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  1. okay thank you I couldnt figure it out or which options to click but i got it now .. thank you
  2. it looks as if i have to do things before i can turn my toon rogue ?
  3. thats what i thought just was not sure .. i am heading there now
  4. where is the red side of pocket d i was in pocket d i didnt know there were sides.
  5. so curious question if I am already a hero is there a way for me to go rogue or do I have to make a new toon
  6. thank you I am heading back to kings row now
  7. lol right now I am trying to find Pocket D lol
  8. thanks for the advice I havent played in years so I feel like I am starting brand new so I will take all the advice I can get plus I never played rogue so that is brand new to me.
  9. actually I did not..so Some of this is still new to me and some of this is stuff i already knew
  10. Ilovetacos


    yeah I have a mission for pocket D so I will check that out in a few
  11. Ilovetacos


    i joined both of them. We will see how it goes
  12. Ilovetacos


    i tried the LFG channel and i think cause I am such a low level like no one bothers with me
  13. well that helped alot thank you. And thank you 🙂
  14. i already know how to post about looking for a group i just get no responses but you may be right about day and night time. I am in US it is 7:30 pm here now so I may try again soon.
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