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  1. Hello everybody, not sure if this was reported or not, I didn't feel like looking through 31 pages of responses, but, there is a typo (but more realistically a mismatch of a reported powers ability): So, not sure if it's superior or minimal, but I think these are mutually exclusive?
  2. Hello devs, I am reporting a bug which isn't a show stopper but I think should be looked at someday whenever you aren't busy (haha, like that'll ever happen..) 🙂 That said, I have found that if I drop Blizzard (maybe ice storm too, I actually didn't test it specifically) and then go up an elevator, Blizzard follows me up and down until it runs out. This is a location AoE and should stay exactly where I drop it and not follow me up an elevator. I am not an exploit kind of person so I've been unable to picture any scenario where this could be exploited for any real gain
  3. Ahh, I guess this is where not reading got the better of me and I missed the temp power thing, so, I stand corrected. I know I tried clearing the mobs and then clicking the tubes and nothing happened, so I just destroyed them. Anyway, I spose this isn't a bug then, so, thanks for clarifying what I had missed. Cheers!
  4. Hello. In Ouroboros, Red Side, Level 30-34 Range -- Psimon Sez (6.54) One of the missions the compass reads: However, these were NOT activated, they needed to be destroyed by attacking it, which resulted in them looking like this: While not difficult to figure out and it certainly didn't hamper my progress, if you want to change 'activate' to 'destroy' that would certainly make it more clear. Side note here, I did NOT read the story line as that sort of thing isn't my bag, so, I am not sure what I was being asked
  5. Well, considering the portal itself recharges in like 2 minutes, I figured 5 was a fair recharge on that scale!?
  6. You still have to talk to each one of them and the 2 'troublemakers' you have to inform them that you are leaving them there. So, not really a bug, though sure, maybe the compass could be a bit more clear.
  7. Hello. There is presently an accolade for Ouroboros called "Chronomaster" for completing 50 Ouroboros Missions that has nothing associated with it, ok, no problem. I am suggesting that we add another accolade awarded at 100 missions called "Chronographer" except this one would have as a reward an "Ouroboros Stone" that can be summoned by a player every 5 minutes so players can pick up the next arc without having to go to Ouroboros first. The stone would be accessible by anybody that's earned the "Entrusted with the Secret" badge. Obviously, if a player hasn't received
  8. Hello, yes, I can confirm that this corrects the issue. Now the larger question is WHAT did the devs do to THIS zone when they rotated it that causes this issue? SOMETHING had to be done that makes this zone special that requires a world texture detail of HIGH in order for that to happen. @Jimmy or @Cipher, are you aware of any underlying reason why AFTER Siren's Call was rotated that a world texture setting of HIGH is required to make something like vidiotmaps work correctly in game? Every other zone works 100% perfect on lower settings (as did Siren's Call before the rotation)
  9. The lengthy steps I conducted through 2 solid days of doing nothing but troubleshooting this are as follows: 1. I have deleted my entire CoH installation out and installed the homecoming launcher. 2. I wiped out the fog of war map cache in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\NCSoft\CoX\VisitedMaps 3. I installed the vidiotmaps installation via cohmodder (map was scrambled). 4. I installted the optimal path patch via cohmodder (map was still scrambled). 5. Removed the SC overlay and the map displays correctly. 6. AboveTheChemist sent me many various revisions
  10. Ok, I just tried all 3 of them again and as reported earlier by the other person. Khalisti Wharf is BLACK, Warburg and Siren's are "scrambled" like the previous screenshots I provided you! I was sure I tested your files previously, but I suppose maybe not, I did so many things in that timeframe it's hard to recollect what all I did and did not try map wise. Thanks!
  11. Hi ATC, I think we covered this, but for my personal situation it is ONLY Siren's Call that has the problem. Khalisti and Warburg and every other zone in game works absolutely perfectly (and Siren's Call worked before it was rotated for some unknown reason AND it worked for a short time after December 5th when Michiyo provided a quick rotation of the existing vidiotmaps badge. But since about February it simply stopped working. Nothing on my client PC has changed (aside for the crappy forced windows 10 updates). 😧
  12. After watching the discussions and conversations that go on here, the lack of any real dev engagement or willingness to change a direction on these powers. I had a more generic suggestion regarding the beta of changes. Instead of a closed beta, where a small collection of minds decides the direction for everybody to a point that when it hits open beta we're basically going to be stuck with the chosen direction with maybe being able to get a few % tweaks around whatever the point is. I am not entirely sure that a small collective should be base lining the direction for the servers
  13. But PDP feels more like an underground rave or whatever which I thought was the vibe they were pushing with it. Pocket D just has too much of a polished 'space' look that should be somewhere out in the shadow shard whereas PDP really feels like its a secret dance location in the city. Again, nostalgia, lol. PDP has the same potential though, give it the NPC's that PD has (p2w and such). I wish I was a developer, I'd get into the code and rewrite it and send them code over to the team to check out, but alas, my coding days are long behind me so that's just a pipe dream...
  14. Thanks Naomi for the input, I do appreciate your time. I suppose based on some of your feedback perhaps the zone would need a slight overhaul and lighten it up a lil and maybe cleanup some of the junk (not completely, so it keeps that vibe it has). I just thought perhaps it were far more easily accessible with a LRT (and maybe a base portal) to get there, heck even add p2w or some of the other stuff there that is in Pocket D that it would be an alternative 'public' place for when somebody might want to hold a public DJ event or something. Just hate seeing a zone like this forgott
  15. Hi, thanks for the feedback and the perspective. I just want to be clear, my suggestions or dislike has nothing to do with speed. Let me say that again for the people in the cheap seats: I have never advocated for more speed, point of fact, I am content with my speed exactly how it is on LIVE right now and if the speed wasn't changed at all, I wouldn't say a word. All I stated was, roll whatever speed increase that's being proposed for fly into existing fly along with the "defense" buffs into Afterburner (instead of EvMa) and remove the AB "only affecting self" thing. That's it,
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