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  1. Greetings, all. Inspired by @A Humble Farmer's Bads Farms for lowbies/all ATs, I was after something slightly higher level (yet similar in difficulty) in order to receive recipes. Such was the Genesis of the Holographic Training Simulations. In order to keep 100% experience gain, my mobs will use Crushing Blow, so the damage you receive will be higher than what you may encounter in the Bads farms. It's doable, though, and you can increase the difficulty. So far, on my low level Rad/Fire brute, I get the best return at a +1, "Bosses - Yes" setting, but I'm interested in hearing how other ATs
  2. Yes, I set up the allies to heal on aggressive and only one is actively healing. I didn’t realize that there was a limit to how many provide support, since I thought I’d seen some AE missions with more than one support ally. Thanks for the tips!
  3. I've been working on a low level alternative to Bads missions and I chose Nova Praetoria - Magisterium as my map. I have tried adding allies, but I can't seem to get them to work correctly. Only one ally does anything (the first one found) - the other just follows me around. I thought perhaps I had a setting wrong, so I deleted the different ally and set the remaining ally to 2 on the map. Same thing. Same issue. What gives? Thanks!
  4. That would be weird, since a lot of base Arachnos soldiers are helmetless. It's the higher tiered guys that are fully armored, for the most part, though there are a few exceptions.
  5. As the topic title suggests, I'm looking for information on why the Mu Mystics are all bound in leather belts. I'm unable to find any information in Paragon Wiki - are there other places to look for CoH lore for explanations like this? Thanks!
  6. Well, I decided to make Titan Baby in an effort to enjoy the creep factor .
  7. Yes, this is intentional, as far as I know. Most people claim that the Contact Finder changes based on your zone, though I've been teleported to new zones, entirely, for some new contacts. Perhaps it's based on who you can be introduced to based on your level. So, if you're the right level in King's Row, Find Contact might give you contacts in Steel Canyon.
  8. So, the next mission, I had to fight another Archon. Archon Archon Romano, actually:
  9. The mission loaded for me in a warehouse with at least two floors. I got to the second floor just as the Archon was getting to the elevators. I then jumped back in to head downstairs and the mission failed for me with the Archon escaping, despite needing to go through an entire other floor. I don't know if this would fail, again, if I repeated, but it's worth sharing.
  10. Interesting. It's not like the stories are especially engaging, but it's a bit disappointing that I can't run through more of them. Not quite carbon copies, but I definitely see repetition between the "arcs" of the generic contacts. I ran Linda, first, and by the time I ran the missions of Samuel Pierce, and I'd already met Lt. Wincott and run The Hollows missions. Pierce gave me four or five street sweeping missions to get rid of Vahz. I guess having 5 more contacts do that would get annoying, but the code was already in place and it would obviously be intentional for the playe
  11. So, my guy is level 7 and I've run all available contacts in King's Row and in Port Oakes. However, I never was introduced to Ron Hughes or Juan Jiminez in King's nor Detective Jose Brogan and a sprinkling of other contacts in Atlas Park. Any idea why? If I chose the wrong contact and missed Brogan, that's one thing, but why won't Becktrees introduce me to Ron in KR? I want this list full...
  12. I pretty much took it for the combination of endurance leaching and a healing pet along with a defensive toggle, but I'd be interested to know what patron powers are better and why. The concept of my character is an amalgamation of 80's cartoon villains from shows like He-Man, Silverhawks, etc. He's the Arch-Nemesis of Cartoon Man, my scrapper who takes on the persona of the heroes in those types of cartoons. Since Cartoon Man is a Broadsword Scrapper, I went for /Ice Assault, since the Dominator can conjure up a sword to fight Cartoon Man with. Went with Fire/ as the main for the
  13. For those of you who take Mu Mastery and Power Sink, how do you slot the power? What about Surge of Power, if you take it?
  14. Thank you. Does this only work if the power effects you, or if the NPC throws up a defense shield, would that show up, too?
  15. I, too, would like to know what powersets were used for these bosses to make them so easy, but give such a good reward.
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