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  1. Ok i made two different toons. One is a lvl 45 blaster Archer/Tactical Arrow. ( with a Black vest with red top in screenshot) the other is a lvl 32 scrapper All dark melee/Dark armor. (with Demon tail Of screen shots) I want to use the Gunslinger 3 belt on my blaster just how i have it on my Scrapper. but it won't let me Here is the Link to the Album https://photos.app.goo.gl/hfu2bpeHXpCjDwxM8
  2. Hello guys, my Brute is Cataleya Mya Atara. Just hit 50 and got all 6 Incarnation skills set. And some IO set not attuned. Just found that out by my buddy lol...anyways is there a damage cap for your powers if there is how can you tell? Thanks I take screen shots of build but I post a video here Thanks for your input
  3. I Just got into the game. Was on this server.. I had a ton of characters. lIIous Controller, Inferneon tank, and more good times and I'm so excite the game is back
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