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  2. ceto555


    Can someone recommend a good secondary for TW? I have a level 12 TW/Stone and so far he seems a bit squishy for a Brute. Would WP be better combined with TW? Thanks!
  3. ceto555

    DM/ or Fire/ ??

    Hiya folks, Looking to make another Scrapper for solo door missions then maybe raids or TF's at 50. Whats better all round for that, Dark Melee or Fire, was thinking of pairing up with either Bio or Willpower. Thanks!
  4. ceto555

    Rad/ ? Worth It?

    To other power sets obviously. Most of the others I've tried are around half the recharge time, it's odd that they make Rad so long.
  5. ceto555

    Rad/ ? Worth It?

    Hiya folks, Just started a Rad/Atomic Blaster, only level 5, but the powers have really long recharge times. Is it worth it to take this power set to the higher levels, or is it going to be annoying long recharge times the whole way? Thanks
  6. Awesome, thanks for the response.
  7. Hiya folks, will the WM/WP be better on a Brute or Scrapper for basically a fully solo char? Thanks!
  8. Thank you, much appreciated.
  9. Hi folks, Just made my first Warshade and am a little confused on the slotting. I just hit lvl 7, should I out all my slots into my Dark Nova powers and ignore the human ones? I love Dark Nova form way better than human, thr powers are great, so I guess it makes more sense? And when I get the Dwarf form do that as well? Thanks!
  10. ceto555

    Staff or Psi?

    Hi folks, Which of these two do you suggest for a mainly solo stalker? I heard a lot of mobs have high Psi resistance at higher levels and that will make things tough. Any Staff and Psi experienced players out there that can give me some advice? Thanks!
  11. Found them, thanks!! :)
  12. Hiya folks, I saw someone in game with Phoenix Wings on, where do I get these? Are they already in the costume designer? If so, where? Thanks!
  13. ceto555


    Can someone recommend a good secondary for a solo Brute? Mainly doing door missions to 50, will fire secondary be good or will I be too squishy? Thanks!
  14. ceto555

    Best Solo Build?

    Thanks for the responses, I was looking at ninja blade/ninjitsu for the whole ninja theme.
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