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  1. Hi everybody. Let me start by saying I did not read all the comments on this thread, however, I would like to make a recommendation for AE changes, so, please forgive me if it's been mentioned already. I would like to see the amount of published arcs increased from 3 to at least 5 (although 7 would be ideal) as I am doing an entire backstory arc and 3 chapter's isn't going to get it done properly. I just released chapter 2 today and my generic concept right now that I've drawn up will be 6 chapters. Not sure if this is doable or how difficult a change like this would be, but, I do believe that 3 is somewhat limiting. If we are worried about too many missions building up, could maybe look at some code that moves to arc to unpublished if it hasn't been played for 90 days or something? Not sure what the solution would be, but this is just an outside idea, if mission accumulation in the UI was a concern. Thanks for reading! Icecomet
  2. I have noticed (not sure it's a bug or design) but when I reply to an e-mail to a friend and I send in game influence. If I reply again, it automatically re-populates that field with the same amount of currency previously sent. I was trying to send a lil bit of influence and some recipes to a friend and didn't notice until the 4th send that I had sent 150M 4 times, along with 1 recipe each time. Fortunately, it was a good enough friend that they did send me back the additional 450M that I didn't intend to send, but I do think this should be looked at whenever you have time. I do know there are likely more pressing bugs in game to handle, but if sent to a less scrupulous person that extra influence would have been gone and I doubt there'd be anything I could have done about it. Thanks for reading. Icecomet
  3. Hello Devs. After some careful and concentrated study/testing about how this power operates, I believe (as was explained to me by Bopper) that the range of this ability for endurance calculation needs to be set to 0 as it's affecting the "chance for" procs for the endurance based IO's that go into it. While it is an ability that has an AoE component to it (slowing mobs and deflecting attacks), that AoE has nothing to do with the endurance recovery that the ability generates. As I've done testing with Power Transfer in stamina vs frigid protection, I get an extremely poor proc rate with the "chance to heal self" from power transfer solely based upon the range the toggle power has. Whereas if I equip this IO into stamina, I get a proc rate average that is exactly on par with what I'd expect. Can you please look into correcting (at least from my perspective) how this power calculates the endurance regeneration based upon the equipped IO's in that calculation? If you have any questions, let me know. Icecomet 50 Blaster - Everlasting
  4. Yes, you can view the original image here: https://ibb.co/FKnPftY Icecomet
  5. Hello. I am using Power Transfer on my blaster and I am only using 1, however, it is not triggering 3PPM, it has triggered 4 times in 20 minutes (see attached log that I captured). If you require any other data or information, please let me know. Icecomet
  6. Hello. As I've achieved 50 with my dual pistols blaster, I chose the Munitions Mastery Epic Pool. This pool includes "LRM Rocket" power. When I activate the the power, my character performs the animation, however she's NOT holding anything. I went to the Icon shop and when I selected the "weapons" subsection, it was automatically at +20000 influence charge. I selected the rifle of my choice for the LRM Rocket and after exiting, one of my dual pistols no longer shows up when I use my attacks. So I went back into the tailor and adjusted my dual pistols and now my rifle no longer shows up. I've tinkered with this about a dozen times with different weapon combinations and it's either one or the other won't display, I can't get them all to display how they should. If you require any other information, let me know. Icecomet
  7. Devs, I do hope you've seen this and will look into it by either adding the ability to have additional anchored bars or prevent "game return" from closing unattached power bars... Cheers! Icecomet
  8. I completely agree with this suggestion. I was talking about it on Discord just yesterday. Once you have a contact in your contacts list, you should be able to finish an arc/storyline that contact has, so what if you don't get xp for finishing it later? That's the same as turning off your XP gain, the mission is gray, ok, so what? Some of us like to finish our storylines, it's not about the xp or rewards. The reward are completely finished contacts that then go to your inactive tab because you actually finished the stories. This hurts nobody, this hurts nothing. It's just a simple matter of telling your contacts NOT to check your level once you've received them as a contact! Icecomet
