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  1. A new build refresh from @Redlynne for me to read during game downtime? Yes, please! I found out about this game being back only about a month ago. I started with finding your Grav/Time v 1.0 build and using it as a guide, only to realize later that a v 2.0 build refresh was available. I used that for my level 38 Grav/Time controller before being completely sidetracked by your Ice/Ice Tanker build. That is currently what I am using with my small group of friends when we get to play. I do want to get back to my Grav/Time controller and this might be a good reason to do it. With your v 2.0 build, I played this character with my small group of friends. My typical attack chain, if I remember correctly, was to Wormhole a good chunk of a spawn to my team, set out a Distortion Field, followed by Crushing Field, and then cast my single target gravity powers, Crush, Life, Propel, Gravity Distortion. I did have Dimension Shift, but like you said, it came out about 0-1 times per playing session. If I get back to my Grav/Time character, it will mostly be solo, with a single friend if they're online, or with random groups. Aside from complications with random groups, I could see Dimension Shift being very useful solo or with my small group with some explanation. My Grav/Time controller currently has a bunch of IOs slotted, but I could work towards these set pieces. I look forward to trying this out as soon as possible.
  2. I don't need a reason to create another alt. πŸ™‚ I do get your point about more damage. The Corrupter mentioned above is mostly a Elec Blaster though, so we have some damage. Even so, with a healer and someone to lock things down, I do feel like a tank-lite with some damage could be a good idea. I do have a Natural MA/SR Scrapper already planned out that looks exactly like a buddy of mine. πŸ™‚ Update: Well, I did end up making an MA/SR Scrapper and got him into the 20s. Played a mission with a Dominator friend and he was fun, but ran into end issues without having anything really slotted. I did noticed something when I looked at the P2W Vendor with this character though. There were new utility powers I hadn't seen before. Mainly Self Destruct, Reveal, and Self Revive. So I immediately logged in and picked these up for my Tanker. Now, onto my Tanker. I have been trying to slowly work towards Accolade powers. I decided to take him over to Crey's Folly solo yesterday to run around and try to arrest Freakshow Tankers for one of the Accolades. They were all grey and man it was still a slog. It takes forever for me to take them down still and I'm always running into end issues. He does not seem to be very good at soloing (which I would expect), but does it get any better? Once my friends came online, we switched to finishing off an Ouroboros mission we were working on. We were minus the healer though, so it was just me with a controller and a blaster. It was so fun. This character really shines in a group. We moved onto the signature arc in Brickstown to work towards one of the Accolades. I had to look up how to change the mission to -1x8 (it's been awhile) and we tried it out on the second mission in the arc. Tons of mobs, but we didn't really have any issues until the boss at the end. He starts by sending wave after wave. We were doing fine and not really having any issues until the boss starts attacking and sends in the final wave. So many mobs. I was surrounded, was barely keeping up and a miss click put me down. There were still so many mobs up and the blaster immediately went to the hospital and started running back. He called for us to do the same and I said, nah. I fired off the self resurrect I picked up earlier and immediately used Hibernate. Once I was full, I popped out, fired off my toggles as quickly as I could, and got right back at it. The others eventually joined me and we finished everything off. It was such a fun moment. He may have trouble soloing, but I can't see me not playing this character any chance I can get.
  3. No need to apologize. I have had more revelations and been more confused by this one topic than I care to admit. πŸ™‚ For a more general question regarding set IOs, will slotting my powers with them be really noticeable? I've been figuring out what prices I'll likely be spending to slot my powers in attuned set IOs and am starting to think I'll have a hard time parting with my hard-earned cash. Now, about my (now level 39) Ice/Ice Tanker. I'm slowly trying to work towards my Accolades for the bonuses, so I brought my small team to Ouroboros to work on some missions there. I'm not sure I'm doing the right ones, but I'm having a lot of fun. We ended up doing one string of missions that involved werewolves and vampires, with three bosses at the end. I absolutely loved jumping into a group of guys, tanking everything, while my teammates stayed on the outside and picked on the mobs. It's such a fun feeling that I'm sure is what all Tankers must play like. This mission involved us getting swarmed by multiple waves of mobs and I just stood in the middle doing what I could to take aggro. I was not always able to keep them off my friends and my friends did die multiple times...sometimes all at once. It was so fun to keep tanking the mobs while my teammates all discussed how they could pop a rez and get everyone back in the fight...while I kept going. πŸ™‚ With how fun this was, I do realize I could be better at taking absolutely all the aggro. It can be difficult to get your bearings when surrounded by mobs, but there are probably some things I could have done better. Besides filling out my slots for some powers with more Taunt (or getting the set IOs going), are there common Tanker practices I should be doing? Should I be running to a teammate and dropping a Frozen Aura? Or just running around the room more to pickup adds?
