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  1. This is the sort of thing which would be nice as an option. "Unwinnable Ambushes?" - "Enabled." ->"NO!"
  2. Isn't there another option without deviating from theme? Like one of the vendor temp powers?
  3. The game isn't easy enough. You can go +4 or +5, but I can only go -1. Throw some bones to the struggling players please. I like any idea that helps me play and enjoy the game.
  4. Can't because discord. Very excludey.
  5. I think redside had fewer zones at start because the devs learned their lesson. Each redzone has way more stuff in it than any early bluestone. Hardly any new redzone adterward was probably because it didn't get enough players but that topic has already been horsedeadhit.
  6. Can we please have taxis for the ones that are hard to get to?
  7. I thought virtueverse had the standard template. But they're an exclusive club now with an invite-only setup apparently.
  8. Silver Mantis replies: "I don't know. I don't care. Let's get to the violence already!"
  9. And even then email still has the most reliability and accessibility of all possible options. Anything else will still have those problems plus some more.
  10. Does it apply to both universes or just the praetorian one?
  11. I like the email solution. At least a message saying "oh hey! Soandso name is going to be released if you don't log in." But they should make sure it doesn't send tonnes of emails. Just one like once a month with all the names you are about to lose that month.
  12. I think there is confusion. I'm asking if we can't just redo topics and give more people a chance to address them on the forums AND anywhere else. Call the "Follow-Up Discussions" and see what's new. It's been a whole year by now right?
  13. Is this just the sandwich thread now?
  14. Does a follow-up discussion of a past topic pose a problem?
  15. Also in mayhem there are 8 or 10 respawning points and an elevator right there. Breaking line of sight is much easier and then making a break for the elevator really helps. Nothing quite like that on the midnight mansion.
  16. Repeating for discussion here I mean.
  17. Smarter people will explain better but it's like 1 divided by the number plus 1. Like 1 divided by 1.2
  18. Croatia is the Salem place. The Roman time travel zone is cimorea or something like that. But 100 percentage YES to unlock.
  19. But if it was then it would be gog and itchyo right?
  20. Repeating discussions that were hidden on discord would probably be good.
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