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  1. Like other games I have played, they have an account wide inventory system, could we please get that in this game please? It annoys me when I want to transfer Reward Merits to one of my other characters.
  2. I would love to have this, I accidently sold a Respec recipe to a vendor.
  3. What days are server maintenance and is there suppose to be one for today?
  4. Question, how many players actually do Gladiator Matches? Now here is an idea, instead of having them as gladiator pets, create a power where you summon a random a random gladiator pet/s, to help you fight in your battles. We can call them "Gladiator Combat Pets."
  5. One more suggestion to add, I would like to be able to make my MM thugs female and to be able to give them a look of my choosing.
  6. When I have lack of sleep, I cannot spell.
  7. 1. Could you add P2W Vendors in RWZ and SG Base. 2. I would like mike character to be able wear the Sybil outfits from Cimerora. 3. Maybe add some exploration badges to Khalisti Wharf, (even if you have to make up badges and plaques.)
  8. Had to do it again and now I am still having the same issues, I even looked at the information boggo2300 sent me.
  9. To bad, I would liked to of had the chance to read each badge and got to know the history.
  10. How come there are no badges in Kallisti Wharf?
  11. I created a new file and loaded the game that way.
  12. I tried to run the game through Tequila icon and every time it shuts down. I have been playing for the last few days.
  13. What is the level to get the Ouroborus Portal, because I just got it at level 8?
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