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  1. The Dark Astoria storyarcs help because you can get an Incarnate component at the end of each (with a chance for rare ones.) I'd also recommend ignoring Incarnate Shards, they barely drop and just confuse things. Build everything with Threads and Empyrean Merits.
  2. Keep your xp on, the Incarnate powers are just as powerful as purples (or moreso) and easier to consistently work towards than random drops and an ever-changing market.
  3. Yeah, I target the BP "Sorrow" characters first, their debuffing is really powerful. Luckily they're nice enough to glow green for me to spot them. And of course the Sappers. Sappers must think the entire world hates them, because they can be standing next to the most evil villain in existence and they'll get targeted first.
  4. Take Air Superiority as an early attack, and combined with Flight that unlocks Afterburner for fast flight speed. Air Superiority's knockdown is also a good defensive tactic for keeping Bosses off their feet.
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