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  1. https://discord.gg/rZ34jaj The SG theme is if the JLA/JSA operated like the Avengers with a tone much like The Boys. If you have any questions about the group you can DM an @Army of Three or reach us in-gameGlobals: @Egoprovince, @The Justice, @Hellion The Saints Initiative is a pet project developed by the U.N. to eliminate Council terrorist cells across the globe. The main base of operations is located in the Astral District of Skyway City, known as Liberty Hall. It is a captured Council Research and Development facility repurposed for quick deployments toward eliminating terrorist cells. The location is known to the public and funded by the United Nations. The Saints govern themselves until the U.N. has an OP sent to them. National interests and Public Image is top priority. This program is an experiment the U.N. agreed to attempt, putting together for their own Nation's "Heroes" in order to better protect themselves and their citizens from various threats.
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