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  1. When it comes to what they enhance and what they boost, Taunt sets fall a little flat. Sure, their bonuses are comparable to other good sets out there, and I'm not suggesting that those bonuses need to be improved. But look at what they enhance. Taunt, recharge, taunt, some range, and taunt. Oh, and a smidge of Accuracy. Did I mention they enhance taunt? If you're slotting them into Taunt itself, this is mostly wasted. Taunt as a power is so strong, that enhancing the taunt aspect itself does very little for the majority of a Tanker or Brute game play. The best the power gets out o
  2. The only time I'm on the red side is when I need to get my PPP unlocked, so I'd be ill-suited for finding the best route to get the badges there. That said, if someone wants to work on finding a good path, I'd be happy to build out the map and write up the step-by-step. I'll update the post to reflect that this is blue side only.
  3. Hey Thanks! Great catch on item 3. My familiarity with popmenu's is minimal. What exactly were you thinking?
  4. Oooh, the tram hadn't even occurred to me. Great idea. I'll test that out; the tram would still outpace using a portal for that stretch.
  5. It's a brute I'm considering making a tanker as well, but Rad melee pairs for some fun synergy. The two damage auras are pretty juicy and if you put a -res proc in Irradiated you'll have some nice bonus damage here and there.
  6. Hello fellow accolade junkies! If you're like me, you like to grab your passive accolades as quickly as possible for your toon (Atlas Medallion, Freedom Phalanx, TF Commander and Portal Jockey). One of the ways I like to make this go more quickly is to grab the exploration and history badges for all of these at once. Below is a map I follow to collect these badges in one quick trip around Paragon City. What this guide is not: This not a fully comprehensive guide to collecting ALL the badges required for all 4 accolades. Mission related achievements and hunt badges will not b
  7. If you're looking for more AoE stuns and have a main goal of ST damage, then you should look into Energy Melee. Plenty of ST damage and a great AOE stun in Whirling Hands.
  8. You... you realize that's what we're doing here, right? Getting away with Granite levels of survival without any draw-backs.
  9. Since the Rooted change, I've been enjoying my non-Granite tanker much, much more. Then I stumbled across this thread and was inspired to revisit my build. This isn't the current one I run, but it's what I'll be doing soon enough. Defense soft-cap for S/L/E/N/P. Res cap for S/L/F/C. No sacrifice to damage performance, plenty of recharge tossed in, and since I'm using Dark Melee, there's endurance management for when I'm exemplared and can't use Ageless. [Follow up] Forgot to mention that those res caps are when the Might of the Tanker proc is active. But i
  10. I commend your Res/Def numbers, but your methods... might cost too much for what they achieve. Not taking Rooted is a terrible decision. Especially since the last patch that removed any mobility issues from the power. Mud Pots is a pretty good tool for additional AoE output and aggro management. I'd reconsider not taking it. 6 slotting Physical Perfection doesn't provide enough return on the investment. Just move one of your Health proc enhancements in there and open up 6 slot for yourself. Tactics is a good power, but you're already going to be
  11. My goal here is to provide constructive feedback, but I have to laugh a little here when you say it doesn't need much buff, but then go on to suggest some really strong buffs. It might make sense to explain why any buffs are needed in the first place. 1. If the goal is to buy the ally some time to be able to reorient themself for the fight, then I'd maybe suggest some amount of absorb be given when resurrected, but Fort is a bit overkill. 2. Why the increase? If it's about saving time, seems like making CM a target based AoE buff makes more sense. Though, I'm
  12. Oh wow! I totally missed that. Thanks for catching it. I'll have to get those added.
  13. Rylas


    Dark/Rad/Mu. Lots of AoE fun, decent single target. Grab some +End procs (Theft of Essence in Dark Regen). Have yourself a good time.
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