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  1. Thank you 😊
  2. Hi folks, I'm looking to make a solo Tanker to level up door missions and maybe raid at end game in Praetoria. Which Tank power sets will give me the easiest time. I want to be able to kill at a decent pace and have lots of survivability. What should I make?? Thanks!
  3. Hi folks, I made myself a Collosus from X-men type char, but I want to make his skin as shiny and metallic as possible. I was told to look under metallic in char creator. When I look at skin colors there is nothing that really comes close. If anyone knows how to do it much better, can some kind person please give me detailed instructions on how to do it? Thanks!
  4. ceto555


    Cool, thanks! I hope it dosen't take me forever to find it in all those selections lol
  5. ceto555


    Hi folks' I'm looking to create a Tanker with Collosus from X-men in mind. Is there a way in the character creator to make his skin at least as close to silvery as in the comics? Thanks!
  6. Hi folks, I'm looking to make a TW/Bio to do door missions to level up and raid at end game. Which is better for that, Brute or Scrapper? Thanks!
  7. ceto555


    Hi folks, Looking to make a darkness controller, are there any secondaries with abilities that lower the recharge time of powers so I can have Haunt up and ready quicker? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the reples, it was very helpful.
  9. Hi folks, I'm leveling up an Illu controller and am about to get PA. Can someone tell me which enhancements to get as I level up? Can you please tell me the whole name of the enhancements because I doubt i'll know the abbreviations lol. Thanks!
  10. Thanks alot for the reply, Blaster it is then. 🙂
  11. Hi folks, Just wondering which would give me an easier and more fun experience. Basically I want to just solo level door missions, and then do raids end game. I was thinking either Ice/Ice Dom, or Ice/Ice Blaster. Which one am I better off with?? Thanks!
  12. ceto555


    Hi folks, Leveling up a Dark/Psi Dom and will be getting Haunt soon. Can someone tell me how to slot it as I level up? Thanks
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