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  1. I am SO trying this build. šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing it.
  2. In King's Row there is a Gravedigger Striker who says, "That sweet 'sterio' is as good as mine." I cannot tell you how many times I cringed seeing that.
  3. Iā€™m going to be honest. Most of the time I solo, especially on a scrapper. Iā€™d love to be able to do it all (jack of all trades type) who can solo AVs or do higher end group content. If I had to choose, I would go with the group content, though. That said, what other options might you suggest? (I am keeping Spines/DA open, because it sounds cool.)
  4. I'm a little confused. I don't see Super Strength as an option for scrappers. Am I missing something?
  5. As I've never done level 54 content, I have to say I am intrigued. That said, no, it doesn't need to stay in DM/DA. I want something I can have fun with, though I would still prefer to not have a click met protection, because I'm forever screwing that up.
  6. @Obus Form A question, if you don't mind. If you were making the build for 'perfection', how would you make it? Skip powers like fly, etc. Just the best that best can be kind of thing. Thank you!
  7. This is from the forums, posted on Sunday: Dark Melee Update Dark Melee was seriously underperforming in the AoE department. These changes are aimed to increase the AoE potential of the set whilst having minimal impact on the single target potential. Shadow Maul (Tanker, Scrapper, Brute, Stalker) is now a much larger, faster cone that's actually capable of easily hitting multiple targets - especially on tanks! Arc increased from 45 to 120 degrees Recharge increased from 8 to 11 seconds Cast Time reduced from 3.07 to 2.35 seconds Damage lowered from scale 2.156 to 1.6184 DPS reduction is minor, it has only been lowered from scale 0.653 to scale 0.645 Target Cap increased from 10 to 16 for Tankers Target Cap increased from 5 to 10 for Scrappers, Brutes and Stalkers Dark Consumption (Tanker, Scrapper, Brute) Changes to Dark Consumption have been reverted to the live version Now, I have zero idea what any of this means. I'm not a theory crafter by any stretch of the imagination. If they did cancel them, I'll live and adapt. Either way, I thank you so so so much for the build. And yes, I can drop fly to take Hover. That extra bit of defense will always be a good thing! šŸ™‚ Oh, and I am never averse to learning how to make money, if you don't mind sharing tips.
  8. WHAT? NOOOOOOOO! I was so looking forward to those. šŸ˜ž
  9. A question if I may? With the proposed changes to Shadow Maul, would you take the power or skip it? (Assuming the go live as suggested.)
  10. Hi again, @Obus Form I'm going to admit, I don't have a lot of knowledge with Dark Scrappers (obviously, since I was the one who started this post). I'm not sure what they're capable of. I don't beed to tank trials, but would love to run +4/8 missions. The only power I really want to have is Fly, because it's my favorite travel power, and it works with my origin story, but even that isn't a deal breaker. I do like fast recharges, if such a thing is possible with this build. I don't know if that helps any, but I very much appreciate any direction you can give my scrapper. Thank you!
  11. Honestly, I'm trying to decide between a Dark/Dark scrapper and tank. They're both characters I'm liking so far, but no clue how well they'll do at 50. I mostly solo, but do an occasional duo with a friend. I'm enjoying my scrapper, especially if the proposed changes to Shadow Maul go through, but that cap on tanks is tantalizing as well.
  12. This was three different people, which is part of why I got freaked about it.
  13. Good morning, I was playing masterminds with a friend who had the protector bot. The description given for the Protector Bot says: "Protector bots can defend your army by placing Force Fields on you and your allies." I realize that reading it fully you can probably assume that it only puts a FF around you and the other bots, but saying 'your allies' leads one to think it might also give your fellow players bubbles. Could the tooltip be changed from 'allies' to 'robots' or something? He rerolled the character because it didn't put out bubs on everyone. Thank you.
  14. Okay, long story short. Last night someone in chat asked about dark melee/dark armor for Tanks, Brutes, and Scrappers. They were told pretty much unanimously that dark anything sucks. Horribly. One guy went so far as to tell the person who said he enjoyed it that he was sorry the player never tried a good toon. Of course, my current guy is dark, and a few of the things they were saying made sense. He doesn't do the best damage. I asked what about when the update kicks in, and there are new things added to dark? They said it wouldn't help any, and that dark would still suck. So now, I'm trying to figure out what I can play that has the following: Decent animation times (sorry, Titan Weapons, but I feel like once I activate a power, I have time to get up and grab a drink and get back before it's done), strong damage, and some great damage mitigation. Also, I want the click and forget mez protection, because I never think about clicking that power until it's too late. I was looking at shield, but that click mez leaves me shuddering. What else would you suggest (other than a different game, because I really do love City of Heroes, and have since it came out all those years ago). Thank you for your time in reading, and thank you for any advice you might offer.
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