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  1. Favorite in-game quotes - General Discussion - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
  2. Possible Alternate name: Monster-Hunter, since i can see it being potentially confused with "Bug Hunter,"
  3. As you know, the Costume Editor has all the parts needed to make your character look like a zombie. Since Issue 27, there are also stance options including Beast and Ninja Stances. So, why can't we add a "zombie" stance, like how all the Banished Pantheon, Vahzilok, etc. walk?
  4. It's the attack of the Clockwork Cannibals! What would the Clockwork King say?
  5. When I create a character from a foreign country, I usually use this as a reference: Average human height by country - Wikipedia. Otherwise, I use the default.
  6. I, too am an introvert. On one hand, it's helped me avoid Covid-19. On the other hand, it would've led me to testing positive for another disease; Boredom and depression. At least, if it were not for Homecoming. I don't know what I would've done if I had to pronounce CoH officially dead.
  7. It sounds to me that the Synapse, Manticore, Citadel and Numina TF's need a Positron/Sister Psyche-esque overhaul.
  8. I...have never seen a full Hamidon raid to the end. The only times I've seen Hamidon actually perish is during the Lady Grey Task Force.
  9. Another idea: You know the canon missions whose maps have fallen enemies within? (I.E Eagle Eye's "Report to Councilman Hammett") That particular mission has an great atmosphere in my opinion, and I'd like to have an option to have something like that in AE.
  10. I have calculated my number of alts and the final tally is Reunion: 191 Torchbearer: 81 Indominable: 18 For at total of: 290 alts!
  11. On the Morality Mission "Hold Mitsumoto Hagashi hostage!" The following text can be seen when you are at the part where you arm the bombs to kill Hagashi. You begin to arm the bomb! You have disarmed the bomb. I did not disarm the bomb; I armed the bomb!
  12. Or another possible option; remove Ms. Liberty from Atlas and replace her with BaB, but keep her in Independence Port for her Task Force.
  13. While we're at it, how much work would it take to add another Origin to CoH? The suggested origin would be Cosmic.
  14. Here's a question for you; which characters (mentioned in the Lore of CoH) would you personally like to see in-game? My Personal list Banished Pantheon Gods Lughebu Rambetu M'Teru Tomdala Ullutay Hamidon (Praetorian)
  15. Just came across this while patrolling Kings Row. What if the devs added a two-headed variation to the Cadaver/Abomination mobs? Add a little more variety to them.
  16. I think that might be a good question for the devs.
  17. I'm itching to punch some Battalion.
  18. [NPC] T3h B0ss: I'm gonna buy a sports car, and then weld it to me. [NPC] T3h B0ss: Like some kind of sports car centaur. [NPC] T3h B0ss: Nothing will stop my dream of an all-leather interior! [NPC] Mad Freak Chopper: Aw. I really wanted to see if that Sportaur idea would work, too!
  19. But wouldn't it make more sense to fight the giant Mech Man you see in Ernesto Hess' TF?
  20. Hailfire: Praetorian counterpart of Frostfire. Originally believed Emperor Marcus Cole to be a hero, but learned the truth. Clockwork 666: A Praetorian Clockwork who somehow got corrupted. Revenant Walker: (Originally was going to be called Revenant but the name was taken on Reunion.) Former Skull, who was convinced by his girlfriend to leave the gang.
  21. When? I've done both the Loyalist Power Storyline and the Responsibility Storyline.
  22. Congratulations, you just hit yourself with a paradox!
  23. I know I miss the Forum Games. They were almost as fun as playing the actual game.
  24. Sorry, but everytime I see "Taserface," I think of this scene. (156) Rocket Makes Fun of TaserFace in front of Ravegers Funny Scene Credit to Guardians of the Galaxy Vo - YouTube
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