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    What is even the what going on?
  2. What ever happened to Bovine Avenger? They would punish everyone.
  3. Interesting idea. I hope it goes well. Maybe gms could pick up something similar to help encourage people to play villain side more.
  4. If you ride the train in front of the tram car instead of inside it then you get to your destination faster. Facts.
  5. Jubba has been kind of mean when posting back in past but I really have to agree and give kudos for really saying those last two messages. It's totally true. But also have to add the devs do also do some good stuff also. Like piece meal. Really great maps. Really neat textures and hack job character models. Piece meal deserves praise for that. But piece meal is also having problems following canon and writing mission stuff as a writer. The devs are doing good work but they also aren't perfect.
  6. More stuff like this please! These are the best things to do in updates!
  7. Baseding on what so many people say about their heroes murdering criminals instead of arresting or defeating them then I think it applies to everyone to say "hero'" like that. Everyone is a shotgun wizard around here.
  8. Why is that topic thumbnail picture a groin?
  9. If not regen or willpower what about bio carapace?
  10. Didn't they specify say that it was regeneration? Then it's down to stalker brute and scraper until they add regeneration tanks.
  11. Population also matters for social stuff. But diversity is the most self-sustaining way to maintain a population so it stands to reason that the best way to keep the population up is more stuff and more varied stuff, rather than taking anything away.
  12. But you have way more people now? Get a project lead er and put the call out to all the people here. Deligate the work and all sorts of people volunteer. With a good leader then things can be done the way they want.
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