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  1. I am in the "PP MoG is fine power wise, but the duration needs to be reduced" camp. It was a time sink ability back when time sinks were the name of the game, but it really doesn't affect the challenge so much as add to the tedium. And if your fight against the now nigh untouchable boss was that close to begin with, 15 seconds or 45 won't really matter.
  2. Superman would have the "Natural" origin too. That said, even the description during character creation states that you have honed your natural abilities to superhuman levels. So it isn't like you are Bob from Accounting, or even Hawkeye, you have developed your skills and abilities to the point of actually being super human. So tell them to take a long walk off a short pier. Because clearly your arrows DO harm all the enemies you face, and your other skills/powers keep you alive while doing so. Now my pet peeve would be the flip-side, the person who insists they are just a normal human... in spite of surviving bullets, blades, fire, poison, alien probing and getting yeeted by giant robots, all while tossing around incarnate and other powers that they fail to explain away. "Sure Bob, you are just an every day guy from Toledo... but that Barrier you just magicked up around everyone that stopped those giant death rays, isn't something you just picked up at Costco..."
  3. Thanks! I had just dummied my way through some Google-Fu and was reading up on it when you replied. I think I have it working now.
  4. OK so perhaps I am a real life Luddite and missed something simple and obvious, but how do I actually download this program? I followed the instructions and went to the City of Players site and the CoH Modder page, but the download link is not for a zip file or an .exe, but for something called CoH_Modder_168.7z which directs to nowhere and my computer can't figure out what to open it with. I watched @Solarverse's set up video to see what I was missing, and in his video the link downloaded a .zip file, which mine is not doing. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Released Mister Martian Able
  6. The Guyver? If I was going thematic either Martial Arts/Bio or Claws/Bio, both pair pretty well with Bio, and MA Storm Kick gives a 13 second 7.5% buff to Melee/Ranged/AoE Defense, which helps.
  7. I would get rid of Revive... so cheap to get the Renewal of Light or Return to Battle, there really isn't any point. I would either add in Moonbeam with just a Nucleos Acc/Dmg, or Pick up Afterburner and use it as a mule slot for a LotG 7.5, and rework MoG to 2x Recharge Redux+5, which will cut your time down to 65 seconds, plus you would cross zones faster. I would also replace the Apocalypse: Damage IO in Dark Blast with the Chance for Negative Damage, and Boost the Damage/Endurance to +5, you will get more damage out of it for about .3 or so Endurance a shot less. I would also swap out the Doctored Wounds in Dull Pain for a 5 piece Panacea set, which would bring your regen to 604%, give you a bit more global recharge bringing Hasten down to 122.6, and give you a bit more recovery as well.
  8. Right, but that is still some savings... the big question is, for all of the speed and such, does SM put out enough damage on a Tanker to be a (mostly) stand alone damage source? Does the DPS make it viable for high end soloing efforts? That is my main concern, as any Secondary will work for group play, but it is my small group/underpowered team capability concerns.
  9. Hello and Happy Christmas to all, or at least Happy Almost Friday! I am working on a theme, a Werewolf character that uses shadow powers, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with DA/Savage Melee. If so, good, bad, indifferent? I figured the End Red bonuses on SM would help balance out the DA hogginess, but is the damage worthwhile on a Tanker? Or should I perhaps go with Claws instead? I could of course just go Dark/Dark, but I already have a LOT of DM characters, including a SD/DM Tanker, so I was looking to branch out a little. Any info on the combo or opinions based on user experience would be great. Like, does Savage have the damage output on a Tanker to solo with reliability? Can it put out enough for the +4/x8 Solo ITF Shenanigans? I feel like it should pair well with Dark Armor, but my experience on it is limited to a Savage/WP brute and a Savage/SD stalker. Thanks for any help/input 🙂
  10. I have been playing my EM/EnA scrapper to get Accolades and through content to get iThreads... just ran the Heather Townsend Dark Astoria arc at +4/x8 w/bosses, and the only time I was at a risk was when my cat decided to stand in front of the monitor during a big group fight. Use the occasional inspiration during big fights with def-debuff mobs, but otherwise OK.
  11. Hello all, I am reworking a character concept as a Tanker, and am trying to decide which Primary to go with to best work with Katana... Bio, or Radiation Armor? Obviously both have their perks, and Katana seems to shore up the S/L defense hole in Bio nicely, but I am unsure which is going to make a more survivable and more damaging pair up. Any input would be appreciated.
  12. Hello all. I am faced with a conundrum! I made and leveled/incarnated a Water/Storm corrupter, and she is a blast to play... but I realized that none of my secondary powers apply Scourge, which is very disappointing as that takes close to half of my regular damaging abilities out of the special corrupter damage mechanic. So now the question is, should I reroll as a Defender for slightly less damage, but bigger buff and debuff numbers? Anyone have any experience with one or both versions that could give some advice? It would be much appreciated.
  13. Fomsie

    Savage/Bio or WP?

    I would suggest Savage/Bio. I have/had a fully done up Savage/WP, and while she was durable and able to handle most content, it just felt underwhelming. Like, it needed something more to really push her into the realm of awesome. That said, I have a Dark Melee/Bio scrapper and a Bio/SS tanker, and I find that, while certainly much busier of builds, the Bio adds more tools, and certainly more offense to the equation. Don't get me wrong, the WP will be a very solid, cruise control build that will be extremely resilient... however, that is all it will be. All the damage and control and utility (and "oh sh*t!!" function) has to be bolted on from other sources, whereas the Bio option is going to give you more toys and tools to choose from.
  14. Hello all. I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with a solid, reliable end game build for my Katana/DA brute, but everything I work up just seems... lacking. Any help from folks more experienced with both power sets would be appreciated! Thanks.
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