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  1. Hiya folks, Which of those two powersets will be better for solo leveling and then TF and Raids at 50? Which of the two is more wanted in groups? Thanks!
  2. ceto555

    Best DPS spec?

    Hiya folks, I'm looking to try my first tanker ever, I was wondering what the best dps powersets are? I know Tankers aren't about dps, but i'd like to pick the powers that won't take forever and a day to kill stuff, especially when i'm fighting groups. Thanks!
  3. Hiya folks, If I wanted to raid and do TF's at endgame, should I slot some knockdown IO's so as not to annoy the hell out of team mates, or just leave it as knockback? Thanks!
  4. Which of the two does better for soloing to max level? When I hit 50 I plan to do Task Forces and Raids, I also want to be Street Justice/Willpower, or maybe a different secondary. Which of the two will give me an easier time, and also get me more groups at max level? Thanks!!
  5. ceto555


    Hiya folks, I'm looking to make a Savage Melee/ Energy Aura scrapper. can anyone tell me if they are any good at higher levels and if i'll be wanted in Task Forces? Is their dps ok, and how to they solo while leveling? Thanks!
  6. ceto555

    Best solo spec?

    Hiya folks, I'm looking to create my first stalker, he will be used mainly to solo level to 50 and maybe do raids at end game. 99% of the time will be solo, can someone recommend a good build? I hate shield, so anything but that. Thanks!
  7. Hi there, I'm having problems zoning this morning, when I try it just stops loading and after waiting a while I am forced to close the game and restart it. Anyone else having this problem? It just started this morning, yesterday was fine. Thanks!
  8. Hiya folks, I'm looking to make a Grav/Rad Controller or Dominator, all I really want to do is solo level doing missions and maybe do group stuff at 50, but 99% of the time I will be solo. What would be easier for what I want, Controller or Dominator? Thanks!
  9. Hiya folks, I'm looking to make a Brute mainly to solo missions and level up. Which is better for that SS or SJ? Are they roughly the same or is one vastly better than the other? If it helps I will be going either Regen or Willpower. Thanks!
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