remain highly susceptible to be spammed status effected, and killed since I am glass jawed natured but my buffs are out of this world?
  4. I would like to see more incarnate trials like TIN MAGE and APEX be made, not after more of the biggies that requires leagues, since as of lately trying to form large teams in the game seems to be getting increasingly difficult. Also more solo incarnate missions, such as Burden of the Past, but not be tediously stupid. The walk thru a pointless maze in the first mission, is just plainly abusive and way too boring, please avoid time sinks like this in the future. Thank you Sue
  5. If I want to wear a hat or helmet, in general my lady supers go bald, with the exception of the cowboy like hat. Would be great if there were more hats with hair, or a way to set hair of choice and super-impose the hat or helmet over it would be even better. Sue
  6. I am old, and color textures that are near each other are lost to me, so being able to set the colors would be very beneficial for me, or ensuring at the code level that colors are truly different from each other would be just as good. Thank you Sue
  7. Perhaps, instead of having missions within missions, each mission should be stand alone Sue
  8. Would prefer to see the 2 giant robots in the third mission of ITF get activated and added to the fight... Sue
  9. Would be nice, if respec operated like MIDs, would help make it less error prone, and would make it less susceptible to issues such as not fully trained when respeccing Sue
  10. Thank you for your post! Your observation on why would a controller for instance be totally helpless to a control attack, while a melee who is hard to injure is totally immune, does defies logic and I agree with your perception. Yet in a cookie cutter way, I suppose that it was simpler for the developers to just make the melee types the all together bastions of soaking of whatever comes regardless if it is damage or an effect. And treated the whole affair in a binary manner with subtle variations in the melee side, such as a tank's status protection is greater to a scraper for example. My
  11. Hi this is a simple Quality of Life suggestion. The proposed expansions, do not have to be done in one sitting, they can be gradually added. Also it would be awesome, if teams or leagues could have a leader talk to Null the Gull, and be sent to the various environment zones, like some kind of Null based LFG. There are accolades and badges that requires special environmental situations that are not always available year around, such as the Elusive Mind accolade which requires a Rikti Invasion to be underway, or the badges from knocking doors while wearing a c
  12. Would be happy to, but when I play my squoshies, I hardly ever die, but then I am a veteran from the live days, have awesome IOd builds, etc. The issue is not all players are as experienced say as you, and their builds are not as sharp as yours. That is why, I make suggestions to help the newbies; folks like you have such mastery of the game, that a lot of the deadlyness of the challenge can be avoided by knowing what to do. The only time, I do die, is because I am testing my build to determine her limits. But I do suggest go do an ITF with just your average mix of folks, and obser
  13. Hi: This is only a request for future development, not a do or die thing. The concept is an expansion of an MSR event, instead of being immediately ported to the Vanguard post at the end of the MSR, you are given a choice to retire to the vanguard post (default choice) or to penetrate the ship. Anyone who clicks penetrate ship (stays in league mode) and is transported inside the ship. You battle with your allies through a maze of corridors which leads to alien dimensional transport portal and for say 20 minutes you are ported to the Rikti home world!
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