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  1. It's easy to be dismissive by saying "LOL RP." It was never an RP thing, it was about strategy. It was about deciding between mobility and durability. That's the whole purpose of the Stone set in general. When to stand stone fast and when to move. It was easy enough for me to toggle between Rooted and Sprint when I wanted to run into a group, plant my feet down, get the job done, wash, rinse, and repeat. Now Rooted just kind of feels hollow. I think I understand why they made the change, to make the set more mobile. But that was never the point of the Stone set. Heck,
  2. I'm probably in the minority here, but the changes to Rooted don't feel good or thematic. It doesn't feel like I'm very rooted. It feels like I'm wearing concrete shoes made of foam. Also, every time I jump, or even go over uneven surface, the animation reloads, and the audio is constantly going off. Thematically, it's a lot less unique from other Defense sets like Invulnerability or Willpower.
  3. My only comfort was knowing that, when my 8' tall gargoyle logged out, the tiny midget that was somehow supposed to be his child would die.
  4. Actually... isn't this a zombie thread?
  5. JUST EAT IT JUST EAT IT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcJjMnHoIBI
  6. You need to use one of the F keys to change the attachment type. F5 I think? Then it will change from Floor to Wall attachment, even Ceiling, etc. if you want. Edit: yep, it's F5. See this thread in the Base Construction forums for more info:
  7. It's a pretty common rendering issue. The skirt is an applied texture, and some textures aren't drawn until a certain range, depending on your client settings.
  8. Agreed that it's all in the concept. My bots/ traps MM is a technical genius with plans to make his robots work so well that they'll eventually be able to take over the jobs of fallible Arachnos soldiers who are susceptible to fatigue, bribery, etc. Sooner or later he'll take Black Scorpion's place at Lord Recluse's side and command the Arachnos army (room for robot RP Arachnos Epic AT), make an army of Archnos soldier bots... and maybe overthrow Recluse himself. The MM himself is there to support and monitor his creations... and maybe throw a few shots in himself. Of c
  9. That's a fair point to the base counterargument. Although I could save costumes and save them later, it adds extra work for a guy who just wants to mess around at Icon without having to worry about screaming daemons every 10 seconds if I want to change size or gender for a particular costume slot.
  10. Can the SCORE version of Null really just flip alignment? I'm looking at ParagonWiki but it obviously doesn't list changes made to the SCORE version of the game. If not, I suggest the OP /petition a GM.
  11. Although I can see the benefit to the argument, I also see badges as a story of a character's journey. The problem with a global badge system is that it would have to be applied globally to be uniform across the player-base. In addition, it would throw out of balance the system of badges that can actually grant powers and stat bonuses. For example, a level 1 character with the Atlas Medallion could unbalance low-level progression, as easy as that already is with DFBs and rested XP. That's just a basic example off the top of my head, but empirically I think that there a
  12. Nope, that's the old Paragon Dance Party, which is just vacant RP space. When Pocket D opened they moved an entrance to KR to make it easier for low levels to get there.
  13. We were discussing a topic without acting like an armed conflict had broken out.
  14. I'd rather they add a new EAT for that instead of messing with my Warshade, for example. In game design in general, it's a lot harder to change something that's been established than creating something new. Just make a new Shapeshifting AT. I know the Primalist AT (https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Primalist) was supposed to fill this niche, and although the half-finished version on I24 has been fleshed out on other SCORE servers, it isn't available on Homecoming (yet).
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