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  1. As a predominantly melee player, I absolutely loathe KB. That said, when I form pick up groups (which is a fair amount of the time I play), I won't exclude people because they play Energy Blast or Nova Form Khelds or anything KB heavy. I try to herd groups to good spots for them to KB into walls or corners and politely request they try to take advantage of that since a lot of sets I play require having mobs around my toon. For the most part, this works out. And when a player doesn't feel like using team work, I'll leave after a mission is done and do something else or start a new PUG. That.... would be pretty ideal. I wonder if that's feasible.
  2. So many variables to rank by, I'm not sure which to prioritize most. ...but I'll try. Primary — Overall Fun Carnage: Radiation Melee, Super Strength, Dark Melee, and Claws. Except for DM, they all offer solid ST and AoE damage. DM stands out for the utility it offers for keeping you going with its strong ST damage. While I don't tend to enjoy melee sets with building mechanics, RM's contamination is one you don't have to pay a lot of attention to in order to reap benefits from so that's why I didn't rate it as tedious. Primary — Tedious Carnage: Titan Weapons and Savage Melee. Great damage so long as your paying attention to what powers you're using and when. Not bad, just not the best for me. Primary — Just Fun: Battle Axe and Stone Melee. I mean, who doesn't love knocking people down repeatedly?? Secondary — Overall Easy to Survive: Electric Armor, Radiation Armor and Invulnerabilit. Tough to kill in a lot of content and perform well pretty early. Secondary — Tedious or Late Bloomer Survivors: Bio Armor, Willpower, Dark Armor, Ice Armor, Shield Defense and Super Reflexes. All of these are strong performers, but require more investment of time before getting them there. Bio requires a bit more active attention. WPs layered mitigation approach takes time to accumulate as does DA's utlities. And the defense heavy sets all their defensive powers before they hit their strengths. Secondary — KILL EM FIRSTers: Fiery Aura and Shield Defense. These sets just make your primaries feel so much more fun.
  3. First, Papaschtroumpf summed it up neatly. Second, it may depend on the speed with which you went through mobs. Keep in mind, I have no idea what would be considered "fast," but I felt I was keeping a pretty good pace with doing Comic Con arcs almost 3x in one hour at +4/x8. I also chose normal rewards because ticket rolls have never been kind to me. Third, it's f*cking RNG. Next time I pick up a Windfall, I'll see what my drops look like and report back. I very well could have been incredibly lucky, I certainly consider myself to have been.
  4. It's one of the temp powers you can get from Super Packs. It increases the rate of drops. Recipes, salvage, insps. It last for 1 hour of real time, so if you get it, don't use it unless you've got a solid hour of play available.
  5. I've been using this method for about a month now. Buying 2 packs at a time, and averaging about 3 ATOs/2 packs. 3 ATOs averaging about 8 million tends to be a slow but steady increase. But the real ROI comes from landing the occasional Windfall power. I did just shy of 3 Comic Con arcs (was 2 mins shy) in the AE with the Windfall power and got 5 Purple recipes, 1 PVP recipe and a handful of decent uncommon recipes. I also got nearly all the salvage needed to craft the purples (I only needed to buy 2 rare salvage pieces). Sold all of that for well over 100 million profit. I won't argue that it's not still somewhat a slot machine. I was still farming on top of this method. But overall it was profitable and the Windfall does a lot towards making it worth the slow pace. I don't see it being a market crasher though.
  6. I skimmed through the whole thread, but maybe I missed it. Is there a way to give oneself Enhancement Catalysts? I couldn't find it in the popmenu.
  7. What would arguably be the most skippable powers in Claws?
  8. A fun, theme-oriented Defender team could be elementals. 2 Cold/Ice (or water blast), 2 Fire/Fire, 2 Storm/Elec and 2 Nature/?. Plenty of debuffs, buffs and heals to go around.
  9. I'm always happy to have an Empath on the team. Especially one who's generous with Fortitude. I usually play Brute/Tanker and having Fortitude means I can pretty much ignore my own safety while managing crowd control. RAs and AB make performance a non-issue, and CM covers that rare but critically annoying Confuse mez. As far as I'm concerned, Empathy can be a major catalyst for team performance.
  10. Posting in this section becuase, uh, well, it's art. A while back I wanted to use the Energy Transfer power icon for my avatar. A big reason was my desire to push for improvements to the Energy Melee set. Sadly, the only versions of the power icons I could find were through Paragon Wiki, and all of those were quite low res and blurry. This wasn't going to cut it for me. It's been 15 years! We should be able to find clean, crisp versions of the icons! So, taking my skill sets in hand, I recreated the ET icon. As you can see (and hopefully agree), the end result is much better. From to Bigger! Bolder! Dare I say, beautifuler? But I don't want to be stingy. So if you'd like an updated icon for your own use, please post here with your request. I'm doing this in my free time at my job, so please have patience. I'll get to icons as soon as I can and in the order I receive them. Some will be trickier than others, and given the low quality of the originals, won't look 100% perfect sometimes. If you request more than one, I'll do my best to make them all, but might fill other requests alongside yours so that everyone's getting theirs in a timely fashion. Want your icon in a different color? No problem. Want something added to it? I'll try. Want it changed from single target to AoE? Can do. It doesn't hurt to ask for changes to what already exists. Again, all I ask for is patience.
  11. Rylas

    Brute tanks?

    Exactly this. Tanks already start with higher def/res numbers and you just used the same exact bonuses for both builds. Of course the tanker would still have higher numbers. Now try this; make a build that puts the brute at the same def/res totals. And then tell us how they stack up on damage.
  12. Tellania's advice is pretty spot on. I'm just going to add on to this one bit of advice here. Make sure to also fully slot Irradiated Ground similarly to Burning Aura. Max out the damage enhancement and if you can add in a damage proc or two, go for it. Two damage toggles (one with a -Def debuff) and some procs will go a long way for whittling down mobs when you need to go AFK.
  13. *ahem* The EM conversation is that way *points to sig*. And please, by all means, ADD TO IT!
  14. Good to know. But tell me, how does one use clearer language if they're under the impression they have the correct understanding?
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