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  1. Way back during live, I had a level 50 Ill/Rad controller (Mind Wyrm), and loved him to bits. That's who I remade, but I wanted to try other options too. I'm sure at some point, I'll get Wyrm up to 50 as well In fact, now that I'm thinking about him....lol.
  2. The Illusion/Trap guy is 40, the Illusion/Radiation is 26. My biggest problem, and I freely admit it, is that I want someone I can solo like a demon with, because honestly, with the rare exception of teaming with a friend while he's at work, solo is pretty much all I do. I am NOT an elite type player. In fact, my friend often has to rez me, because I do something stupid. I guess, in this case, I'm looking for something a bit more forgiving of my flaws, if that makes sense.
  3. “Thier” Marcus Cole should be Their.
  4. Oh, I do have one of each. One is 40 and the other is 20 something. Just not sure which works better, hence the reason I asked. You raise a good point about the anchors, as traps seems to be limited in range.
  5. I've got one of each, and I would like to take one to 50 and gear him up, but I'm not quite sure which would be the better option for a mostly monster solo build. If you were choosing, which path would you take, and why? Thank you!
  6. Brickstown chat. Should be precedent.
  7. “If they can their hands on one” is missing a ‘get’. This is Allison King’s mission in Brickstown.
  8. Don't much care about min-max. I just wanna have fun with the character! Thank you so much for your willingness to share. 🙂
  9. You wouldn't be willing to share a build, would you?
  10. In King’s Row, we have this exchange taking place. I can only assume it’s me at to be “We’ll get back to you.”
  11. Stop villains’ leaders, their men. 6 pieces of evidence to gather. Contact is Christine Lansdale. should be ‘your voice’, not ‘you’re’.
  12. Sorry. I saw May, but not the 2019 part. I thought it was a current post.
  13. Enjoying it so far. How's it working for you?
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