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  1. On May 24, 2021 Adriellyn passed away from complications of COVID-19. They loved this game and brought light to the community everyday. If you're a player on Everlasting, I wouldn't be surprised if you knew them as Adriwyn, Adriellyn, Chernaya, Byelaya, Aly Driscoll, and many other colorful characters. We have lost a dedicated and loved heroine. Their daughter has shared this with me. Please keep their family in your thoughts. https://legcy.co/3wGAZxv We will be holding an in-game Memorial on Thursday, June 3, 2021 in Ouroboros starting at 9pm Eastern US.
  2. Congratulations to everyone, and to all the builders that put hours and vision into their bases!
  3. SG Name: Twilight Legion RP/RP Friendly: Mid-Heavy RP; RP only (New to RP? You are welcome here!) Theme/Era: Avengers/JLA Style Redside/Blueside: Blueside Recruitment Officer(s): Legion (IG: @bodyofstraw, Discord: Evulherb#5838) Mobius (IG: @Sixpence, Discord: Phoenice#1548) Recruitment Message: IC: Are you a person of extraordinary abilities or powers? Do you believe in using your skills to protect peace and uphold justice? Twilight Legion is looking for new and veteran heroes and heroines to join us in the fight against vill
  4. I'm on multiple Discords subscribed to the Homecoming #announcements channel and the posts are no longer being sent to other Discords. Not sure where to report this issue.
  5. Character: Darkmantle Global: @Sixpence SG: Legacy House Shard: Everlasting Passcode: LH-6844 Contributors: @Sixpence House Portal Directory Entry Courtyard [Base Portal] - Samekh (Connects to Aleph) Foyer - Aleph (Connects to Samekh, Heth, and Daleth) Fireplace Common Area - Beth (Connects to Gimel) Bedrooms - Gimel (Connects to Beth) Grounds - Daleth (Connects to Aleph and Heth) Pool Courtyard - Heth (Connects to Aleph and Daleth) Arcane Vault - Yodh (Connects to Kaph) Library - Kaph (Connects to Yodh) Cemeter
  6. Shelves are no longer phasing together to help form walls.
  7. Same issue on Everlasting. This has been happening to me and my SG mates since the last patch day.
  8. Teen Supreme and Justice Supreme....we're back! Favorite Goth Heroine - Grave Shroud, a.k.a. Sasha Darkmantle has returned to Paragon City. Where are you Kid Tartarus? We're waiting! Also on deck: Phoenice, Argent Templar, Ceridwen, Illusory and too many more to name.
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