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  1. Yeah, I think I loved it more conceptually than in practice, and made this build without trying anything. The open with Umbral to jump into Blackstar works, but then there's not enough time to get off the Dark Consumption & Soul Drain before everything is nuked down generally. At this point, I'll probably drop tentacles and shadow maul to pick up Aim and something else. Was also thinking I could drop Hasten and Dark Consumption (36s cd is a bit too long for every group, and I don't find myself needing the +end currently) to grab Fold Space (+pre-req's) but I haven't worked that
  2. To offer another perspective here, the main reason I don't intentionally try to melee things on most blasters: Cones. Some of the powerset's best attacks are midranged cones, and to get the full coverage, you're limited to a certain range and often a certain angle, at which point you can use the second cone on many sets, which the current speed of play determines is "The End of that Group". Sure, you can (and I do) mix it up for that Extreme ST melee on some bosses or that AV/Hero, but often ST's are extremely devalued in current state. And that Stalker probably alrea
  3. So I'm usually in controller/defender-land, and wanted to make a foray into the wonderful world of mass destruction. My original character on Live was a D3 (Dark/Dark Def) (before the nerf which made them worse at controlling than most controllers) so Dark holds a special place in my heart. Hence, THIS MONSTROSITY I'm comfortable with the level of defensiveness for everything but Psi, and even then it's just not widespread enough for me to be overly concerned. I've made some weird IO choices that may not be smart, so any advice from longer-term weapons of m
  4. I made a TA/SA/MM Def build, but could use some advice. Clicky at bottom. Notes: Focused on -Res; made for team play. 2 slots open, could try for a couple more procs in things or grab a couple more set bonuses. Incarnates not selected, but leaning towards Spiritual Radial, Reactive Core, Ageless Core, and Support Radial. Teleport is not correct, obviously it should be Fold Space in the 5th spot. Look, a Zelda!
  5. This is the one I'm working up now. It's probably a bit too defensive, and a little healing focused, so any other advice would be welcome, as well. A hotlink!
  6. This is a good method, I agree. There is a list of the actual least played combinations under that and fire/ice seems to be the lowest. Is there a more recent pull off those stats?
  7. Nice, always good to spur other's altitus as well 🤣 Thanks; out of town tonight but I'll give this a shot soon and report back
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