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  1. That is awesome! Thank you Sue
  2. Agreed, it is mostly academic. I just like symmetry (personality disorder), but in Everlasting we do Hami 3 times a day and kill hami twice in each, accumulating emps is easy. Sue
  3. It would not be compulsory, it is always an individual's choice. The suggestion is a work around to the limitation and SG has in number of members. Of my 30 alts, only 1 is in Chaos United (CU) and the rest in my own personal SG so they have a place to store stuff, etc. The problem is CU does not have room for my 29 other alts (without booting that many other players to make room for me), and there is no way to display to others that despite they are in my personal SG, they are really members of CU. I used Everlasting, for I am in that server, I avoid making any statements on servers I do not
  4. Not that I can't tell if you are in SG or not and which one. The problem is that I have for instance 30 alts, Chaos United does not have 30 slots just for me to have, so I have a single alt in CU, and 29 in my own SG so I can store stuff and craft, etc. While we have our own chat channel, which allows all 30 of my alts to communicate as if they were in CU, I can not display my true colors as a CU member with all my alts. So I was hoping that instead of saying Super Sue, "The Heroic", I could substitute Heroic with Chaos United, and thus other players would know my affiliation and if I misbeha
  5. I like the idea, simply for symmetry purposes alone. If you go under empyrean conversion, you can convert 1 empyrean into 20 threads, so conversely you should be able to revert it at the same rate. Truly it is only a convenience, not an exploit. Since 1 Empyrean could break down into 20 reward merits, I would like to see the same reverse such as 20 reward merits becomes 1 empyrean. That rate is also observed in Hami raids for instance you either get 80 reward merits or 4 empyreans. Hugs Sue
  6. In Everlasting I am a member of Chaos United,, we are a huge SG with 3 Chaos United groups CU, CU1, CU2... But we have so many players, that we only tend to have a single alt in the CU SG proper, we created a special chat channel to let all the alts communicate with CU and coalition. What I am after, is for a way to identify the many alts we all have as members of CU in my case, same truth would be so for other mega-SGs. It occurs to me, as you can select from pre-determined titles, if you could actually write your own, you could then you could write, like in my case, C
  7. Its a minor request... Could it be possible in the character select screen, to include the vet level for those characters at level 50? Only reason I ask, I am trying to bring all 30 of my alts to the same vet level, and it would be more convenient if it was displayed in that screen. I do emphasize convenient. Hugs Sue
  8. Can you tell me more of the demorecord feature? please? Sue
  9. PvP mmm.... I love PvP, but for it to be fun, it truly needs to be sporting, and for that, it requires a true balance among the classes or arch types. The Arch type balance by design are awfully unbalanced from an individual perspective, for the concept of group interaction versus PvE is central to the design. Notice that the PvE engine does not have the AI to know to ignore the melee and suck it to the support, especially any healers. As a result the game works, you can play the defender with not even near the protections the melee has and still be a successful team member.
  10. This is just a QoL request, not a game breaker thing... How many times, you see a character go about, and you think, I been looking for those gloves, top, or whatever like forever and can't quite stumble on it... Would be nice, if I could click on that character, and then go to options and then click "identify costume"; afterwards it saves a costume file, named ident_001 for example. Later you can go to Icons, and go to the tailor and load the saved file, and then go thru the parts so you can learn how to get to them, and what was the name! After you can bac
  11. Knockback and knockdown each has its uses. A soloing support class, would rather have knockback and keep the mobs away! While Melee types would rather knock them down, rather than chase them all over the map! So at the end, it should be an option, in the options menu to have the effect to knockdown and knockback. In real life, we can make such a choice when strike something by choosing the direction on how we hit something, so this is not like magic, just a courtesy from the devs to players. Sue
  12. I like the proposal The reprograming of a portal, should not be too hard, its technology, just think how long it takes to load an app on your phone. Lets be honest about this, in the old days, the need to have time sinks were a primary objective of developers. The need for such time sinks, is no longer valid, and that is why developers have worked so hard with the transportation system to make the inter travel between missions less boring. So having the same portal for all missions, is not much of a leap of faith here. Sue
  13. I thought by using I thought, it was leaving room for uncertainty, and not a statement of fact, for I truly do not know what the devs truly had on mind or true purpose, it seemed Srmalloy tends to concur with my thought, thus I am not alone with the chain of thought. I am curious, what is your belief?
  14. I don't get the need for the below -1, at least for the reason stated. If the game played by a somewhat experienced player, I truly can't see them not being able to complete a mission while being "solo" regardless of class. Now that said, perhaps having a mission in stupid-easy mode, would be convenient for badge hunters, who truly could care less for the mission story, all they want is the badge... Sue
  15. I would appreciate more constructive comments, if possible... Sue
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