  4. Thank you everyone for the information. The boosting does confuse things for me, as does having levels in the builds beside each enhancement. To me, just buying the attuned pieces, whenever I can, takes levels out of it and makes things much simpler...so this is probably what I'll do. I'll also be rereading the last several posts over and over again until I am sure I didn't miss anything. πŸ™‚ Edit: And I found this quote from an earlier version of Redlynne's Grav/Time Controller build I have been looking at: "I am Ye Olde Skool when it comes to build planning. Attunement of enhancements didn't exist in Issues 1-23. This meant that the best compromise balance point for Set IOs was, in most cases, at either Level 27 (for Exemplar Level 24 content due to Flashback level brackets) or at Level 31 (for Exemplar Level 28 for the Moonfire Task Force). With attunement it's less of an imperative, but I still write up my builds "the old way" for people who aren't rich enough to be able to afford attunements for every Set IO they've got yet." This clears up those numbers in the builds that were confusing me.
  5. Thanks for this. This is another great option.
  6. Thank you @Bopper and @Call Me Awesome for the two posts about Attuned Set IOs. This is the exact topic I have been trying to research for the past couple of days. I have learned some things, but still have more questions. I have been using builds by @Redlynne for my two main characters (an Ice/Ice Tanker and a Grav/Time Controller). Great builds and information. Like most builds, each power is slotted out with set IOs. Now, they are listed with levels beside them. Redlynne tried to explain this to me in this post, but I still had some road blocks to understanding this concept (I still might). I thought that when a low level, of say 27, was beside a set piece. This was the earliest you could slot it. What I think I understand now is that you actually want to buy an set IO for that power of that level (27). This allows for you to exemplar down to as low as level 24 and still have your set bonuses active. You will use this level 27 set IO all the way to level 50. These builds are not using attuned set IOs. Level 27 must be considered a good enough power level that you can use it all the way to 50. I was assuming that you always wanted the higher level gear, so attuned would be what you wanted. Not always the case, especially if you expect to exemplar at all. So, my questions still are: 1. If the above is true, is the only time you want attuned set IOs when you do not care about exemplaring at all? 2. If you are using attuned set IOs, will the lowest level the set bonuses be active be your level - 3 levels? 3. Or, is the level of an attuned set IO not based on your level, but the level you purchased it? This would mean you kind of messed up your build if you didn't buy the piece as soon as you could. I hope these questions do not make me seem like too much of a dunce. I'm really trying to get a grasp on these sets before I take the plunge and start buying. πŸ™‚
  7. Haha, thanks again. I learn something about this game every day. I never considered attunement. I should have, but I didn't. πŸ™‚
  8. My leveling has stalled a bit (still at 34), but I'm doing pretty well on the money front. That's got me thinking about sets again and what Redlynne said below. In my ventures into the AH, I have come across a lot of level 31 set pieces. Some of them, Luck of the Gambler, are pieces I know I want for my build. Now, I know that I can start buying and equipping some pieces at level 24 according the the build I'm following by Redlynne. But, what are the exact thoughts with this? Am I eventually going to put level 50 pieces in every slot and the 27 pieces (or 31 pieces) I'm buying now are good enough to do me until then? Isn't it more cost effective to just use regular IOs and wait on the set pieces until 50? I think I know the answer because checking in the AH for the differences between a 31 Luck of the Gambler piece and a 50 shows only a 3-4 percentage difference, but I don't want to mess up. πŸ™‚ The AH has been fun, but I'm looking forward to getting back to leveling tonight with some friends.
  9. This post has evolved so quickly. All of the information has been super helpful. I basically spent the night last night playing around in the AH. Now I'm addicted to another part of the game. πŸ™‚ Thanks for this guide. It's very helpful.
  10. Huh, I have been in and out of the AH constantly trying to get the right IOs for my Tanker at a decent cost and I never thought once about buying and selling to try to build my Influence. This is a great tip. Thank you. I'm going to start messing around with it and doing some reading, but you've given me a great starting point.
  11. Oh, actually it was a Rad/Fire Brute that I made to farm with at some point. He’s already level 37 due to helpful AE fire farms. My thoughts were to use him to help friends level and to help farm for influence for my Tanker. I’m pretty new back to the game and am not yet into the swing of things with what activities I should be doing and what the best way to make money is. I’m just having fun. But I do see these set IOs and would like to get them someday. Perhaps the farmer is not needed and I’ll get more than enough money just playing my tank.
  12. I got into a bigger group last night with my Ice/Ice Tanker. There were a couple of Brutes, but I did well keeping aggro. I still have to get used to the roll of being a Tanker, but it was fun. I did die a couple of times to the same group of spawns. The mission was mostly all werewolves, so I have no idea what was different with this one group of spawns, but it took me out in seconds. Every other group of spawns I jumped right in and held my ground. I have gotten amazing help from people in the community, so thanks. I have a decent bankroll and am working on slotting my powers with regular IOs. I am not sure when I'll start buying the set IOs, as they are crazy expensive, but I'll start looking into what I should be purchasing first and keeping an eye on prices. The help I have received has also inspired me to make a Rad/Fire Tanker to maybe one day run some Fire Farms for other people. I doubt he'll ever get to the point that he's able to run one, but it's the thought that counts? πŸ™‚
  13. Thank you very much for the response. I will stay the course with my Tanker for now. I did not know that Accolade powers existed. I found a post on this forum listing them and how to do them, so I will try to organize my group and get working on those. I also found a post talking about useful contacts I could have missed. So, I'll check that out as well. I do have questions about Set IOs. Should I ignore these until close to 50 and just keep putting regular IOs in slots? Can Set IOs be added at any time if you have the money or should they only be added if you have a full set?