  9. Hello everybody! I'd like to request that we implement the ability to have additional "anchored" power bar trays. I'd like to see the ability to have at least 5. Reason I am asking is I like to use the "Game Return" option when I have multiple windows and dialog boxes all open at once and using this ability closes any non-anchored power trays too, which is decidedly inconvenient. I know the ability for this already exists in code because I get it every time I get the devolution from secondary mutagen multiple times per day. You can see the additional anchored power bar in this example from yesterday: You can clearly see that 4th bar is anchored to the other 3, so, having the ability to just expand this to more than 3 (again, to at least 5 which is what I personally use, though more wouldn't be bad in case others want more). As an alternative though, of course, you could just change the "Game Return" option to NOT close power bars (and maybe change it to not close the map window or whatever is open that is anchored to the mission dialog box). Is this something we can get implemented, please? I do appreciate the consideration for either option! Regards, Icecomet
  10. Well, with my suggestion, it could easily be worked into ANY build that wants it without them having to lock themselves out of other pools that they have interest in. Simple, get the powers you want a-la-carte and go have fun. Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls. Icecomet
  11. Actually, in my opinion, there are a LOT of trap powers, like, who tf ever wants boxing? Nobody! But you take it as a rite of passage to get the tough and weave. Personally, I'd like to see one of the following: 1. All the pools unlocked so you can get whatever you want from the pools without the investment in a bunch of powers that nobody wants or needs (i.e. boxing as mentioned above). OR 2. And I like this one the best, make one massive "pool" of all the power pools (excluding the ancillary/epic pools) and make it so you can take whatever you want, but are limited to, for example, 10 total powers from the pool. Obviously, the total number in option #2 could be debated, but this isn't the time for it. Just saying, I'd enjoy being able to take fly, acrobatics, tough, weave and phase shift (as examples) in that order without any other pre-reqs. I mean, wow, the fun you could have with character concept development and how you want to enjoy the game. I mean, I am assuming that I am not the only person that plays this game purely because its one of the best MMO's ever invented and because its incredibly fun, right? I mean, let's have fun with it and remove all these silly restrictions stopping us from having fun. It's not a timesink for cash MMO anymore people, let's have fun in ways never imagined back when we played in live. I mean, I just can't see why we want to keep ourselves so restricted now that its not being run by a money grabbing corporation. It's like the MMO companies have everybody so brainwashed into believing that they need to be screwed over that they cannot imagine anything different. Icecomet
  12. Ok, I guess you missed the point I was making meaning its the only power you want from that pool, sheesh.
  13. Little does the poster realize that anybody that does taken hasten is making a power pool sacrifice by giving up an entire pool selection for 1 power. I take hasten on my caster types, sure, but this will then preclude me from taking other things I'd REALLY like to have instead, like leadership, medicine or fighting. Most of my toons take Flight, Concealment and Leaping for what should seem to be the obvious choices I make with those pools and then of course, hasten. This is a choice and a sacrafice that must be made. Heck, I don't like that I have to choose 3rd power in flight just to attain the flight speed that I think flight should have in the first place, but that's another story for another time... 😄 Lastly, the thread creator needs to learn about respec, since it almost feels like they didn't choose this power and now feel they are somehow at a disadvantage without it... (and just for the record, I do have many toons without hasten and they do function fine). Icecomet
  14. I'd just be happy when I play a support toon that I didn't have to rebuff everybody every 60-120 seconds, I mean, seriously, what's wrong with making the buffs from buff classes last 15 minutes or more? Just don't allow the buffs to persist when you zone, that's all. When I play my kinetics, its a constant refresh of speed boost and density. It gets really old just refreshing buffs all the time. While I realize that this, as a general topic should probably have it's own thread, with the aforementioned buffs above, giving a LONG duration would be grand and really make these classes more enjoyable as a whole. Just my 2 influence... Icecomet
  15. Ahh, ok, so I am setup for a hero initially and it's showing me the pools from both sides, ok, that makes sense then. I guess I hadn't keyed into the fact that it was showing me the villain side ones that weren't options for me on the hero side. Totally my bad, please excuse my overlooking that minor detail... Again, my thanks for the input and your time to explain that to me... Regards, Icecomet
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