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  1. I see what you are saying, but somehow I feel many of you are missing the mark, The reason for the timer, is because I am the raid leader, and yes I do tell others when to take their EoEs, the critical period is when the last green goes out and you call for a 75% damage to Hami, and then when to ask folks to stop and go back to the bloom, and lastly the last green before the call for a kill. It is in those 3 periods of time, where the not knowing how soon the inspiration is going to drop (the 5 second warning is not very good) can be very stressful, when trying to give the order to attack, stop attacking, etc and keep up with your health and EoE. Knowing how long before the EoE goes out, would be very comforting during those periods of time. Sue
  2. Hi: I have recently begun to lead Hami raids in Everlasting, and it is clear to me how important it is to make sure your EoE protection is always up. While trying to keep up with my EoE status, I am also trying to keep up with the raid, and during one of those close calls on watching the last green go and my EoE status, that it occurred to me: Why not put a timer on the EoE as we have for power cooldowns? Obviously this is going to be a tricky request to satisfy, for usually you click and the EoE is gone poof, consumed. So there is work to be done for this suggestion, I would suggest that when I click on the EOE it grays out (like the rest of them) instead of going away, and a descending timer (60 to 1) is overlayed on the grayed out EoE, at 0 it winks out, or winks out when I click on the next EoE (I think 5 seconds left on the timer) which then has the timer overlayed. Would love to be able to stack EoEs to gain duration as another quality of life help... Sue
  3. The problem with your suggestion, is at the end it really tears into the support classes far more disproportionately than the melee classes, as it is, every time I go into a tough TF, it is the support classes that are doing the majority of the "dirt-napping". While I embrace the concept of more challenge, it should for now be more focused on the melee classes, who are the ones clamoring for it anyway, and give the abused support classes a little respite. Some examples of how developers historically figured challenge, lets give all mobs aoe status effects and make super sure that support has no protections against them, and then lets spam those! Resistance (which is capped) at their very best halves the duration of the status effect, which is pointless, since it gives plenty of time for the mob to murder the support class. How does this challenge the melee? Ambushes! Oh yeah, where they do they usually spawn at? Correct at the rear of the party! Who is at the rear of the party? That is right the support classes, why? They have no protections versus status effect, laughable damage resistance, and poor defenses (until mega IO slotted, if the player even knows how to do that); so they are not going to be leading the melee at any time!, and have little choice but to be at the back. So who gets surprised hit first? That's right the support types, where is the melee challenge in this? As I said, more challenge is actually needed, especially since the incarnate system, there really needs to be much more incarnate material to drive challenge. Also needed are more challenge mechanisms that really, really, really needs to focus on melee. I have tanks, that are essentially invulnerable, I jump with them into any TF or scenario and don't even care what and how many I am fighting, they can't touch me! I don't even need support while at it, I can heal myself, recharge myself, give myself damage boosts, debuff my opponents, and what not. I may not kill as quick as a blaster, but frankly they don't kill that much faster than me, in fact I can do it so well, that it empowers me to farm efficiently with them, when I am inclined to, so damage is actually rather good is it not? So you all tell me, where is the fabled game balance? I thought in the beginning of live that melee sacrificed DPS for the sake of protections versus damage, and the support sacrificed protections for the sake of effects and damage; a balance that frankly is totally out of whack... Sue
  4. Sweetie, I am so against this suggestion... When it it get for this game the concept of challenge, it is mostly at the expense of the support classes, their only means of survival are very high levels of defense; which you are so eager to deny them their main survival means. Why not suggest something that does something at the expense of melee types, for a change? Like attacks that ignore resistance? The game when it gets to challenge is horribly unbalanced, please don't make it worse. Sue
  5. Hi: Periodically while doing a mission, something will happen and a mob will get stuck in a wall, normally it is fine and can be skipped, until you get the good ole kill all, or like in the Requiem mission, Ghost Widow always get stuck somewhere. Would be nice, if we could target the stuck mob, and then type "/bump" to move the mob, akin to our own "/nudge" command to get us unstuck, but made for mobs instead. Hugs Sue
  6. For my life, everywhere I go to read about consume, nothing talks about the drain resistance as an ability, even when I delve into the power in game, it mentions nothing. Was the drain resistance removed? Sue
  7. How do you tell if the drain resistance is actually active? How do you monitor it? Sue
