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    I’m looking at starting a new don and was wondering has anyone tried an Earth/Ice don? I’m curious how it’d play and how much synergy the pairing has?
  2. Without a doubt 6 slotting Gaus is great and if not slotting Gaus 2 rech redux, but as of his current build, which looks like its sub 50 and not having a bunch of sets yet, this was my suggestion to help with his current end issues, and until he can slot a full Gaus.
  3. Until you’ve got the sets, The only suggestion I have would be to drop build up to just 3 rech redux and drop an end redux off of weave. Use those slots to six slot your attacks with another damage enhancement each. Increasing your damage would end up ultimately using less end.
  4. Working on a Dark/SR and have a build put together, but it sounds like adding procs to your attacks is key to upping DPS, how many procs per attack should I be looking to slot. Is 1 enough with 4-5 slots from a Damage set, or should I be looking to slot 2-3 per attack and 3 slotting from a damage set?
  5. Thanks, while it helps about the snipes, but now to decide if I want more AoE, or something to a lot a LoTG and help increase end game defense
  6. Trying to figure out which snipe to pick for a stj/sd, have multiple builds I’ve theory crafted with each, mids shows moonbeams damage much higher then zapp, but Mu would give me an extra AoE attack. Any thoughts or advice, maybe something else I’m not seeing?
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