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  1. I've been forced to do another 2.25hrs of actual work this morning AND grocery shopping in the world outside as a result of server outages. This is wholly unacceptable. 😐
  2. Edited first post and updated with a blank template file so it's easier to make your own copies for other queued powers.
  3. I bet you could make this dynamically able to jump back up a tier (to a lesser damage state) by setting up a bind in every file for powexecaltslot 1, 2 and 3 (where you have your healing abilities) that makes the bind loop jump back one or more stages. That way as you're activating Dull Pain etc. during normal gameplay your costume reflects that. Shame about the cooldown on CC though.
  4. Does it behave that way regardless of which targeting method you use? I noticed you're using near instead of next, the behaviour is the same on both?
  5. So, I did 15mins of work... 😣😐 It's been a dark, dark day in history.
  6. Their discord updates seem to suggest they think that OVH's general maintenance is somehow affecting their servers
  7. I can't handle the pressure! Don't do it! You can't make me! You can almost hear the collective sigh of the CoH community right now. 😆
  8. Try doing that as two files and using the push-toggle trick, see if that works: goto1.txt SHIFT+LBUTTON "+ $$- $$petcomall goto$$say Alright!$$bindloadfilesilent goto2.txt" goto2.txt SHIFT+LBUTTON "+ $$- $$petcomall attack$$say Get this clown!$$bindloadfilesilent goto1.txt" It'll run step 1 as you hold the buttons down and step 2 as you release, might be a way to get it working but let me know how it goes.
  9. Avernal

    Farming binds

    Only just spotted this now or would've answered sooner. The Advanced Binds topic is something I update and improve fairly regularly if I find a smoother way to do it, and it's all written with a plain English explanation of WHY something is typed a certain way, WHAT the files are to be named and WHERE you need to save them. Even if you don't understand everything that's going on in them 100% it'll explain a good chunk of it so you better understand similar stuff in future and you can literally just copy & paste the code bits in to a text file and save them where it tells you. You don't
  10. Updated again and now recommend using the two bind version as it's smoother, runs the conversions more frequently and seems to produce better and more consistent results for your damage output than the three file version. Added an explanation of how I got my mouse side button binds down in size to allow them to be included in the convert rotation and a screenshot of my powers tray and mouse so it's easier to understand how those longer strings work. Some explanations for the changes to the binds: With movement keys and left/right mouse function - the default binding *needs to come first*
  11. Updated the first post and bind files to make a few changes: Changed the order of the commands on the 1-0 keys to avoid hitching when it tried to activate a power *THEN* fiddle with insps, it now runs the insp command first then the power queue. Using shorter syntax (feedback from AboveTheChemist and JAMMan) Enabled Small Inspiration Drops - then added those back in to the combine rotation and Numpad 1 binds. Disabled Team & Dual Inspiration Drops - removing the need for extra files to delete the resist, defense/resist and heal/end inspirations. These were essentially
  12. Not really - my attack chain on my farmer is four powers most of the time, plus queuing incarnates from time to time, and I move about a lot to manage aggro caps. This way it doesn't really miss a beat on generating reds for me as I move about dynamically. I'd say it has *less* utility for someone who is just planning on AFK farming or isn't moving about as much since the loop wouldn't be running as much or at all. You can definitely make something simpler that does just three powers for three tiers, but you'd be missing things like deleting inspirations that can't be combined (you can turn
  13. No, the changes affect what you see in your client only, it looks the same as normal for everyone else.
  14. Good spotting - have just fixed. 😊 And yes, I have Wakies, Break-Frees and Small Insps disabled and just use medium to large plus team/dual. You could re-enable small insps but would probably have to add an extra file or two to the loop to include all the extra small insp names (copying the same format as above). It should work and could potentially just be set up to include all insps with none disabled.
  15. Here's a slightly more complicated example to demonstrate how you would add a third or fourth auto power in. This one is from my Thugs/Time MM, it queues up Hasten, Chrono Shift and Farsight as three separate auto powers, in a constant rotation whenever I fly around, attack or use my heal/buff shortcuts. I like to use my mouse side-buttons for these and have the same basic layout across all my alts (button5 is actually the top side-button on my mouse and button4 the bottom, this will not be the same for everyone and will vary from mouse to mouse - if you're also using a Swiftpoint Z, this i
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