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  1. Hi folks, which Controller sets get the mini pets at 18? I know Dark gets Taunt, and Illusion gets Phantom Army. Do any other sets get one before the level 32 pet? Thanks!
  2. Hi folks, I'm looking to make a Scrapper for solo leveling and doing raids at 50. Which would I be better off with, i'll have Bio as my secondary. Thanks
  3. Awesome, thanks for the reply, think i'll go endurance reduc for sure.
  4. Hi folks I'm leveling up an Energy/Devices blaster and was wondering how much to slot for dmg, 3 or 4? Since I have Targeting Drone I figured I could free up some slots for something else besides accuracy, any recommendations? Thanks!
  5. ceto555

    Force Field?

    Hello all, I'm looking to make a Force Field Controller to solo level, and do raids at end game. What will give me the easiest time leveling, I already have a Fire Controller, so I want something different. Would Electricity do well with FF? Thanks!
  6. Hi folks, I'm trying to decide between a Fire/Dark Controller or Fire/Fire Dominator. This char will be strictly for solo leveling and maybe doing raids at 50. Which one am I better off with? Thanks!
  7. Hello all, I heard in game that Grav on Controllers is much better than Grav on Dom's. When I asked them to elaborate I got no answer. Is it true? If so, how is it better on Controllers compared to Doms? Thanks
  8. Hi, Which of these two Scrapper or Stalker would be better for soloing hard stuff like AV and such at end game? Thanks!
  9. Thinking of Archery/Trick Arrow or Archery/Devices? Which is better for solo leveling door missions and doing groups/raids at end game? Thanks!
  10. Thanks! Think I'll try Ice.
  11. Hi folks, Looking to try my first Corrupter, I plan to just solo door missions to 50. Which set would help me solo the easiest? Thanks!
  12. ceto555


    Hi folks, Looking to make a solo blaster for door missions and other solo activity. I wanted to try Sonic, whats a good secondary to pair it with to make leveling/soloing easier? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the responses, I think i'll wait for the revamp and see what it's like.
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