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  1. I would hope something as large as a reputation system wouldn't get developed in a bubble.
  2. But that kind of actually makes sense as a possibility if ley lines are all over the place in paragon city and rogue islands. It means the weird buildings could be focusing and harnessing the ambient mana. It all makes sense now.
  3. And really now! Do we want piecemeal to be good at rhyming or good at making sure whatever content is getting added stays true and good to the spirit of this game? I definitively want the good content. The rhyming doesn't matter.
  4. Doesn't that suggest that there's still a serious scarcity issue for essentials if people are willing to commit such brazen crimes?
  5. If you can ouro anyway why not just offer the player the choice from the start so they always have the power to decide for themself?
  6. Can it be Origin-inspired, but let people choose which one to pursue regardless of actual Origin? More choices would be better right? If we can't change our Origin specially so.
  7. Could you just trade inf with a base builder player and commission them to make your base? The prefab room idea is neat.
  8. I think all minimum team sizes for task forces are gine now.
  9. Ice is pretty cool. Yup. That about sums it up.
  10. But giving people options for easier gameplay doesn't take any of that away.
  11. This is the sort of thing which would be nice as an option. "Unwinnable Ambushes?" - "Enabled." ->"NO!"
  12. Isn't there another option without deviating from theme? Like one of the vendor temp powers?
  13. The game isn't easy enough. You can go +4 or +5, but I can only go -1. Throw some bones to the struggling players please. I like any idea that helps me play and enjoy the game.
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