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Icecomet was abducted by the Circle of Thorns from Steel Canyon and imprisoned in a frozen ice crystal as part of some ice ritual they were conducting.  Paragon City Police Lieutenant Astor had been investigating CoT activities and alleged abductions within Paragon City.


During his investigation he found an unknown citizen and freed her. She found she had no memory of her life before her imprisonment. She also discovered that she now possessed the ability to control and manipulate ice, an obvious side effect of her long ice imprisonment. After a long debriefing with the Freedom Phalanx, she decided to join their cause and to help bring justice to those that imprisoned her and stole her life.


She adopted the name Icecomet and using her new powers she now fights all forms of crime in the city on her quest to find out who she is, where her family is and most importantly, why she was abducted!


(Play my backstory arc "Origin: Icecomet" Arc ID 24805 at AE)

(Play my backstory arc "Origin: Icecomet - Chapter 2" Arc ID 29282 at AE)

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