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  1. @cfarevival!!!!! I give up, I tried following what you said but I just can’t make a brute build, it is too complicated! I will wait for a miracle when someone posts one for savage/dark!
  2. Bumping old thread, anyone happens to have a sav melee/dark brute build by chance?
  3. I took it on my br/dev blaster..I thought weaken resolve was nice, but I am not too sure about unleash potential, seems kinda crap power..I prefer rune of protection even tho it was nerfed..
  4. Thanks for taking the time to write such an insightful experience of your savage brute! Really appreciate it! I decided to make one, and i am about to hit 50! Feel free to say no, but do you happen to have a build for savage/da you could share? as i have no idea nor experience with brutes at all on how to build one. If not, i'll try to come up with something. Again, thanks alot!
  5. Why go brute and not scrapper for savage melee?
  6. That would be awesome thanks!
  7. Any of you have a beam rifle / devices build? Without taser, bombs and the drone possibly..thanksssss
  8. I have both claw/sr and Wm/sd, really like both..Wm/sd trying to come up with a build x.x
  9. What are the other top tier dps you speak about?
  10. Any can link me a Wm/SD build please? Also, WM/dark armor any good? Just curious 😊
  11. i thank you so much for the tips! War Mace seems pretty hard hitting..
  12. do you have a "i don't care about budget" build??
  13. by change you guys have a katana/dark armor build too? is it even worth it taking to 50?
  14. this is the on i am using but i am also not happy with it.. https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1359&c=657&a=1314&f=HEX&dc=78DA6593CB4F534114C6E7BE78142A22206FA128AF422FD4B74663820A3140422071DB5CDB4B695268D39644563E22FF00269AF84065E3CE9589EE943FC018D19571EFCA770CA026F5F47E1F95C8A4B7BFCC3733E77C736666FCF2B9CA2723D7CE28CD7F36E964B39121F9CFB9196BDC8927A2AAD04AE56BA41C9974E6E26ECC1E729DD9C864623AE9D66F8D4CCDA7D3A94CCE1E7162713797559513A954D29E4A65A26E66C1EF758613F1995C622E5EE5F5C65C27E666B23389B40F53D3AE1B6B399F4E44ED712FE46C622E16994ACD2723E82F348893807C9
  15. Ice/ice not a good pairing?
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