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  1. Discussion on the devs vision and plans for the game. Like what even are they planning?
  2. Or lay dormant for 120 seconds before refreshing the ambush behaviour maybe? So if one ran off in a corner and you need to defeat them to win they will eventually come looking for you.
  3. I think it works very good. Just for a differe nt concept instead though.
  4. Wow. I need that outfit. In the game and in real life!
  5. I thought it was done and playable but needed new animations and balancing.
  6. Contrasting is fine. I just don't want greedy game design for money reasons to spoil what's here and free.
  7. I like the idea of mission clues unlocking base decoration trophies that say who earned them by clicking on them. If you need to show off to people anyway. But please have costumes always free and available always. Its THE best part of City of heroes.
  8. City of heroes ISNT any other MMO though. It wasn't before and it most definitely is not now especially! Don't use other MMO games to decide what's right here.
  9. This game is really good and accessible a lot of the time for us players who can't have twitchy reaction times. Knockback feels really bad because it's so different from other challenges we face. Its random and disruptive and worst of all coming from people who are supposed to be our allies. I don't go so far to say knockback should get deleted but I would really appreciate more options to make it less problematic. The knockback from the clockwork scepter is good because it has so much wind up time and it's clear that it's going to do what it does. Most knockback powers don't work like that.
  10. If I missed it then I am sorry but has anyone brought up how much trolling could happen if names weren't unique any more? We already see those kinds of trolls in everlasting general chat making fun of people by making very similar names. Having identical names will just give them an even more powerful tool to be a tool.
  11. Also some people don't want to get to 50. A lot of role players get a character to the level they want for their story then turn off xp. I think robokitty is one but she doesn't come to the forum any more. 50 is meaningless for telling how much someone cares about a character or their name.
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