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  1. Thank you for your kind and considerate words @Silent Method, but unfortunately I will be forced to CHANGE your vote. On behalf of ‘The Renegades’ we vote AGAINST animation canceling. I believe we all can agree as a group, this is an unnecessary & easily abused tool. New players have no idea how to utilize it, as I have no idea how to use it, nor any interest in using it. You then decide to support the petition with basis that it helps support players. well as one of the FEW support MAINS, I will also speak on behalf of ALL support players, we also vote AG
  2. Do you guys not understand how ridiculous this petition is? Animation canceling was not an intended game design.. if that was the case, why not advocate for removing animations altogether? Why bother canceling them? Can a @Moderator please just remove this thread?
  3. This!!!! It’s like they are PROTESTING FOR WAYS TO CHEAT !! Animations are APART of the GAME. give it up.
  4. Hello Developers, While there are many players who ABUSED animation canceling, not all of us AGREE. Some of us, who have always chosen to play the game the way it was intended, LOVE the changes. Animations are APART of the GAME. Please KEEP THE CHANGES! End animation canceling once and for all! thank you. /no sign
  5. Thank you for volunteering @Poned. I can’t even begin to thank you guys enough for the hard work & dedication you put into these events. Between you and @Sarrona, a magical experience is created every time you guys put your heads together. Just a reminder there is a little less than a week to sign up for the draft, if you haven’t already done so. Special thanks to our Zone PvP Rep @CR Mochifor the lovely SC event I heard was hosted today. cheers!
  6. Please read this thread and register in the comments below:
  7. Super excited, thanks @Sarrona! @Hot @Celebrity @Famous @Uncensored i would like to consider myself multi-talented, so any role is fine. Prefer 1606.
  8. Hello @GM Conviction& thank you for the lovely feedback. I am so glad that we have a new community rep, @CR Mochi, as it began to feel overwhelming hosting EVERY PvP event alongside the #PvPwaP committee, whilst being a member of not ONE, but TWO of the FEW competitive PvP teams. Wow!! I had no idea that the GM team was composed of all volunteers, what an altruistic bunch you all are. I would just like to thank you guys for the hard work and dedication you put forth into making this game such a huge success. I can’t wait to see what CR_Mochi has in store
  9. Hello, I noticed previously the original post mentioned “working alongside the smol kb team to host events”, but after an edit that seems to have been removed. So that begs the question, what happened to GM_smol? does the “smol kb team” still exist & do you plan on working with them? Lastly, do you have discord? Would love to chat.
  10. hello everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this list, but at the viewers request here i go. it’s always incredibly hard for me to rank you guys, especially since most of you are far better than i am at this role. I should be asking for your opinions, but alas the people want what they want, my expertise. okay, let me stop beating around the bush. 1. Mr Liberty, an all around great player. Lib is a jack of all trades, but a professional in offense. His target calling, quick locks & evasion make him a first pick in my book. 2. Dexington, another great pl
  11. December is upon us & I just wanna start this off by wishing EVERYONE a happy holidays! 🥳 Now it’s time to get down to business. Here are your december all-stars: 1. Poned 2. Tsundra aka Sarrona 3. El Cubano aka cube 4. Mr. Liberty 5. macskull 6. Kencian 7. Cosine 8. Acidz 9. Majestrix 10. dan i wanna take this time to give an honorable mention to hells & whatever is left of that one group.. “rare”. Congratulations to everyone who made the list & see you all next year. haha. #PvPwaP 👅
  12. Wow! This thread was a great read, but some of the listed “originators” are a bit inaccurate. Thank you @Poned & #TheRenegades for being the start of most of the trends we see today. Things such as Gravity, Empathy, etc were never really thing until poned showed us all how to play them. it’s no secret Silent Method invented Nature gathers as we know it. The entire renegades started using fire blast first, blasters & corrs. great, great job to us. 🥳
  13. Hello! I am so happy our voices are finally being heard, I just made a post about needing a community rep and just hours later, this! all i can say is, welcome welcome welcome and we look forward to working with you shoulder-to-shoulder. make yourself at home. -hot
  14. There were no other events. I know most people like arena for events. as soon as @Sarronaposts #PvPwaP’s next event details I know everyone will ne intrigued. There will be over 8 BILLION in hard earned player rewards. stay tuned. 🥳
  15. Thank you, Poned. you did a great job with your LIVE STREAM RANDOMIZATION! We were all able to see you randomly generate our teams with 3 easy clicks right before our eyes. good luck to all the participants!
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