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  1. That information helps... Of course, onnce more pre-assumes, I know to look under all those options and voila, I am there. As I said, would be nice...
  2. Would be more practical is the MIDs was not a sub forum, but a main tab, the subforum as you kindly pointed out, it is not readily discoverable by players new to the forums, game and mids; it pre-assumes some knowledge to be found. hugs Sue
  3. Hi: I am sure we all dislike to see a player, exploit flaws in the game, and I stand behind the developers and the community to place a quick as possible stop to it. But what happens, when the developers were the one that created the exploit and spam use it? Is that right or correct? In the live days, CoH was a pay to play game, with horrid levels of competition; thus the developers had to produce new content like French fires at McDonalds, and oh yes, there was a need to make the new material and old ones too, challenging. So I can understand the developers doing cheesy things such as abusive travel, cut and paste missions (think citadel), and unbalanced mobs to provide challenge. So let explore the various forms of exploits used in the game, that perhaps should be revised. I do want to make a note, that my belief is that mobs should follow the same rules players must follow. If you feel that mobs should have powers players don't come even close to have, then we find we are in disagreement which is fine, and we can civil about our differences. 1st Category, is confused arch type primary and secondary or two primaries: This is a case were we have mobs that have for example a controller primary, and the secondary is a tanker primary. A good example is the Rikti magus, they have the psi holds of a controller, the armor of a tank and the melee of a scraper; which in my opinion is terribly unbalanced. The Rikti has their own tanks, who should be protecting the Magus, the Magus as the game has it for players, should have laughable defense and resistances and dps... 2nd Category, power executions are disproportionate: Some mobs can do things faster than they should, for example take Director X in Tin Mage, he lays mines instantly and at the feet of moving players; no player can do such a feat, laying a mine/trap takes time and can be interrupted. 3rd Category "auto hit" No player has auto hit, why should mobs, even AVs. Many classes depends on defense, auto hit, comes across as right out cheating. The only class who is indifferent to this exploit are tankers whose survival is through resistance. 4th Category Status Effects: All mobs gets MOB resistance, but non melee has absolutely none; yet all mobs have Status Effect attacks with very good range and some have it at snipe range; and they spam use it! Sure the old days developers figured Challenge is good and spamming status effect was a way to add significant challenge, but truthfully the only ones that challenge affected was the support types, hardly proportionate. This can be resolved by giving support types a means to have at least a MAG 4 to 6 protection, for instance, just add that to the Tough in the fighting pool, this way scraper types can further boost their MAG protections for instance. Oh yeah, the old use an inspiration counter, if that is so acceptable, why not remove the MAG protection from melee, after all they can consume break frees as good as the support types, right? 5th Auras are auto-hit: If a player is going to debuff their attacks and auras has to get a hit to take effect, there is no automatic hit. Yet mobs consistently debuff mainly defense (why not resistance?) and endurance or regeneration. Take the Cyclops in Cimerora, they have an aura endurance drain, no need to hit, its just works. Maybe now that COH is for fun, and not pay to play, maybe these exploits can slowly be addressed and removed. Hugs Sue
  4. Hi: MIDs Reborn is such a tremendous tool that for myself it is an integral tool in the game. I have comments and recommendations for MIDs but there is no place to actually post them, outside of one filled with all kinds of conversation which is not conductive for improvements. I see the section, having a section on how to load MIDS in your computer, to include tutorials on its use I see a second section dedicated for GUI improvements and Lastly another section to report MID errors In that vein... I have a suggestion, in MIDs you can see your defense, resistance values as you build your alt, it would be nice if you could click the line item, say Psionic Resistance, and be able to have another window showing you what powers/IOS contributed to that score I have a bug report, the Stone Armor Mud Pots description says it can use a number of enhancements to include Taunts; but Taunt is not included in the IO sets allowable. MIDs does not recognize this subtle difference and lets you put in Mud Pots Taunt IOs such as perfect Zingers, which the real game does not. Hugs Sue
  5. The reason I made the suggestion as it was, is to make them arch type agnostic, for example support types need defense mostly to survive, while melee likes resistance up front; the vast majority of the sets provide such resistance within the first 3 IOs, while the positional defenses usually occur at the 6th IO set; which is rather heavy handed towards the support folks. Thus the recommendation is a good support package that supports all arch types evenly. hugs Sue Ps: And you are correct any one advantage you seek can be find in an existing IO set, but notice that as said, it may be the 6th IO set to get it.
