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  1. Just for my reference, single target or not, wouldn't the creeper vines do at least as much damage to a single target as an aura? In essence, aren't the creepers really just an aura that doesn't cost endurance? Just asking since my altitis never lets me reach the part of the game you guys experience regularly.
  2. I think my only issue with your original post is that you stated "Corruptors aren't very good." If your math is accurate and I have no reason to doubt it isn't, I think it simply shows that Corruptors are not better than Defenders, all things considered. Which means they are not worse, either. Unless your argument is that Defenders also "...aren't very good," then your argument begins to lose it's effectiveness. Just pointing that out.
  3. Coyote, what about Plant/Kin based on your criteria. It does't have an aura, but it's got Creepers. It has immob and the area immob as well, that does double the damage of the other sets. It also has Fly Trap. I guess it is a little slow to activate versus Fire but it's damage is comparable. Curious if I missed something.
  4. You are correct. Thorns in general is the least popular Dom secondary and Electric/Thorn is tied for the least popular combination. I think most people, like me, that might otherwise like Thorns are turned off by the redraw of the attacks, with no option to disable the redraw as you can with other draw-heavy animations.
  5. I believe any attack with ticks has a greater chance to scourge. I could be entirely wrong, of course, but things like Ice's Frost Breath and Ice Storm, Fire's Fire Breath and Rain, Dark's Gloom, Sonic's Scream, etc. feel like they have a chance to scourge more.
  6. I think Impact and Containment might be getting mixed up in this discussion.
  7. I think Electric/ lends itself to being in melee range with conductive aura and Static Field, as does Hot Feet in Fire and Ice Slick or Arctic Air in Ice. And of course Seeds in Plant allows for carefree melee action. Of the four, I think it really depends on whether you are focusing on AoE or ST melee to decide. If AoE, you'll probably want Plant so they don't fight back. Then Electrice, Ice and Fire in that order based on their ability to fight back. As far as melee sets, I think the best are subjective based on feel and theme. My favorite is Savage, but I'm assuming you are looking for something fresh after your Dark/Sav. My other melee favs are Earth, Martial, Electric and Rad, with Earth being the most melee-focused set of all, in my opinion.
  8. Am I the only dominator that loves Spore Burst. I know it's only a sleep, but it's tied with Mass Hypnosis as the longest-lasting AOE control with the shortest recharge.. MH has 10' more range but takes longer to activate, which is not a good tradeoff for what it's used for. Spore Burst is a good opener but shines as an emergency AOE control. That's the reason the range is less important than the activation time and makes it better than MH in the scenario where it will get the most use. It gives plenty of time for Seeds to recharge to be activated again before they wake. I know plant is a great set, but after Seeds, the rest of it's control is meh and Spore Burst fills the gap a bit.
  9. I'm really surprised by this. I rank confuses higher than holds. Might just be a playstyle thing, but they last longer, look cooler and add a bit to damage. I understand it allows them to move, but they almost always move where I'd want them to go anyway. I think Possess and Confuse are part of what makes Dark and Mind appealing at early levels.
  10. I agree with this. My doms are very survivable, moderately strong and relatively fast in the early levels. They aren't painful at all and only get better as they get their later abilities. Some of the control sets can be a little slow, but the primaries more than compensate for this unless you are deliberately choosing a combination that has no synergy.
  11. It's not just the best confuse in the game, but the best AOE control in the game, period. t's just THAT good. Honestly, back on live I always felt that someone fat-fingered the recharge numbers when they plugged it in and always waited for the nerf/bug-fix that never came. It is what defines the Plant Control set. Without it it would be a mildly interesting set, at best.
  12. I recently took both to 20 and while Plant is my favorite primary overall, I prefer Dark to pair with Savage. It almost feels like Savage was designed with Dark in mind, considering there wasn't a thematic primary added to correspond to it. It just feels better and I think there are better sets to pair with Plant. Either one works, though, functionally and thematically.
  13. So I started the Dark/Psi and I loved it. Got it to 18 I think and then got sidetracked on a Dark/Savage test. I had a Plant/Savage I liked and thought Dark/ would be a better pairing with /Savage. And it is. I think I like the duo better than Dark/Psi, so I'm back to a Plant/Psi, Dark/Savage set of doms, both of which are great for different reasons. My problem is that I have such a hard time getting to 20 so I never see Drain Psyche. On live I had a 50 Plant/Psi, so you would think I'd plug through, but those early levels of /Psi SUUCCKK.
  14. I'm curious what you mean by "heavy ranged attack with a hold on it." None of the attacks in Icy Assault have a hold unless I'm missing something.
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