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  1. I dunno, tanks who go too far ahead are another kind of problem, I think. That often leaves squishies behind to deal with troublesome mobs on their own, that kind of thing. I've seen it happen lots of times. Downtime comes from lots of sources, not just lack of speed in and of itself.
  2. All MMOs seem to go to the "damage is king" graveyard eventually. While I'm loving that the old gal is up and running again, it's really not the same teamed gameplay as the game had originally, with actually quite well defined interactivity between the ATs needing and depending on each other. Although I have to say that I see a lot of Control both from Doms and Controllers - it's actually necessary because nobody seems to have the patience for proper Tanking/herding/nuking these days. I remember thinking at the time when CoV came out that the effect of a red side team was totally different from hero side, it was a "steamroller" effect - which perfectly suited the villainous trope. At that time, hero side still had that interdependency. But in the years I was gone (from about 2009 to 2012) the game went that way for all ATs, with everybody doing damage. It's still fun, and it's still CoH in that you get to exercise your creativity, and you still get to be in a flow state while chatting in casual teamed play. But it's all a bit of a hurried, rushed affair now.
  3. When you've seen a bank inside a cave entrance, you've seen everything.
  4. As others are saying, StJ may be a more rounded set, but MA is a hell of a lot of fun - just in terms of mastering the playstyle, you can get into a sort of "dance" using the abilities in rotation plus "Follow," so that your character is doing a kind of balletic fighting style where the animations are all joined up and look very cool. When you get it right it's very satisfying. But MA is no slouch, that extra acc and the bit of extra control isn't to be sniffed at. Best for bosses really. Let others deal with the riff-raff 🙂
  5. As far as my faves go, I do put a little bit of thought into my characters and try to make them unique, but tropes I've used more than once are:- Arcane researcher/archaeologist who discovers something in the course of researches. Chosen or favoured by superpowered beings/gods/demons Mutant (easy peasy, goes for anything - if you can't think of an origin or a story, and can't be bothered trying to think one up on the spot, mutant origin is the one to go for) Person lost (e.g. plane crash) stumbles on something (e.g. kung fu monks in the mountains, etc.)
  6. I went with "too grim." I do have a few villains gradually ranking up, and it's nice to dip into that atmosphere now and then, but for the most part I prefer hero side.
  7. No worries, what you've given us is fantastic just to jog the mind along. Again, thanks very much!
  8. It's as much bad tankers as it is bad controllers. I've seen VERY few proper tankers on the Homecoming servers so far (anecdotal, I know) - so what's a controller to do if the tanker just "takes the alpha and moves on" as someone said above? It's a shame, because the team synergy was really strong in early CoH. People had patience, because they knew that with a bit of patience, things went faster. It was the villain playstyle that was (naturally enough, I suppose! 🙂 ) chaotic. I remember thinking at the time that villain teams were like giant steamrollers, and that was fun for a change of pace when Villains first came out. But now that everything's all mixed up, I dunno. It's still fun to play the old thing, but it really isn't the same.
  9. Hey RubyRed, have you thought about incorporating Supergroup names into this? Might be a handy extension if you have the time and inclination! 🙂
  10. A user called Wayleran made this wonderful AHK script for Star Wars: The Old Republic that makes the traditional MMO control system in that game (which is very similar to CoH's) a bit more "actioney." I wonder if there are any AHK mavens out there who could adapt it to CoH? I know that the functionality exists to toggle Mouselook on and off with any keybind, and I do use it (I use mouse BUTTON5), and it's great; but the neat thing about the above AHK script is that it allows you to stay in mouselook mode longer - notably, for interactables (e.g. anything that's interactable at center of screen - in COH that would be things like doors, or glowies primarily) - all you have to do to interact with an interactable while in mouselook mode is press and hold the Right mouse button. Genius! This means that you really only have to come out of Mouselook on command (by using your chosen keybind) for interacting with the UI generally (contact conversations, fiddling with the menu, etc.) - which makes for a much smoother playing experience. The script also works so that if you hit Enter to type or Backspace to respond, you automatically come out of mouselook. There's also optional functionality to use (while in mouselook mode) M1, M2, Wheel Up/Down and Middle button to click numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, which is very handy too. (Note that there are some functionalities in the script that are optional and I've got many of them commented out in SWTOR - e.g. when opening some menus with keybinds, like I for inventory, etc. - that can be easily adjusted by user to taste.) (Note also: I can't think this would be "illegal" since it's just an extension of a functionality that's already in the game, it's basically just QOL for a particular type of player preference.)
  11. I always found Tanker to be the hardest AT to play, mainly because (if you take the job seriously) you have to have tip-top situational awareness, knowledge of maps, mob types, etc. And then on top of that, you have to deal diplomatically with all the different personality types, ATs, idiosyncratic playstyles, etc., as well. Oddly enough, it's probably the most cerebral playstyle in the game. I've always thought of the Tanker as almost a sort of melee Controller - IOW, a battlefield-shaper who just happens to work in melee range.
  12. This is actually really important to note, I think. You can min-max within the bounds of a concept, as opposed to just pure min-maxing in an absolute sense. I've never been that interested in peak performance as such (in this game), but I've always taken note of what people who dig into the maths say, because I want to make my concept as effective as it can be, even if the concept limits the toon from being the most effective possible toon I could make.
  13. It's roughly the same meaning as "bang for the buck." You have limited resources (points, slots, xp, etc.) so you want to get the most out of those limited resources as possible, not waste any. And usually the best bang for the buck is to further emphasize what you're already innately good at, and forget about what you're not already innately good at. Play to your strengths. But sometimes there are diminishing returns on that, so when you've done as much as possible to make yourself as good as possible, at what you're already good at, then you can go back and "fill in" stuff you're not good at too, to round things out a bit. That's basically it, in simple terms.
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