  6. Sounds like a splendid idea, but what about set bonuses? Would seem the gain of IO capacity would not offset the set bonuses, which is not a good thing, most of us buy the IO sets for the set bonuses. Now if the set bonuses for them were to be generic, that would a good concept to add to your suggestion, for example: GP=Generic Purple 2 GP: 7.5% defense all 3 GP: 7.5% resistance all 4 GP: 10% debuff resist all 5 GP: 5% end and health regeneration 6 GP: 5% Dmg and 5% Accuracy The IOs themselves, notice that the IOs are straight, no blends of abilities such as ACC/RECH... 1: Accuracy 2: Damage 3: Defense 4: Resistance 5: Endurance 6: Recharge Hugs Sue
  7. This is just a QoL suggestion... Most of my emailing is to myself to transfer goods between alts, so I figure why not have the default send to field be yourself (just as it is done for merit transfers for example), and also remove the forceful requirement to write something in the content of the email; after all I am sending it to myself! As I said, its a QoL, which would save me quite a bit of time. If I want to send the email to somebody else, I just over-write my name with the desired address, no additional work from what we already do. Hugs Sue
  8. I vaguely remember in the live days, I could target through someone who was targeting through someone else... It would be nice, if we could have at least a 2 person chain length. An example of where this could be handy is at a Hami raid, say I am the Yellow mito target leader; after I am done with the yellows, my team and I go after the greens; it would be nice if I could target through the green leader (for obvioys reasons) and have my team mates continue to target through me and attack the green target leader's mito. There are other applications, where this would come handy... Hugs Sue
  9. I meant a new button, beyond the others, hope that helps As a clarification it is not an attack as I mouse over, it is a target and click on my part, thus they attack whatever is at any time in targeting window. Sue
  10. HI: I have several MMs by now and they are ok, I find them truly to be a relatively mediocre class with a lot of overhead to boot. Thus in my opinion, they need a little re-work. I have found the hardest part of an MM is keeping my pets together to keep them buffed and healed, many IOs that makes the pets less vulnerable requires me to be in very near proximity of them, which often is not very good for the MM itself for they are in the area of AOEs mainly and get pelted by them. It is particularly hard, while trying to manage them, that when I want all to attack a new target, I have to very quickly select the new target and command them all to attack it; I know 2 clicks away roughly, but in those 2 clicks, they always manage to scatter all over the place get aggroe, and despite of the order to attack a new target, they behave in a stubborn manner. And before I know it, since they ran outside of my buff range, they die. It would be nice, if a command button, would simply be Attack My Target, and they attack the target I am currently targeted, and then automatically change targets when I change my target, even if they have not killed the one I had them attacking. This way I have better control and ability to keep my forces buffed and healthy. Also I would appreciate since I am essentially forced to go in with my pets, that the ability to share damage received with my pets be present regardless of pet mode. I been benchmarking my pets' damage, and between all of them they roughly correspond to a superior damage attack, which is very mediocre when considering their slow rate of attack. Have yu all done any benchmarking on pet damage performance? Would love to hear your experiences. hugs Sue
  11. Just because some arch types under very special IO configurations can solo, can hardly be considered representative of the entire community's capability to do so. Also I caution anyone in providing solutions that affects some or many arch types disproportionately. I often read proposals by melee, mainly, playing folks, demanding that more challenge be added to the game, and just about every solution they give, mainly affects the support types with out real challenge to the melee types. How to make things tough or more challenging in a balanced manner is difficult. A suggestion, if you got to make GMs harder (not sure the community would agree with you), I suggest that GMs have a de-buff aura that has fixed potency that affects resistance, defense, regeneration, endurance, recharge and accuracy. This fixed de-buff is equally distributed among all opponents in the area; thus if many are attacking the GM, as expected to be the norm, the de-buff would be trivial, while if soloed the de-buff would be quite considerable and render the solo attacker quite vulnerable and unable to hit the side of a barn. Hugs Sue
  12. I used endurance as an example, not the main reason. Now you brought it up, powers by-passing animations... I feel in many cases the animations are utterly ridiculous and long, I have a scrapper and there is a button that I must keep pressing in order to have Status Effect protections, without it - I am toast. So roughly every minute, in the middle of combat, I stop and do my glorious looking great clowning act, while all the mobs go , ha ha ha, free shots everyone! and they get at least 2 rounds of beating me up each while I am doing a totally stupid animation. Frankly with buttons you press over and over again, should have no animations at all past the first time you did the dance of the idiot. Buttons like tough, and weave, the animations or the rooting that goes with them is far too long, I know they were worse, but stupid remains stupid despite that it was dumber. Frankly all buttons, should have a quick animation and be done. Sue
  13. Mmm... I don't get it, I made an SG base, and all my alts dump their stuff there, and when I make a new alt, I just go shopping at the SG base... The only thing I have to worry is influence, merits, and emps. With regards to all the influence, I transfer from my alts as I play to my main via email, same happens with merits (after converting to hero) and emps (transcendentals) Not sure this helps you Sue
  14. I love the idea, but not just armor toggles, all toggles, some of my alts go around with 10 toggles, would be nice to have the hot toggle choice :<) So I am all for it, it sure makes my life easier to get going when my endurance drops, and need to re-toggle hugs Sue
  15. My 2 cents: There are issues still with TF teams having players leaving in mid TF, and placing the team members in dire straights, or the leader gets disconnected and another lesser level player is now the leader and you can't pass star around. I would like to see were TFs are a bit friendly and you can invite replacement players into the team or augment you team on the fly, for instance you spent half an hour (if lucky) trying to form a synapse, so you go at it with 6, hoping that you can get 2 more along the way. This would make the team forming much more friendly and less boring). You should be able to pass star around (leadership) as you can in leagues. In general TFs should not be stupidly repetitive, nor be travel intensive based, there should be no kill-all, when defeating the boss its should only include the direct minions in its own group, not the entire warehouse room. Take Citadel for instance, you go kill all, then we start to ha, ha, ha make it different... Kill all get 1 computer; same map, kill all but oh yea this is different - get 2 computers; then we really knock ourselves back with difference: Kill all, same map, but hold onto your britches, get 3 computers! and then, oh my God this is really different! Kill All, same map, and oh boy if this is different get 4 computers!, then to make maters worse, Citadel must be getting kick-backs from the travel agents, go to IP farthest corner, then go to Talos, farthest corner, then back to IP (yes you guest it, farthest corner).... Synapse, just brainless kill-all after another, and sprinkle needless excessive travel of course... hugs Sue
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