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  1. Precisely my point. Reveal costs 10k, is permanent, and while it dosnt use charges, eventually one runs out of zones. Yes, you can use it in missions, but personally I use the fog of war to navigate ("Ok, that's not on the map yet, so those last few mobs have gotta be hiding there!"). What you have suggested for a base portal would provide another, low-cost option for new folks who have discovered the P2W vendor, but have not yet learned the other methods. It's all beating a dead horse at this point, anyway. The replacements for /ebfp are not ideal, but they work. The prices are not going to change, for those bits that require inf. We're a short span from seeing these changes go Live, so there's very little possibility of yet another power being added to the mix.
  2. It's semantics. Look, over the course of this thread I've come to accept that the changes envisaged are actually pretty good. Been logging out next to, and using, base portals to get used to the idea again. My point here is that in practical application, a 10 million inf pricetag is a paywall to a player who has yet to amass the discretionary income required. Ok, it's a luxury, but it's an artificially created one. Admittedly, some of the replacements for /ebfp look to be a simple matter to obtain, so buying the portal will be an extravagance, little more. What I initially took exception to in my previous post was the assumption that by an arbitrary point in their career, a given toon should be be able to purchase such luxuries. This is not the case. For me, it took dozens of toons, a good six months, and little help from my friends, before I could comfortably drop large sums on any particular toon, much less the whole rack.
  3. No. No, they don't. I've been playing on HC for nearly a year, and I did not feel comfortable dropping that much cash at once until a few months ago. I for damn sure did not even have possession of that much green while I was still "new". A 10 mil pricetag is a paywall, pure and simple.
  4. This. Costume weapons was an idea that was floated way back before the lights went out. We've already got the ability to have different gloves, it's just a matter of building the models for say, a pistol or a bow in your offhand. I can foresee a few issues; one is that the glove/gauntlet on that hand would have to be fairly generic, or a small selection, perhaps in line with whatever weapon was being held. Another issue could be conflicts with 2-handed weapons. Nothing insurmountable.
  5. ...except, like children, we are not told what these exploits are. I understand why; it's been heavily inferred that there was the potential of a major exploit discovered, and thus the mad scramble to "do something" before it became an actual exploit. But the issue for most of us seems to be the absolute loss of a really good QoL feature, and replacing it with a pile of things that aren't quite right. Several folks have suggested repurposing the Oro portal code; my own idea is the same, but reduce to CD to 90 secs or less. That would make everyone happy, no? And, it would not require all this rigamarole.
  6. Thank you! Build 2 is so close to what we've been asking for. I would make one change to the lineup as presented: Change the cooldown for the P2W Base Portal from 10 minutes to 90 seconds. Near-instant transport to one's base is a serious QoL thing (and what we're losing with the removal of /EBFP), a 10-minuite CD completely eliminates that bonus. In ten minutes I could bloody well walk to where I'm going. We just don't need this kind of time sink anymore, and for a long time we have not had one. I'd also suggest lowering the cost from 1 million inf to 10k. Does that make it a handout? YES. Improving the CoH experience is what we're all about, right? Quality of life enhancements are completely win/win. Will such a change eliminate the need for further teleport powers? For some people, YES. I, for one, have zero interest in achieving badges (short of cool titles), ramping it up to accolades, or taking a pool power that I previously had absolutely no need for. Day Jobs are cool and all, but I rarely have the time, or even recall, to run over to the nearest hospital to log out. If I can just buy the power I need, I will do so. I imagine a lot of other folks will, too. That all being said, y'all are firmly on the right track with Build 2. Addendum: While writing this, I had an idea. The seed of a thought. How about a slash command (or instant power) that would NOT take you to your base, but rather to the nearest Base Portal? Say, /MoveToBasePortal. No more handshake issues, or nebulous gamebreaking exploits, just a near-immediate method of getting you to your base. Something to think about.
