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  1. This may be a moot point since the badge is available through the Night Ward mansion, but Midnight Squad given by Montague Castanella (blue) & Ashley McNight (red) only goes to the leader unless everyone else is grabbing the missions along the way.
  2. Hi. I'm newish to base building. So far my favorites are small, personal bases but I hope to add to them and make them a little more complex. Here's Ophelia's Lake on Torchbearer. Passcode OPHELIA-11652
  3. I just started building more advanced bases and these videos have been so helpful. @Dacyis your discord still active? The links I've followed all say they have expired. Thanks!
  4. DId you ever solve this? My captions are also missing on some characters, but not others. I'm pretty sure it's a user error as I was messing with my settings just before I noticed it. I reset everything, but they still aren't back.
  5. Thanks for pointing out that there is a HC wiki. I searched on Paragon Wiki and didn't see a Resilient badge. Apologies for any time wasted reading my comment. 🙂
  6. Resilient Sums up the year and the game.
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