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  1. Looking over this thread has been extremely humbling. I thought my friend and I were legends due to times like our 13min MC or 16min ITF, but it turns out we're turtles in comparison. I guess it's just because we don't really ever encounter other speedrunners and do the runs with pubs. Nice to know CoH has a decent speed community. Any chance I can hang with any of y'all? Would love to see what a full stack of runners could accomplish first hand. 😛
  2. At minimum, you need about 50% global recharge (no hasten) to start overlapping Tar Patch. If you want a consistent double tar patch I think you'd need somewhere over around ~160% recharge (with hasten). I made some quick edits to the build above that gives you a double tar patch with an ~8 second down time, though it is notably more expensive than the build I posted. Check it out here. As far as I am aware, anyone with that amount of recharge could apply double tar patch and achieve the same desired effect.
  3. Introduction Hey all. This is the first written out guide I'm submitting to the forums. Please keep in mind that the builds I make are usually focused on optimal self sufficiency for speedrunning high-end content. This means things like softcapping defenses will be prioritized over maxing recharge. As for the guide itself, I will be going over some nuances in specific abilities, but I will not be giving an extensive overview of every single ability. With this in mind, any criticism or suggestions are more than welcome! Now, onto the guide. Guide: The Dark/Dark De
  4. Right click the tray and click 'close tray' or press C. If you mean the 3 stacking trays in the bottom right, simply click the down arrow on the very right of the tray.
  5. For myself personally, the challenge of the game comes in the form of build making and speed running content as fast as possible. I understand that doesn't appeal to everyone, but honestly building a defender who can breeze through dozens of packs unscathed while helping things die exponentially faster or a godly brute that can more or less never die is very fun to me. Beyond speedrunning content and minmaxing, I would suggest trying to play content with fewer players. Honestly, an 8 player team is totally unnecessary most of the time. I play with one other friend and we're able to
  6. While I see where you are coming from, softcapping defense is pretty much always going to result in better survivability than focusing on resists. Additionally, it's not too hard to softcap s/l, melee and 90% resist s/l in a Willpower build. I can provide examples if necessary.
  7. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1466&c=666&a=1332&f=HEX&dc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
  8. To expand, I'm not sure why rage was tweaked to begin with. Why is SS being looked at when we have powersets like Kinetics that makes 95% of the content in the game a joke?
  9. I have shelved my SS characters because the unavoidable -def in the rage crash made the builds I run with them unfun. I hope this gets addressed soon as a result. I also hope that some variation of the rage crash remains; having to play around the -damage was kind of fun, though maybe it's just nostalgia. Please get rid of unavoidable defense debuff.
  10. I could get behind self damage as a solution.
  11. Right, right. By picking Super Strength, people are only allowed to carry a full tray of t2 purples any time they want to do challenging content. Seems fair. Looks like I've been intellectually checkmated.
  12. I know you're trolling hard but I wanted to address the 'use insps' topic since some people legitimately feel that's a solution. Try doing a speed ITF with rage running. Even if you use the ability conservatively, you won't get enough purps all the time to mitigate the crash every time it happens. Source: I've done tried it. Why not just use it less? Well, that's kind of why this topic got made. Not being able to use your abilities is not fun.
  13. Yeah I don't know. To be clear I'm 100% for Rage no longer being a 'set it and forget it' power. I just don't think a defense hit is a good idea. No matter what armor set you're talking about, it would be a massive hit. In regards to some armor sets, it would make the skill borderline unusable at all when doing high-end content. If rage can't be how it used to be, I'd suggest disabling 'rage stackng' altogether and just converting it more into a standard build-up. It's a boring solution, but a solution nonetheless. Alternatively, just nerf it hard. Reduce the damage/to-hit, reduce th
  14. I think straight up removing it would have to come with some other downside. The thing we want to avoid is it becoming a "just set it on auto and forget about it" power, as that runs counter to the intent of both the original design and Castle's redesign of it. Even removing the damage penalty (due to the mentioned smashing resist issues) isn't out of the question if we can come up with some kind of alternative mechanic. If the -Defense has to stay, it seems simplest to let it be resistable. I firmly disagree with this. I would point to the suggestions I made in my po
  15. Hi all. I made an SS/Fire brute assuming Rage still functioned as it did on live. You can imagine my disappointment when I was unable to stack Rage to mitigate the defense crash; thus rendering my pricey fantasy build crippled. My fault for not researching more. I'm not going to claim that Rage stacking wasn't very powerful. There's a reason I gravitated toward making this character. I'm also not going to advocate reaching a compromise in regards to the defense crash. In endgame City of Heroes, the ultimate goal for every tanky character is to reach the defense softcap (in s/l, or po
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