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  1. I tested on my psy/ice extensively to see if CE actively on a foe affected my hide, it did not. Assassins mark hide proc worked as normal! Not sure about the smash
  2. Ahhh that makes sense. Same reason it doesn’t crit. Gotcha!
  3. I didn’t even think to check combat log, I was tunneling in on the satisfying text 😜 Thanks for the feedback Riverdusk. It’s a rare breed, the Ice stalker. I main BS/SD. I doubt that will change... but my Ice/Bio is definitely eager to see these changes through!
  4. Regarding taunt/fleeing foes— the current beta patch has resolved that with many testers confirming positive results. Not sure when this patch will go live but looking good! Checkout the beta forum for more insight, or swing a Psy Melee weapon for some too. 😜
  5. After an hour of testing ice melee out of hide, I note there were ZERO critical strikes. The only criticals that occur with this primary is the first one out of hide. Is this bugged/hard coded to Tanker AT?
  6. Hi team! Each time shield charge is used, it triggers the “Assassins Mark” ATO Build Up reset notification on the screen, however, build up still remains on cool down, even when clicked. After SD port to Stalker, is it still hard coded as a Tanker/Brute set? Not properly registering with the 4% Chance on all stalker attacks reset? With gratitude, Nate
  7. I thought the same thing, and even tried using it right after the notification to no avail. perhaps Shield Defense is still hard coded as a Tank/Brute/Scrap set, thus not registering the proc as it’s not a “stalker” power?
  8. Zer0 Hour, my keybinds are: R: Build Up Q: Assassins Strike Shift+Q: Hack E: Disembowel Shift+E: Head Splitter 4: Slice 1: Parry 2: Moonbeam C ; Soul Grasp (Hold) 3: Shield Charge F: Shadowmeld G: Active Defense Shift+G: One With the Shield Auto: Hasten Mouse Button 4: Hover Shift+Mouse button 4: Afterburner Mouse button 5: Fly I am recalling from memory so I may have missed something. Hope this helps!
  9. First off - let me state that I’m absolutely thrilled with this build. Souls on Excelsior, 44 atm fully attuned and chopping stuff into cole slaw. Magic origin, BS/SD/Soul who’s back story is a Hero who has been bestowed a magical sword that collects the souls of the haunted and villainous evildoers, storing it permanently into his power, shield, and abilities. question: I’ve currently got Assassins Mark ATO placed into Hack. I see the proc pop up on the screen all the time, especially with shield charge. However, despite the proc notification after a shield charge, build up is still on CD. Anyone else having this problem?
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