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  1. I do the same. My elec/elec feels like cheating, to be honest. I wade in and have all the time in the world to kill mobs. It would be boring if it wasn't so much fun to stand next to a boss that can't do anything to you because it has no endurance and is slept most of the time.
  2. Aren't Sleet and Lightning Storm both psuedo-pet summons? Like most other powers that summon pseudopets, they are not affected by scourge, containment or other AT buffs. Caltrops, Seeker Drones, etc are similarly not effected, as well, unless I'm missing something.
  3. I agree. I'd like to see Tater's list. He's earned my respect from his posts so I'm interested in his take.
  4. Wouldn't that also apply in reverse to Psi-resistant enemies? Spore Burst is almost identical to Mass Hypnosis. It has slightly less range but casts faster. Of the two, I'd take the speed.
  5. Maybe I'm missing a thematic thing here, but why, ever, would you not have Seeds with a Plant dom? I would argue it's the best overall skill for dominators across all sets. Without it, why play Plant at all? Also, while I love the idea of Spirit Tree, it's just not a good power in its current implementation. If they made it Spirit Treant, so that it could move slowly with you as Fly Trap and Carrion Creepers do, then it might be an auto pick for every Plant dom.
  6. With two 50 SOs and just Hasten you get a 31% heal every 4.5 seconds that has no accuracy check and also heals your Galvanic Sentinel. Isn't that a pretty good self heal vs. a 16% heal every 4.5 seconds that has an accuracy check and only heals you?
  7. I think he means that if they do have a few points of endurance and manage to get off an attack, it is likely to miss, only serving to finish the job of draining their endurance for you.
  8. This never crossed my mind as a primarily Dominator player.....but it's super intriguing. I'd be curious to see your build, Warpact.
  9. That is likely because fun is probably the most subjective thing in the game. In any game, really. Now if you're curious to hear Lobster's opinion on which they find the most fun, good luck with that, because Lobster obviously has many doms and their favorite likely changes based on how the wind is blowing. 😉 I think that's the theme for most of us dom specialists.
  10. Nevermind. I see you already addressed it in a follow-up.
  11. Also, the info on Chilling Embrace is outdated. it now does aura damage AND the radius was increased to 15'. It also now has an accuracy check, at least for the damage portion. Not sure about the speed and recharge, but I think those are auto.
  12. Just for my reference, single target or not, wouldn't the creeper vines do at least as much damage to a single target as an aura? In essence, aren't the creepers really just an aura that doesn't cost endurance? Just asking since my altitis never lets me reach the part of the game you guys experience regularly.
  13. I think my only issue with your original post is that you stated "Corruptors aren't very good." If your math is accurate and I have no reason to doubt it isn't, I think it simply shows that Corruptors are not better than Defenders, all things considered. Which means they are not worse, either. Unless your argument is that Defenders also "...aren't very good," then your argument begins to lose it's effectiveness. Just pointing that out.
  14. Coyote, what about Plant/Kin based on your criteria. It does't have an aura, but it's got Creepers. It has immob and the area immob as well, that does double the damage of the other sets. It also has Fly Trap. I guess it is a little slow to activate versus Fire but it's damage is comparable. Curious if I missed something.
  15. You are correct. Thorns in general is the least popular Dom secondary and Electric/Thorn is tied for the least popular combination. I think most people, like me, that might otherwise like Thorns are turned off by the redraw of the attacks, with no option to disable the redraw as you can with other draw-heavy animations.
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