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  1. I played with you then.. How's your build coming along? You where like a 3rd ioed when we played.
  2. BR/tac arrow. The pairing goes very well your sustain is very strong. some cc in glue arrow and esd vs bot types is super strong. builtin in resistance to kb/kd and imob. also a auto +recharge of 20% and that comes with a 40% res to slow. can soft cap range def and be a small purple for smash and leathal. have enjoyed playing him up to 50 and will go beyond.
  3. i had an tri fire on live idea for that was bu+aim inferno blue consume jump bak while throwing a fireball or setting a rain. 🙂
  4. is the grav pet worth slotting for or is it skip-able? my assult is ma and if its worth the slots what to slot it with ?
  5. i as well took a dom of the grav spec but i went with ma instead. Are doms normaly end heavy during the lvling time ?
  6. terrasmash


    that's what i did and so far i like it alot. got a build or no ?
  7. another version tri-fire mk1.mxd
  8. cool take a look at this most of the aoes have procs was trying to get perma hasten as well.. do not know if that happened. tri-fire.mxd
  9. thats a nice build i stuck CJ in and found that i could move 2 slots to stamina which should be good to go. i will not have mystic flight on when in missions adds like .30 to end drain.. Blaster - Beam Rifle - Tactical Arrow.mxd
  10. hows money on the budget or no ?
  11. Cj I understand might be able to swap some end mods in eagle with that on hover crashes with my mystic flight.
  12. Overcharge I used rarely unroll I duo the pardon arc then I used it ever opening
  13. Think its there to Insta snipe to hit 97% but if there without it that frees a power and a slot to overcharge. What other power would u get besides assault?
  14. terrasmash


    Was wondering what pairs well with grav and is this better on a troller was thinking of electricity or energy. Thoughts?
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