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  1. I cant speak behalf plant/psi but iv heard its one of the best dom combos especially for soloing. Currently thought i am playing a mind/fire and absolutely loving it. Mind control is just amazing in my opinion and amazing for soloing. I was on a MLTF with a team but asked if i can just try something and I just sat there and confused GW and she killed 2 of the other AVs for me. Fire is one of the best dom secondaries for ST damage (Fire is always a good choice) but just depends on if you are bored of fire yet. I have my mind/fire softcapped on ranged defense so its a ranged toon and i think wit
  2. So i was one of those people that tried their best not getting on the fire blast train but i find myself wanting a toon that can do it all (pve and pvp). I know fire blast is king right now but i want to still keep it somewhat unique so im thinking of adding MM as a secondary. Any suggestions or even other sets that im missing that could do it all? I have a psi/em blaster sitting but got a little frusturated when i use my powers, the enemy is already dead before they get there 😞
  3. Big dom player here and never played grav. I know people say its better on a controller but i really like the hecticness of doms of so many clicky buttons and just smashing things. Anyone got a good build? Also might make another build on this for pvp as well. Thanks all!
  4. Anyone have a good Psi/WP build? Never built a WP scrapper so i dont know what and how much to slot. Im going for a cool thematic toon of "Mind over Body" style theme. If anyone have a build that they can suggest that would be awesome! thanks
  5. Wow! Thank you all for you input! So far iv realized that I love sents more than any other AT. Makes me feel like an actualy super hero rather than a power that can do one thing great but has holes, and also when you see a good sent (just like a good dom) they are usualy REALLY good. I think i am going to make a energy/energy sent and see how it goes and use KB-->KD just because i know how annoying it can get for other teammates (and i usually only play on teams).
  6. So i finally have come to the point where iv played a ton of toons that are the flavor of the month in the community. I like them all but not love them fully. The one power i have always wanted to make because it imo looks the best of all sets, and seems the most "super hero like" power is Energy blast. I know it might not be the best but i ready to settle down. Anyone have any good tips and tricks to make it work and some secondaries that pair nicely for it? Thanks!
  7. I teamed up with a elec/martial blaster that spat on the idea that only brutes can farm. I want to make one but im asking for some help for other possibly secondaires best for melee range and things along that nature. Thanks!
  8. I made a dark/martial farmer build and am not shy for an expesnive build. I already have all 4 winter sets and ectomb. If anyone can recommend a build that would be awesome! so far is awesome to play.
  9. So I finally am coming around to making a scrapper and I decided on an MA/Rad toon. Anyone have a good build for this combo? thanks!
  10. So I used to have a spines/regen scrapper back on live and it was awesome. Since coming back to CoH, iv barely seen any scrapper at all (Mostly brutes and stalkers). I really want to make an old school scrapper that is still reliable in todays CoH. I was thinking of MA/Regen (i know all the problems with regen, but i mostly only play with teams) and im very open to other OG scrapper builds! Happy Scrapping!
  11. I did you build and so far its amazing, pretty cheap build which is really nice. Any suggestions to add some more melee defense using maybe some more expensive sets?
  12. @Carnifax Okay great thank you! with this information i think it will become my new favorite toon. That was the one reason that ice blast never really caught my eye because of the extra clicking and miss clicking
  13. Iv never used macros and i have a ice/fire blaster sitting waiting for love but the idea of having to click to place was very annoying. Do i just type these macros in the chat while in the game? sorry if this is a dumb question, just never done it!
  14. These are all great things to hear! So i am a very visual type player too! So I am really leaning towards either fire/nrg or ice/nrg, I have a lvl 40 ice/nrg dom in the ae that I can Pl up but i wanted some opinions for either fire or ice as a primary
  15. okay cool! Yeah its a ton of fun to play but i just seems slow when it comes to keeping up with teams on TFs and what not. Maybe i prioritize my mind control powers too much rather than hitting them once or twice then going in for the finish!
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