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  1. quick update. september. 1. poned 2. hells 3. xhiggy 4. spiner 5. dan 6. macskull 7. liberty 8. tsundra 9. mjb 10. tempty great great work, guys. 🥳
  2. @Hot @Celebrity @Famous @Uncensored grav/emp controller @Beers @BANGBANGDOOF beam/plant blaster
  3. as promised, august “Billboard Hot 10: emp edition.” 1. Poned ***NEW PEAK*** 2. hells (-1) 3. ghostmaster (+7) 4. macskull 5. tempty 6. Liberty 7. mjb 8. Fates ***NEW ENTRY*** 9. dan 10. Tsundra ***NEW ENTRY*** Congratulations !!! 🥳🍾
  4. quick update as the cycle of emping is always evolving: 1. hells 2. Poned 3. Liberty 4. dan 5. macskull 6. mjb 7. tempty 8. vegetableknife 9. Silit 10. ghostmaster i will be updating the list probably on a monthly basis. Keep up the great work.
  5. I have to agree with Mallex, i LO-OOOVEE taking 10 years out of my day to individually boost each IO. Great add devs, keep up the great work!
  6. Hello, Hey, it’s me again. I think this discussion is in regards to PvP & changes that should be made regarding said topic. If you don’t want to pvp, that’s fine. However, please also refrain from entering PvP discussions, simply in your words just “forget it exists”. I am going to request a GM remove this person’s posts, as they do not pertain to PvP and are actually becoming counterproductive/bothersome. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. Um the delivery was sarcastic, but the message was pretty direct. I have no problem with people voicing their opinions & ideas, however those ideas should be HEARD. the people’s ideas that I mentioned should be LISTENED to.. there’s a difference.
  8. I think you stated the solution to your own problem, “the arena is commonly Alpha only”. thank you, see you there.
  9. Hey GM_Miss, It’s me. You probably remember me from smol kickball, discord, or bugged missions you’ve helped me complete.. Anyway, please listen to macskull, m3z, and alouu. We, the PvP community, agree with everything THEY have been saying and only support THEIR ideas/changes. Thank you.
  10. So, essentially, there is no Mids for mac users updated to the latest OS?
  11. ? Okay so is Catalina not the latest version of mac..? i'm confused.
  12. Hello, Can someone kindly tell me how to download mids for the latest OS version of mac? Cheers.
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