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  1. I believe I am still having this same problem. I have a sneaking suspicion you don't get the challenge badges for Praetorian missions either. I have done a number of mission trying to get Desisted which is for No Travel Powers between levels 20-24. My next try will be with a Paragon City contact which offers no other badges. I will post my results.
  2. I usually play on Reunion, but would be interested in doing this with you guys. Is it too late to get in on the random action?
  3. I think it is an interesting endeavor, although don't let it rule your existence. If it gets to be too much then take a break.
  4. I have been loving the Rikti Invasion. I hope we will see it again in the future, so I really hope the servers don't defeat it for forever. I have only been back 2.5 months. I hope to get the chance to lead an invasion team as a level 50 at some point in the future. Please don't let this be the last one ever.
  5. Hi all, I remember several of you and will give shout outs later. I am going to log in, but for those of you who I ever ran with the Main and Global was Ventus vis Vires. I have only known about homecoming for maybe a week, back to playing I go. Talk to ya all later. Ventus vis Vires (all of my heroes had names w/ triple letters and villians were doubles)
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