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  1. Will we ever see COH Homecoming on Steam in the future?
  2. Yeah, I just got my WS to level 35 just today.
  3. Why can't WS and PB have Epic/Patron powers? Is this the same for Arachnos soldiers?
  4. If they ever decided to put badges in Khalisti Wharf, they should put one here (7056.5, 1076.4, 5015,) and they should call the badge "Lookout Point." But that's just me!
  5. I jeep getting a message that say Access Denied, anyone else having this issue as well?
  6. A way to get unstuck, go to base edit mode and move forward a bit and then exit out of edit mode, works for me any time that happens.
  7. I have been trying to do the mission Broken Pocket Watch, which I purchased through my SG Base, but when I go my Tip Contact tab area it is notlisted there as a mission. And When I go back to my SG Base to rebuy it it says I already have this contact. In my base it shows it as an available mission but when I go to any hero zone, it is not available.
  8. Did they nerf the amount of Vanguard Merits we receive during a MSR? When I first got on a month ago, I'd get 1200-1400 VMs, now I get 800-1000.
  9. If I were to disable Earn XP, how much influence would I make during a MSR, for level 35+?
  10. But I have defeated Flamebaux in Safeguard Missions, same with all the others as well.
  11. These screenshots are of defeating Ghost Widow and getting for her.
  12. These first set of screenshot are defeating Flamebaux and Blast Furnace and not getting credit for them.
  13. According to Paragon Wiki https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Villain_Disruptor_Badge it says; Any enemy from the following groups count: Rogues Gallery, Rogue Isles Villains. Does not have to be of Archvillain rank to count. Other good places to find groups of enemies that count include the Statesman Task Force, signature villains in Recluse's Victory, and Tip Missions. Well, yesterday I defeated Flamebaux 4 times, Silent Blade 2 times, Hollow Point 2 times, Overdrive 3 times, and Desdemona 2 times and never got credit towards the badge count. My badge count before yesterday was 16 of 25 villains defeated. I know the badge in game says only villains from Safeguard Missions. So why don't the villains from Tip mission count like it says on the Paragon Wiki site?
  14. I did the mission at team size 2 and did not get any new contacts or any badge of any kind.
  15. Why is it easier to get the "Hero Slayer" badge and more difficult to get the "Villain Disruptor" badge?
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