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  1. So, my guy is level 7 and I've run all available contacts in King's Row and in Port Oakes. However, I never was introduced to Ron Hughes or Juan Jiminez in King's nor Detective Jose Brogan and a sprinkling of other contacts in Atlas Park. Any idea why? If I chose the wrong contact and missed Brogan, that's one thing, but why won't Becktrees introduce me to Ron in KR? I want this list full...
  2. I pretty much took it for the combination of endurance leaching and a healing pet along with a defensive toggle, but I'd be interested to know what patron powers are better and why. The concept of my character is an amalgamation of 80's cartoon villains from shows like He-Man, Silverhawks, etc. He's the Arch-Nemesis of Cartoon Man, my scrapper who takes on the persona of the heroes in those types of cartoons. Since Cartoon Man is a Broadsword Scrapper, I went for /Ice Assault, since the Dominator can conjure up a sword to fight Cartoon Man with. Went with Fire/ as the main for the damage and the magical aspects, but he was Grav/Ice on Live. I'm not married to Mu, but I think it works well for my playstyle, which will be front-line action oriented, but I haven't played around with other patron powersets to know how they compare.
  3. For those of you who take Mu Mastery and Power Sink, how do you slot the power? What about Surge of Power, if you take it?
  4. Thank you. Does this only work if the power effects you, or if the NPC throws up a defense shield, would that show up, too?
  5. I, too, would like to know what powersets were used for these bosses to make them so easy, but give such a good reward.
  6. When I look at a player, I can look through to see their powersets and skills. Is there any way to do this with NPCs, as well? Thanks
  7. No. I guess it's just the combat log that's messed up.
  8. I checked the combat log when I used smoke on a mob, and it told me that I affected myself with smoke. I do seem to miss a whole lot more when I use smoke on mobs, so I have to ask - is it bugged? Thanks!
  9. Killing certain NPCs in missions while villain-side are minor forking paths, but they don't seem to have any real impact.
  10. It's possible, but the contact isn't a permanent contact, just an OB contact. I want everyone as a completed contact.
  11. So, I decided to roll a badge hunter and I'd like to know how I can get all of the contacts that can be introduced. For Matthew Habashy, for instance, he can introduce Officer Fields and Sondra Costel. How can I get both contacts, if he is the only one that introduces them, and I have to choose? Thanks!
  12. I'm having the same bug. This was an Ouroboros version of the mission, if that helps.
  13. Any idea how @A Humble Farmer was able to create his missions that spawn single bosses, with no minions, not matter the level and group size of the Group Leader? I'm curious if a Lvl 2 version of his Bads in Space would be worthwhile, but I'm only able to make groups of ridiculous numbers, with tons of minions or bosses.
  14. That's pretty much my build, tidge. I have permahasten, but only by half a second in my planned build. Getting that +Recharge would help ensure that I don't lose out on continuous quickness.
  15. I intend to have the +Recharge, as well. From what I read, it's a pseudo-pet, so I don't expect that I'll be able to influence its power, but I thought I'd ask.
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