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  1. Thats what i figured. Ive been following your blapper builds. Is this your strongest? @Nemu
  2. @Nemu What Alpha slot Incarnate are you currently running for your build
  3. This was my crack at it. Feel free to poke at it. Thanks! https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1373&c=678&a=1356&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594DB6A13511486F76466AC4D93A631893DA635CDB969A727151545D45AE921501ABD8E43BB4D066212265350BCF229F4463CB5A0179EF5017C009FC20B15691554D4AB7165FED5527060F8F6ACC35EFF5E593BC51B7381E7976E9F154AD7859AD96A95CFDB1B8ED48B66C55A53053D1DF40E78C67251D6A4344A1B4D69974B8E2DEB15A71A876B4E5E93F5963456CD75CB74AC46BD7CCEBEDEB0C30BF5AAA440C7D85DF8571A8D9A516A4AB91EF096CBD26C5AF54AD0FB98B72A5587BE42BBAE7569B7AA563376B169AD19AC62
  4. Looking for a solid build that can transition into multiple types of content. Farms, iTrials, TFs. Its been awhile since I have put time into mids, and could use some guidance. Looking for an ALL OUT build. Dont be shy with monies.
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