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  1. Boy was I glad to see this thread! I didn't feel like creating my own self-centered thread, I'd rather be part of an ongoing communal one (although attention seeking all the same!) For the past couple months I've been cranking out hi-quality (for me) pieces primarily of my CoH characters with my drawing tablet, and they haven't been attracting anywhere near enough responses! I mean, yes, I am doing this for an audience of myself in mind, but that doesn't mean other people shouldn't enjoy fun, colorful pictures of superheroes! Here's my CoH directory My latest is my Praetorian, Dawn'sEarlyLight celebrating a bittersweet 4th of July And previous to that was my group of anti-heroes, The Emancipators, featuring Bitter and Then Some, King Cabbage, the Only Good Cop, and Nose Man But Nose Man (my grav/kin classic) wasn't always a man of virtuous crime, here he is partnered up with my other famous 50, January Arms! And here's Jan again with her eventual boyfriend, Patch Kidd, who also happens to be the underling of King Cabbage. (I have a lot of crossover between my heroes and villains and their forbidden loves!) And there's plenty more where those came from! I would appreciate any likes and follows any of you are capable of giving, and always love seeing other peoples "City of" artwork!
  2. Lovely! I just did a build using this one for comparison and it was eye-opening in terms of potential slotting tricks. I tweaked a few things (I'm partial to both of the stone mallets for example) and my result is not AS high in defense as yours but it's a far sight more survivable than anything I'd be able to make on my own. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Given the amount of characters I see that are walking around that aren't even in a supergroup, things certainly aren't as bad as they could be. (Same goes for all the blank character bios, if we were to implement global bios---most people would possibly not use either!) And a base is only a strain on the server if there are people walking around in it. Otherwise, a base is probably just a list of object coordinates and settings saved somewhere, This is also the game that allows people to write and upload their own missions with custom enemy groups, so if someone's going to run a server for it they probably should have allotted for heavy use, set a limit, or disabled taxing features like AE and bases if they lacked the resources to run them. I think HC is likely doing fine, given that the monthly fundraising goals are generally met within a day of being announced.
  4. Another idea occurred to me that would probably be easy to implement, because again, it's just text.... it would be nice to have Global Account Profiles! - Give us the same limitations as our character bio's for one "about me" for the overall account. A nice way for players to explain their basic info, play style, history with the game, other hobbies, links to social media, whatever!
  5. I had two thoughts recently about minor features which MIGHT even be easy to implement into the game. 1) a text command to control music volume (and possibly sound effects as well)! It would be nice to bind or make macros which could alter the level of background music. Sometimes you wanna hear CoH, sometimes you've got something else playing! The command could be something like /BGMvalue ## (and you would set a value between 00 and 100) That way you could set it to absolutely anything you would prefer. 2) typable text entries in supergroup bases. Add immersion! Put notes on a bulletin board between teammates! Write a page in a characters diary! Leave a ransom note! Leave a historical record of your teams accomplishments! I imagine this could be limited to something like 5 text entries per base (or more, or less!) and would have a character limit similar to the character biography input. You could just pull it up in base builder and slap it onto any object. Could inspire a lot of fun sidequests!
  6. By the way, this was a fluke, it turns out. At this point I have been awarded several exploration badges which occasionally just don't notify me, either in the reward window, pop-up text or sound effect, even though the settings are all default. But when I check my actual rewarded badges they wind up being there. It's weird! But apparently not an actual problem.
  7. Any of these things been fixed? I haven't noticed on the ones I reported yet, but I haven't checked in a while either. . . patch notes don't mention any of this.
  8. I know I ain't winnin' this thing but as a novice base builder who's learning a few tricks, might I submit: The Emancipators SJW-12865 @spooktheherd (in-game global as well) It's a basic SG base but I try to bring out the various personalities of my members, althought it's definitely still just getting started. Maybe by judgment time it'll be a little more fleshed out!
  9. In the Hollows earlier I had my character standing at the Ironic badge, and I could see it to confirm that I was there, and ran all around it's vicinity, and it did not award. That is all.
  10. I too have made some bees! One is a blades scrapper, the other a blades stalker, either way they play about the same. It was the only thing that made sense to resemble stinging I guess? I've seen a number of other bee toons on my server, and they all seem to have a different approach to how they pull it off! Your choices for costume pieces seem a lot more clever than my "tights with stripes" approach!
  11. Keep finding more of these generic ID's for things coming up (and haven't noticed any corrections to previous ones!) This one's all over the Hess TF text, or should I say the P3149535802 task force. I THINK it should just be his name, right?
  12. Althought you've just kinda inspired me, maybe she could be in her secret mage-mode that nobody ever sees , . ?!
  13. Pretty unique! The character creater old faces are pretty haggard, and she's actually quite pleasant, while still showing signs of age.
  14. Eh, turns out what you found was contact only, I was looking to throw her in a mission map. Ah well.
  15. And the flexibility to join other groups, pick up new members etc without being restricted to TF style arc running would help, too.
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