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  1. I miss the old flares animation!They also changed that crazy barb swipe animation.
  2. Thanks for this. I’ve been trying to do more unorthodox builds lately. I really like procs and going with high damage or lockdowns instead of chasing defense caps that I don’t reach until I’m already bored of the toon anyway.
  3. More importantly, how is the build up toggle that does critical damage? i have a character concept that is a heavy mercenary type character and want to run AR/ninja/mace or weapon mastery. The Rambo thread inspired me, but I already have a TA blaster. But in any case, I assume this isn’t a very good combo. Since ar sucks with the small cones and long cast times. I was thinking maybe the crit Chance can help make up for some of the damage loss. Who knows. I was also thinking of running archery for a taskmaster type dude or fire and make it look like I have wrist blasters or something
  4. It’s my least favorite animation in all of the radiation powers! But unfortunately I think we are stuck with it.
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