  7. This. At least once a day, a dozen back-and-forths inside of half an hour, and that's with full salvage racks at my fingertips. Basing calculations on averages doesn't really take into account the far ends of the curve.
  8. I'm going to point this out again: if part of the solution is stating "The command is still there, you just need to be within arms reach of a portal to use it!", then we're wading in bullcrap deep enough to require a snorkel. If you're literally inside clicking distance of a portal, why would you use the command? More to the point, if the issue with the command is so much greater then we mere mortals know, why are we keeping it at all? In addition, 1 million inf is absurd. It took me six months before I was comfortable spending that much inf on anything. You can get Reveal for 10k, this is the number we should be looking at.
  9. Once again, hammering out an acceptable replacement for this incredibly effective QoL feature is the entire reason there's so much activity on this thread. You must have read some of this stuff to have gotten this far.
  10. See, that's the problem. This "Much greater issue at play!" that keeps getting bandied about. We've been told it's a handshake-authorization thing, but as far as we can tell it's an exploit that has the potential for abuse, and has not actually been abused. So on a maybe-possibly-whothehellknows reason, one of the best QoL things ever is being replaced by an array of kludges that don't satisfy anyone. And what's worse, we are barred from knowing just what this problem is, until it's too late for us to offer suggestions on how to fix it. I dunno about you, but I'm mildly put off by such a state of affairs. Were it me, and it's obviously not, my response would be: "Here's what we got. This is the problem. We're gonna tell you up front, you get caught doing this, you get banned forfuggingever. Help us resolve this issue". If it's in reality not an avoid-death thing, but an actual gamebreaking exploit, I imagine the vast bulk of players will completely step up to help. Those that try to screw us all will get yanked in short order. Maybe it's so heinous that we'll with a single voice gasp in abject horror, and happily test out solutions. Maybe it's not, and what we're seeing is a retail reaction to a pserver issue.
  11. Something occurred to me. There are public transport hubs, notably the TOUR-5307 "base". My question to the community at large is thus: are any of these public hubs Dev constructs, or were they all player-built? If it's the latter, then my next statement can be disregarded, and let's move on. I apologize if I ruffle any feathers with the following conjecture. If it's the former, there we've got a big issue regarding /EBFP. Not only was the devteam aware of some of the potential abuses of the command, they facilitated it's use! For a year and a half! I wish that could be couched in less accusatory terms, but if this is the case, WTF guys?
  12. But that's exactly what we're asking for. What almost this entire thread is asking for. A reasonable-recycle, short-cast base TP that is readily obtainable, and not locked behind infwalls, accolades, or charges. Similar to, if not exactly the same as, the currently available Oro portal.
  13. Off the top of my head, I don't think there's anywhere on the Isles with that kind of an array of services in one place. One of the advantages of redside is the ferry gets you everywhere that's not a co-op or PvP zone (and most everything is close to the ferry), so such a cluster was not really necessary. With the advent of instantaneous base transport, even that becomes redundant once you have set up said base's travel hub. Edit: A number of people have brought up Cap as a likely candidate, and they are absolutely correct.
  14. Thank you. Really. THIS is what we're trying to get across. THIS is why gutting /EBFP is a grave error, and THIS is why our dev team really needs to sit up and take notice. The vast bulk of the playerbase would rather see the command left in place, or tweaked so the handshake issue is resolved, rather then have to literally start from scratch with new powers. Rather then spending time and treasure on these new powers, spend it on fixing the command we already have!
  15. Thank you! That's an order of magnitude more data then we had half an hour ago, and will likely change the trajectory of the discussion. It does bring up another point, though. If this handshake protocol was something that was actively being exploited, then the changes proposed (whatever their final form is) are warranted. If, on the other hand, we're looking at an "OMFG, lookit this code, if someone figured this out we're screwed!" sort of thing, then you're just shouting fire in a crowded theater. (Um, CustomWindows? PopMenus? I get the terrible feeling I'm missing something vital here... )
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