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  1. So I tried to stream CoH 3 times yesterday, but each time I tried to stream the video would freeze on me, it worked well when I streamed other games. Any suggestions on how to prevent the video from freezing?
  2. Where it says levels, it shows Who Will Die Part 1 as levels 10-120.
  3. Is there a reason I am getting Valentine tip missions? I just created this character last week.
  4. I was doing the Twinshot story arc, and at the end of the first arc first mission, I had 2 Twinshots at the end of the mission. Is this a bug?
  5. I am submitting "Fire Farm" Arc ID 41846, for the the contest.
  6. Can we get an option with Null to "talk about something else," it annoys me to close the conversation and reopen it again for each thing?
  7. I actually do have an Accolade Power idea, give us a random miniature GM to help us fight in our battles and have them fight at our side for 5 minutes.
  8. There should really be a badge for defeating every giant monster in the game. Or an accolade, even if there isn't a power associated with it. Ideas for Accolade badge names.: Monster Master/Mistress Monster Mash? Monster Killer Giant Slayer Monster Merit Maker Destroy All Monsters
  9. I know this would take a lot of coding, but I would like to be able to add the chest emblems to other parts of the body, like back, arms, upper and lower legs, capes, and booty (I know booty is a weird request.)
  10. Created a new mission, "Good Ole Fashion Farming" Arc ID 41391. Looking for feedback please!
  11. Just got it yesterday, and it work great for gaming!! I love it!!
  12. Does anyone use Starlink to play online games, and if so how well does it run MMO games?
  13. The ability to play offline in a single player mode. Mainly because my internet is terrible right now.
  14. I try to get the High Pain Threshold Badge, it says in the image I need the Relentless Badge to get the Accolade, but when my character got all the badges including Relentless I get nothing. But, when I got the The Unbroken Spirit Badge like it says here https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/High_Pain_Threshold_Badge it finally gave me the accolade, so you need to change the text for the progress bar, so it does not confuse people.
  15. Are there any daily Runs on this server, like MSRs or Hami Raids?
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