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  1. Is there a place where I can download a version with the new power order of Electrical Manipulation? Or is that still be worked on? The only place I know to get the patches has Sonic Manipulation and Energy Melee propogation, but Electric isn't updated yet... Thanks!
  2. That sounds rather cool! And thank you for the answer!
  3. When I last played CoV, after Breakout, you went to (what is now) Fort Darwin (I don't recall that being the name then though. Now, you go straight into Mercy City, and Fort Darwin is held by Longbow. When did that change, and what's the backstory for it?
  4. Kalinda is the only one ever listed there, when I level up, it eventually adds Graves and Mongoose.
  5. I'm sorry, but maybe I'm doing this totally wrong.... When I first zone into Mercy Island, the only contact I get is Kalinda. I looked up Operative Kuzmin on Paragon Wiki, and went to his coordinates, and standing at that spot is Arbiter Richard. As someone who hasn't done red content since Live, I really want to play through the story, but I'm foiled from the get go! Help! Thanks!
  6. So, I've got a standing bid (for several weeks now) of 200,000 on a certain enhancement. There are currently only 8 available, so obviously, they are worth mor than 200k. So I look at the history to see what's been going on, and I see that the last 5 that sold, TODAY, have sold for less than 100... Not 100k... 100! How did I not outbid whoever got them for 100?
  7. Any idea when the statistics are going to be updated by the devs? Last update was 8 months ago. Also, I wonder if it's possible to give us stats on costume pieces... I'm just curious how many people are using each costume piece...
  8. So, I have the following file as instructed elsewhere on this forum: numpad0 bindloadfile d:\coh\binds\all.txt numpad1 bindloadfile d:\coh\binds\Demonlings.txt numpad2 bindloadfile d:\coh\binds\Demons.txt numpad3 bindloadfile d:\coh\binds\Prince.txt divide powexec_location me summon demonlings multiply powexec_location me summon demons subtract powexec_location me summon demon prince add powexec_name enchant demon numpadenter powexec_name abyssal empowerment Then in the ALL.txt file, I have: numpad4 petcom_all aggressive numpad5 petcom_all defensive numpad6 petcom_all passive numpad7 petcom_all attack numpad8 petcom_all follow numpad9 petcom_all goto lctrl+decimal petcom_all dismiss And of course all the other files as well... My problem is this... numpad0 and numpad4 are not working. I can't load my ALL file, and I can't set my pets to aggressive (in any of the files, not just ALL). I tried binding these two to other keys, and they still don't work. My 0 and 4 work fine normally, so I know the keyboard isn't at fault either. Does anyone see a problem with the syntax in those two lines that my overtired eyes may be missing? Any clue why those two (no matter the key bound too) aren't working? Thank you!
  9. Arc ID: 25039 Name: All Good Things... Global:@Quilcene
  10. Here is what I was talking about in a post on the General Discussion forum. It was suggested I try here too. This only occurs with a new character. It's the very first thing to pop up, before the New Badge notifications. Why does a big yellow "Silent" come up on the screen when I load in a character?
  11. But that doesn't explain why it just started after the last patch. The patch notes say nothing about it either. I posted this in the Facebook group too, and someone said it could be for a coming feature and wasn't meant to be live yet, but why only on brand new characters... Just confused... 😞
  12. Why does a big yellow "Silent" come up on the screen when I load in a character? This only occurs with a new character. It's the very first thing to pop up, before the New Badge notifications. It started after the last patch, and I didn't change anything.
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