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  1. Shut. Up. Please promise me you’re donating your brain to science so we can all somehow understand one day how you think? (...this is so bleeping good, just in case my awe is not coming thru)
  2. Damage Sponge (Rad/SS Tank) name credit to @Player2 Yes, I would love a scrub A scrub with a bit of dish soap preferably Hang me out to dry off the kitchen sink's side Another job done pristinely!
  3. A point of passion for me in my life is diversity and inclusion--I don't feel like anyone should be othered for something they have no control over. As such, I strive to find ways to represent a variety of characters with diverse backgrounds in this game, including persons with disabilities. Maybe this is overshare, but I grew up with a brother with cerebral palsy who passed away. He's my personal IRL hero and taught me so much about empathy, gratitude, positivity, and hard work. My main toon, Helen Killer, is not just a cheeky or irreverent name play--far from it. Peop
  4. I’ve been noodling on a candy/confectionary inspired toon. This is helpful. Thank you for sharing!
  5. Apparently, I'm on a green kick as of late? I had thought about entering him into the "Color Theory" contest, but was worried he had too many accent colors... Lepreconnaisance (Street Justice/Super Reflexes Stalker) ....and so went with Chartreuse Chanteuse (Sonic/Sonic Blaster) instead since I thought she might adhere to the rules a bit better (no success! 😅).
  6. Tried to challenge myself to find ways to creatively use less commonly used colors... like, well, puke green. And thus, Emetic (Poison/Radiation Defender) was born. e·met·ic /əˈmedik/ 1. adjective: (of a substance) causing vomiting. 2. noun: a medicine or other substance which causes vomiting.
  7. So many amazing costumes! I love the creativity these contests unlock. So many of my favorite toons originated from these contests! Would there ever be opportunity for the community to be a part of the contest themes? It would be great to get the chance to suggest or vote on theme selection. I don’t know if they happened before I started playing again, but it would be so fun to do “It Came From Outer Space” or “Under the Sea”. A black superhero theme for February, a women’s theme for March, and a pride theme for June would also be cool inclusive, celebratory
  8. Great point! Totally open to other languages and have done so for other toons. For some reason hadn’t thought of it for this concept, but will consider. Thanks for the suggestion 😊
  9. I'm an annoying stickler for things like that.. hate having to hyphenate etc. British English is the one exception I'm willing to grant myself 😂
  10. Hello! I've been able to snag all of the other AE badges except for this one. I'm not sure why I can't get this one to trigger. Keep trying various iterations of click-y objectives in test mode. Any thoughts on what I could be doing incorrectly?
  11. I thought about doing this (but with a red+green take) for the recent monochromatic costume contest. If you’re Excelsior, I was shut down to see both spelling variations of color were taken for that name! 😂
  12. @Mystic Amethyst global on live Mystic Amethyst, Patamon Cougar, Friday Fever, Pressure Point, and Marie Jane are just a few of the toons I can think of off the top of my head. edit: if any of the crew I used to regularly roll with sees this, plz send me a note! 🙂 Garnet Dragon, Twilight, Spirit of Nyt, Spirit of Dark... would be great to reconnect.
  13. Narwail (Water/Sonic Corruptor) A marine biologist studying wildlife in the Arctic Circle, Dr. Wilde's academic research came to an abrupt end when his vessel was overtaken by rogue Russian ecoterrorists. The Russians performed gruesome and torturous experimentations on Dr. Wilde, amalgamating his DNA with that of a narwhal. With his newfound super powers, Dr. Wilde was able to miraculously escape the clutches of the Russians with his life and swim ashore to safety--and now he vows to echolocate his way to revenge on his tormentors.
  14. Yes, I would love a scrub A scrub with a bit of dish soap preferably Hang me out to dry off the kitchen sink's side Another job done pristinely!
  15. Damage Sponge has a terrible home now. Thank you.
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