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  1. I think this is on the high end of IO build performance. So, not something I'd consider a valid argument for EA being overpowered or too good.
  2. I was quoting you to answer @tafilr's question.
  3. No, you had them right. For a Brute. But as a Tanker, they would be higher. That's why the argument is being made that it's too good. On a Tanker.
  4. @tafilr On a Tanker, these numbers would be higher. So if you got a fully saturated hit (10 foes) your total Defense boost would be 9.36% when 3 slotted for defense.
  5. My in-game experience doesn't reflect that perception. It's certainly not underperforming, but I don't know if it would qualify as OP. In the early-mid levels I think it gets an advantage in content that does S/L/E damage (which is a fair amount of content, I'll admit), but by late game, there's a lot of content that can eat its lunch. Carnies, Arachnos, and CoT can be tough to face on SOs. I see it with it's fair share of weaknesses just like plenty of other popular sets. Can you expand some more?
  6. So if it would be too good on Tankers as is, why is it not too good on Brutes? Genuinely asking here. Wouldn't all sets be comparatively underpowered to /EA if they're scaling by the same Brute multipliers?
  7. So... remove the +Defense from Energy Drain? I could live with that. Would it's defense numbers on SOs be too high then? There's still a pretty big Psi hole that will hurt plenty in the 40–50 levels.
  8. Indeed, those would be some fun numbers to play with. @Captain Powerhouse Pretty please????
  9. What would the numbers be for EA/ with just SOs?
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't SR have 95% DDR? And with Tanker numbers getting over the soft-cap, doesn't that make cascade failure a pretty rare event? I would agree EA gets more layers of mitigation in the comparison game, but that might mean SR needs to get a little more added to it. Not EA having some things adjusted down.
  11. That's my thought as well. If SR can softcap Defense easily on a Tanker, I'm not sure why EA shouldn't do the same. I would love to play an EA/ Tanker.
  12. As someone who constantly misses trash can shots, I don't understand why shooting at crates would be any different.
  13. Had some extra time yesterday, so I went with the popular lead in the votes... CONTROL!! Earth Control Electric Control Fire Contro Ice Control Mind Control Plant Control The above sets have been added to the Control icons. New voting poll is open for the next set to be done. Thanks for helping voting!
  14. Update: Added poll to the thread. Please help me choose which set category I'll be doing next.
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