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  1. No worries. My Warshade Super Sempai Seven has 1062 badges at the moment and working my way to the finish as fast as I can. You can @ me at anytime in game if I'm around, I'm Pluckysidekick, both here and there. Always happy to meet new people.
  2. As an avid badger, I am both impressed and offended... It's not even fair. =O
  3. I have this in Shadow Bolt. It seems to fire off randomly, so I basically ignore it. I primarily have this slotted for the recharge. bonus.
  4. Heyoooo, I'm a WS lover and I wanted to post what I have going on for my favorite Alpha Ranger: Super Sempai Seven. I know a lot of you will look at this and think I'm crazy for going the complete opposite direction of everybody here and having basically, NO DEFENSE WHATSO-EVAR! The key for me is: Dying is part of the attack chain, why prolong the inevitable? I crafted this here and there over the better part of the a month and changed it around as I leveled. She sports 30+% Base SL/FC/EN RES Out of the box, any form. Up to 59% when Exemplared, toggles on. Perma-Hasten, Perma-Eclipse (Nearly Max RES-All at 4 targets). +193% Recharge 3 Reliable pets at a time, if you can remember bring them out. Double Stealth for extreme badge-hunting or Mission ghosting. Full attack chain at every level for every situation. Let me know what you love and hate about it. Enjoy! | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1727;787;1574;HEX;| |78DA6594594F13511886CF74A62D2D85B696A5C8DA022D5B0BA5E06E084AA240892| |4D59818132C749026B590B6105013C5252E11972BD73FE08D376AF44A8DFE05355E| |F8038C8A10FD01F5EBBC1FED6827906778BFE5FDCE397398581EB13D3BB43A24A4C| |A83C9582633753C96CECCC5E2AA393A93505333AAA0478E46779A89CD5BC1A923B3| |B36A2A93585283C7CE4CA763C9A903549C6D2AC447D4FFE2C38BE998733435A7A6D| |55436B8F5629D9C9F4F06A30BAA1AB769AF1135B690489D766A7F8CA6961299C474| |2299C8AED8B7C271952C120BC24DF384E9F7924DF09353C407598890220CEF41E51| |DE87B0BF6BC0117F335925623448FD0B4CB3696A88FB446F0529FDBA0E90EF32ED8| |730F5CA21A197D24B9895EFCE4E901AF50CC887EC2F8D4A0795C25CDCC1E66F6286| |38F32F6B0B2472F7B2C538D853D2CEC61658FEB142B17723E2697A7B10EDB223303| |3664C16B945BC1DE15FD98A732CC1C005B77805D83E059AAB1B3B79DBD1DEC7D936| |24EF4333A3F527EA322B67D627E06ABBE805D3EF40BF8C17354EB42ADE4E2FDAF62| |9EA758B530686BAAFE89F3AAF9C1E7F71D0C7D036F506E2DFA186A0F2B9AE61E054| |363E00AE5D4F11AEAAA254D6B1B47FD2AC5EAB9BE3E82FC8609B0751CF4D2813572| |7D6337666C62AE517D33EAE5E60DACAD6593F99BF907ACA13E5EFE1EBC3CC745AA6| |F1726ADBE3D04CDD70F7686C1DE41F002E576605F44C76E3E37EAD9CD3DBBB9E72D| |CA0BF2DE06F35F60BE87043A29BF8FF3FB38BF4129DC1FFAA147B4684A7EC9B95C9| |73E6A816B5F4945A8440997280325CA985EF98ADE11BD668236A9146EA69078E7D7| |ADA4F10D9602D0368A9A24ADFFFBA5FCD2E777207F53AFB540B33884769FF223562| |8851BAC18EF0BEDABAF79087A1E81FEC760E0015859AC918C9CE37802DA8B31D9F8| |1C7EDB5F325F809E57A043EFCDB96ECEF570AE9F7303AFC1A35463E17DB2F07ECA4| |AE1A60917EF9DA2E86EDF09CCD67912346A31EDEC15D72EF468DBC7DC0F76EEE1FF| |127B4153B19FE23AC537240EB6AAA06F9A679E01CDFAB96CE853A69F6B98E0A63E4| |3608402219C552E5D5B7CFF0BF304F278| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| On a more personal note, you'll see a lot of love placed into Dwarf form. My favorite attack chain is to TP into a big crowd, Eclipse, Mire, Dwarf, Dwarf Mire (the Apocalypse Proc really shines here), Smite somebody near death (or just find the nearest corpse), Human, Unchain, See if anything is left, Nova, Nova detonation, Extraction, Stygian... Move on to the next group. I also like just hanging out in Dwarf form, Tanking while my fluffies hose down the room with Neg Energy. =D -Plucky
  5. Good to see you again Flea! Been a long time. =D
  6. Hey Guys! Plucky here! That's @PluckySidekick Also known as: Plucky Sidekick Malevol-Ant Super Sempai Seven and a whole host of alts that I haven't replaced yet and will remain unnamed.
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