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  1. PET SETS ADDED!! Beast Mastery Mercenaries Necromancy Ninjas Thugs That wraps up all the primary and secondary sets (I hope). Next up after the new year will be pool powers and epic pools.
  2. MANIPULATION SETS ADDED!! Darkness Manipulation Devices Electricity Manipulation Ice Manipulation Martial Combat Mental Manipulation
  3. Corrected the names of the powers. As for the slight white edging on the icons, I'm not sure what to tell you. The png's are created on clear backgrounds, so there shouldn't even be white showing up on the edges at all. Perhaps it's a setting when creating the png files, but I don't know which setting is creating the issue. 😞
  4. ARMOR SETS ADDED!! Bio Armor Dark Armor Fier Aura Ninjitsu Radiation Armor Regeneration Shield Defense Stone Armor Super Reflexes Willpower
  5. @Beefy2000, I added a section for Pool Powers and have the Flight set done. 🙂
  6. The plan is to get to pool powers and epic pool powers after primary and secondary sets (and that goes for epic ATs too) . But as mentioned, if you have a request for an icon(s), go ahead and place it here and I'll get those taken care off. I'm much more interested in getting ones made that people want or need ahead of just going through the list.
  7. Thanks, yet again, @Christopher Robin. I've made all the corrections up through the control sets.
  8. Yes, please! Any kind of error is one I want to know about. When making lots of icons over and over, little mishaps like those are bound to happen. I'll get that border changed out as soon as I can. Thanks!!
  9. Thank you @Some Random User and @Christopher Robin for catching those errors. Please keep the feedback coming if you notice anything else. New sets added. SUPPORT SETS!! Cold Domination Darkness Affinity Force Field Nature Affinity Pain Domination Poison Radiation Emission Sonic Resonance Storm Summoning Thermal Radiation Time Manipulation Traps Trick Arrow
  10. Maybe? I might consider doing something along the lines of what @Hopestar mentioned previously and make a PSD file that would allow people to make their own icons. Have all the borders and iconography set up on one file. The user could just hide/reveal the necessary layers and color them as needed. If I do, it'll be after I complete all the power icons.
  11. Things are slowing back down now so I hope to be posting icons more frequently. I'm getting close to finishing up Primary/Secondary sets. After that, it'll be Power Pools and Epic Power Pools. For now though, this vote's winner was... ASSAULT SETS!! Dark Assault Earth Assaut Electricity Assault Energy Assault Fiery Assault Martial Assault Thorny Assault If at any point anyone should notice anything that's incorrect or missing, please let me know and I'll make sure it's taken care of.
  12. I finally got a break at work and had enough time to do the latest winner of the poll... BLAST SETS!! Archery Assault Rifle Beam Rifle Dark Blast Dual Pistols Electric Blast Energy Blast Ice Blast Psychic Blast Sonic Attack Water Blast Tagging @Giovanni Valia since this covers the Beam Rifle request. 🙂
  13. In the highly nuanced situation of what OP was talking about, is that really that time consuming to say "oh, hit up Null the Gull and you won't be affected by it"?
  14. To each their own, but expecting people to have as much free time to learn everything possible about a game that has WAY too much to be able to know everything about sounds a bit unrealistic. I only have so much time I can give to playing this game or learning anything about it. Turning off a Group Fly option through Null the Gull is such a nuanced situation, that it seems pretty unfair to put it solely on others that they "should have known". I wouldn't call you a bad guy, though. But from how you're presenting yourself, I don't see you as being a "great teammate" either. I think "great" would at least require a willingness to be helpful. And removing oneself from a team (while wise and something I've done myself), by default does not make one a "great teammate" because you've removed yourself from even being a teammate at all.
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