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  1. Omg! You’re the best! Thank you. I like the build. I kinda wanted to take a couple of the pulse rifle attacks. I see that you don’t really have an attack chain of you will. Is that normal for mm? I’ve never played one really.
  2. I’ve been trying to find a reason to play /electric. The bot pairing seems great. Are you able to post the bots/elec build with text? I don’t have mids. 😕 I’m a Mac player
  3. Thanks for all of the replies! I will for sure be adding everyone! Feel free to add me too. I have two accounts @world governor @graymatter
  4. Where are you guys? I really wanna start playing more villain content but I have such a hard time finding other players with the same mindset. What sever are you active villains playing on? I’m trying to get in on your red side fun.
  5. Nice! I’ve been wanting something like this
  6. I’d have to say propel is my favorite. I also really like the radiation blast range aoe attack. I know it has a super long animation and not great but I dig it.
  7. Can you post the text format of the build? I am very interested but sadly I don’t have mids on my Mac.
  8. I rolled up both a ice/ice corrupter and blaster on the test server. I think the corrupt or is stronger tbh.
  9. I definitely didn’t have my ice tank IO’d out. I should put more influence into him.
  10. I’m curious what Ice/ice AT is the best, or most fun. I like to play solo and team. Basically an all content toon. I played a ice/ice tank to 50. I loved how easy it was to hold aggro but hated how many times I face planted. I hear ice/ice corruptors are pretty solid. I wish ice control was better. But maybe it’s playable as a dom?
  11. I miss the old flares animation!They also changed that crazy barb swipe animation.
  12. Thanks for this. I’ve been trying to do more unorthodox builds lately. I really like procs and going with high damage or lockdowns instead of chasing defense caps that I don’t reach until I’m already bored of the toon anyway.
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