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  1. My goal here is to provide constructive feedback, but I have to laugh a little here when you say it doesn't need much buff, but then go on to suggest some really strong buffs. It might make sense to explain why any buffs are needed in the first place. 1. If the goal is to buy the ally some time to be able to reorient themself for the fight, then I'd maybe suggest some amount of absorb be given when resurrected, but Fort is a bit overkill. 2. Why the increase? If it's about saving time, seems like making CM a target based AoE buff makes more sense. Though, I'm
  2. Oh wow! I totally missed that. Thanks for catching it. I'll have to get those added.
  3. Rylas


    Dark/Rad/Mu. Lots of AoE fun, decent single target. Grab some +End procs (Theft of Essence in Dark Regen). Have yourself a good time.
  4. Arachnos Soldier has been added to the collection.
  5. I like the fall on movement, but 20 seconds is overkill. Just a couple is enough to queue your next TP.
  6. This is a terribly flawed argument, much like your opening post. Let's looks at why this particular argument is terrible at best, or disingenuous at worst. Let's take the resistance example. Many ATs cap res out at 75%. And only 2 cap out at 90%. If we're being generous to the case you're trying to make and looked at 90% res caps as our baseline, then you're talking about a pool power that gets you 77.78% percent of the way to a cap. Hasten, by comparison, only gets you 17.5% of the way to a cap (recharge cap of 400%). So your example is already miles ahead of Hasten. If you wanted a pool p
  7. Can't seem to open the build for some reason.
  8. Wise fwom your gwave! Yes, I'm necro'ing. But I was looking for input on the same combo so figured I should respond here. What exactly was the goal of your build? Just some higher resistance? This is what I've been going with and I've been enjoying it. Great recharge, higher resistance, low 40s Melee defense, and decent endurance management with a proc in Dark Regen. Throw Ageless on top of it, and endurance isn't an issue at all. Open to any suggestions on it, of course. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.c
  9. As someone that resisted changing away from Rad/Fire/Pyre, I can tell you that Rad/Fire/Mu is definitely faster. I ate plenty of crow once I gave it a try. The four AoE's (Ball Lightning, Burn, Elec Fences and Atom Smasher – cycled in that order) on a high perma Hasten build turn out way more DPS.
  10. Now that I think about it, Ice Slick should also have the sound effect changed to a slide whistle.
  11. I could be wrong, but I don't remember it always being that way. I think it was changed at some point.
  12. Its arranged that way in Mids so the slotting can fit. In game you can place slots however you like during a respec. You can't six-slot a lvl 50 power in mids.
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