  8. I would also suggest to add to the P2W vendor the ability to rez a player, at this time there is a nice self rez. With regards to the all or nothing thoughts for salvage, and the economy premise. I really can't buy it, I spend more influence trying to sell the trash common salvage than what I get out of it, folks like to buy them cheaper than a vendor would pay for them, which is very little. Lately I sell all whites and yellows to vendors, if I don't have time, I find that deleting stacks is very time effective. So what I seek, is simply a way to pick what I put in my storage bags, in real life I do not take the time to pick up pennies or nickels I see in a parking lot grounds, a quarter would make me pause. I do not know, nor care if devs seeds the AH or not, it does not matter. If a crafter wants mats, you know what? They can go an earn them too! What a concept, play the game, how bout that? So I don't get where you all come with the concept that I am responsible to provision crafters with common salvage, which has no economic profit from my end. I can understand the feelings of some folks where they did it the hard way, so thus, all others must do it the hard way too, but because I can see it, does not mean I buy the sentiment. If the sentiment really, really holds water, then things like DFB needs to go bye, bye, because folks go from level 1 to 10 in no time, and oh my God, they skipped the content! That cheapened my accomplishment of leveling my character by doing the threads! The incarnate system needs to go poof! and the samples of this sentiment are endless. So the devs and homecoming servers folks must have a different vision on player enjoyment, which I applaud them from leaving the time sink mentality of the average RPG. I obviously suggested the kill booster, because I have bunches of alts, and because of my OCD, I want them all to have the same achievement, accolades, and overall capability. So I must tell you after your 2,000 Tsoo sorcerer killed and knowing you got 3,000 more to go, that is not fun, the game became boring, tedious, work; and reasonably I sought a logical release. Many of my suggestions, is to free me from the tedium and leave more time for me to help others enjoy the game, I try to lead TFs and such as often as possible to teach and show others how to, and to have fun with them, is it really that awful of me to ask for a little relief on the tedious parts of the game? There are many ways the game i splayed and enjoyed, there is no one way fits all Sue
  9. HI: I decided to gain for all 22 alts the Arch mage accolade, which can be quite a bit of a grind, I would imagine if you have a support class character, you will find this accolade quite handy to have at times. What makes it a grind is you need 200 Pantheon Spirit Masks, 100 Master Illusionists summoned mobs (illusionists, dark servants, phantoms), and 200 Tsoo Sorcerers The good news is visit Unai Kemen for the portal mission, if you do not have Unai as a contact see Tina Macintyre for referral. The very first mission from Unai is Pantheon land. Lots of elders there. Each elder will summon a spirit mask, but they will continue summoning them over time, so do not kill them, repeat do not kill them! kill all the other mobs. The process is 1) clear way to elder, kill mask, leave elder; 2) clear way to another elder, kill mask, leave elder 2; 3) clear way to elder, kill mask, leave elder. Follow the process till you have 5 of them, once you do that cycle thru them, you will have lots of mask to continuously kill, the 200 will happen in no time. The illusionist badge, get harvey maylor as a contact, from none other than unai kemen! his very first mission is a Carnival mission in bricks, be sure to set difficulty to -1/8 to ensure master illusionists. Just like masks, clear way to master illusionists, kill their spawn dark servant and phantsm, and hurt the 3 summoned illusionists; then leave. Go clear the way to another master illusionist, rinse wash and repeat till you have 3 or 4 of them, Never kill the master illusionist. you willget badge pretty quick. For the 200 Tsoo, I have not cracked it yet, just patrol talos for them, if you all know a good way to harvest Tsoo Sorcerers, please post it! Hugs Sue
  10. HI I noticed in PI some mob types like Malta and Carnival do not have a true permanent area of operations, they tend to take turns spawning with each other and Nemesis. It occurs to me, that it does not make sense for Rikti to be present in PI, seems the local government, vanguard, and heroes would see to it that they are not there and confined to the RWZ. With that in mind, I would suggest eliminating the Rikti from both beach areas and giving it to the Carnival to have their picnic, maybe even put their tents like they have in villain side. The middle area in PI give it to malta to operate out of, and no longer alternate spawns with carnival. Any thoughts?
  11. Hi: I have 2 suggested items to add to the P2W vendor: 1) Just like you can limit what kinds of recipes and inspirations your character picks up, would be nice to be able to be able to refuse to pick up common salvage as a choice. 2) Just like there are exp boosters, was thinking for a set of booster packs for those players that collect defeat badges. This is also a good way to drain some influence floating around the game as well. The concept is to have a x2 defeat credit multiplier at a cost of 2,000,000 influence. They way it would work, say you defeat a Hellion leader, your tally for the badge would increment by 2 only, there are no extra exp or influence benefit for this booster. Recommended booster packs: x2 Defeat Credit - 2,000,000 inf, last 30 min x3 Defeat Credit - 3,000,000 inf, last 30 min x4 Defeat Credit - 4,000,000 inf, last 30 min x5 Defeat Credit - 5,000,000 inf, last 30 min Multiple booster packs can be acquired with their time clocks accumulating, just like the exp boosters, the stacking limit would 4. What you all think? Sue
  12. Wow those are are awesome proposals, thank y ou! Sue
  13. I also forgot to mention in here that other tank sets that suffers the same issues with lack of knock back and debuff resistances could be addressed in a similar manner as I did for the fire armor tanker. Sue
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