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  1. So I started the Dark/Psi and I loved it. Got it to 18 I think and then got sidetracked on a Dark/Savage test. I had a Plant/Savage I liked and thought Dark/ would be a better pairing with /Savage. And it is. I think I like the duo better than Dark/Psi, so I'm back to a Plant/Psi, Dark/Savage set of doms, both of which are great for different reasons. My problem is that I have such a hard time getting to 20 so I never see Drain Psyche. On live I had a 50 Plant/Psi, so you would think I'd plug through, but those early levels of /Psi SUUCCKK.
  2. I'm curious what you mean by "heavy ranged attack with a hold on it." None of the attacks in Icy Assault have a hold unless I'm missing something.
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