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  1. Red Supergiant and Blue Supergiant (as in the stars - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supergiant_star ) are free - a duo or a dual-form cosmic energy hero, maybe? Breaking! I have also dropped Bronze Boy and Plasmawave.
  2. Used the name Turboboost a few times, and now someone pointed out that it's perfect for a Kin. I don't like playing Kin. So have at it!
  3. So, just out of curiosity, who is in charge of updating the Weekly Strike Targets in the Global Message of The Day? This info is: - Almost never adjusted on Sunday night when the strike targets change, - Usually updated at some point on Monday, 12-24 hours after the inaccurate information greets every player on login or /gmotd command, - And this week, still wrong well into Tuesday? Could this responsibility be automated, or turned over to a community team that might have more interest in keeping it accurate and correctly updated?
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