  14. So, I finished Day Two with my new Ice/Ice Tanker. I soloed up to level 14, then got into a fire farm and leveled to 33. I finished the night grouping up with a couple buddies for my first real taste of grouping with this new Tanker. I'm basing my build off a build by Redlynne: Now, with how fast this Tanker leveled, he was low on funds and time. I picked up what IOs I could before I grouped up with friends, but some slots were empty. I'll try to post what I was working with last night below. Level 34 Science Tanker Primary Power Set: Ice Armor Secondary Power Set: Ice Melee Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Medicine Power Pool: Leadership Hero Profile: Level 1: Frozen Armor (A) Defense Buff: Level 15 IO (3) Defense Buff: Level 30 IO (5) Defense Buff: Level 35 SO (5) Empty Level 1: Frozen Fists (A) Prestige Enhancement - Damage: Level 1 IO Level 2: Chilling Embrace (A) Taunt Duration: Level 25 IO (7) Taunt Duration: Level 25 IO (7) Endurance Reduction: Level 32 SO (9) Empty Level 4: Frost (A) Accuracy: Level 30 IO (9) Damage: Level 34 SO (11) Damage: Level 34 SO (11) Accuracy: Level 32 DO (13) Empty (17) Empty Level 6: Wet Ice (A) Endurance Reduction: Level 25 IO Level 8: Super Jump (A) Empty Level 10: Taunt (A) Taunt Duration: Level 25 IO Level 12: Icicles (A) Prestige Enhancement - Damage: Level 1 IO (13) Prestige Enhancement - Damage: Level 1 IO (15) Empty (15) Empty (17) Empty (21) Empty Level 14: Hoarfrost (A) Healing/Absorb: Level 30 IO Level 16: Injection (A) Empty Level 18: Glacial Armor (A) Defense Buff: Level 30 IO (19) Defense Buff: Level 30 IO (19) Defense Buff: Level 30 IO (21) Endurance Reduction: Level 35 IO Level 20: Ice Patch (A) Endurance Reduction: Level 25 IO Level 22: Aid Self (A) Healing/Absorb: Level 30 IO (23) Healing/Absorb: Level 30 IO (23) Healing/Absorb: Level 30 IO (25) Interrupt Duration: Level 35 IO (25) Interrupt Duration: Level 35 IO (27) Interrupt Duration: Level 35 IO Level 24: Maneuvers (A) Empty Level 26: Energy Absorption (A) Defense Buff: Level 30 IO (29) Defense Buff: Level 30 IO (29) Defense Buff: Level 30 IO (31) Endurance Reduction: Level 35 IO (31) Endurance Reduction: Level 35 IO (31) Empty Level 28: Freezing Touch (A) Accuracy: Level 36 DO (33) Hold Duration: Level 35 IO (33) Hold Duration: Level 35 IO (33) Empty (34) Empty (34) Empty Level 30: Tactics (A) Empty Level 32: Hibernate (A) Empty (34) Empty Level 2: Stamina (A) Endurance Modification: Level 35 IO (3) Endurance Modification: Level 35 IO I realize this probably looks a bit ugly. Please keep in mind that I haven't played the game in 15+ years. IOs and Set IOs are new to me. My group consisted of me, a 38 Elec/Elec Blaster, and a Mind Corruptor?. Our regular Empathy Defender took the night off. We ended up doing a string of missions in First Ward. We wiped once (because I kept trying to get Aid Self to work and didn't realize it could be interrupted...this is how new I am to tanking) and I think the Blaster died another time...again for the same reason. But I was please with how I played overall. I ran in and grabbed what mobs I could and ran back to the group. I was able to keep aggro for the most part and even made use of Hibernate successfully one time. I do have some thoughts on the build I'm using though: 1. Aid Self is probably supposed to be used when your about done with a group of mobs and ready to go get the next. Then you run to the next group, grab aggro, and use Energy Absorption. 2. Energy Absorption is awesome. 3. The toggles are even more plentiful. As you an see, I grabbed Maneuvers and Tactics, but due to the endurance drain, I didn't toggle on either of those powers the whole night. 4. Ice Patch is a very cool power. 5. Would Tough and Weave be better options over the Leadership powers? Thanks for any advice and tips so far. I am tempted to try some of the other builds mentioned above for comparison. But having a ton of fun on the Ice/Ice Tanker so far and learning a lot.
  15. Yeah, I've been playing this character a bit this morning and just hit 14 and went to grab that power....realizing that it is in fact available right away. πŸ™‚ I'm really enjoying this character quite a bit right now. I have absolutely no worries about keeping aggro, but I am a bit concerned about being able to stay alive while holding all of that aggro. Hoarfrost should help and I am trying to slot my powers with little to no funds. I'm buying cheap IOs (15) off the AH right now and that's about it. Slotting DOs when I get ones that fit.
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