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  1. As far as I'm aware we haven't changed drop rates at all on AE. As a few people have said, it's just random. The chance of getting a drop, then the percentage chance of a particular rarity. I also have a farmer and some days I get a purple or two, then I go through a streak of getting none of them. The chances of getting a good drop increase the fewer players in AE. Drops are spread out amongst the people in the team so the fewer in the team the more drops per alt, and the higher the chance of a good drop. You will also find a drop in XP and inf as it's spread between the actual number of people. So solo +4/8 those 8 people worth of enemies is going to drop more per person than having physically 8 people present. It's not an increase per se, but the sheer volume of enemies on the map.
  2. You are quite correct. You still technically get the drop but you don't receive it. It's not replaced with something better.
  3. Of course its a nemesis plot. I thought you knew?
  4. If I'm running a fresh team I'll start the first mission on +1 or +2 with players consent. Then see how we go. If we romp through I'll adjust it upwards, if we struggle I'll drop it down. It's the team leaders responsibility to make sure everyone is having fun and to adjust the difficulty accordingly. As long as you have at least a couple of good damage dealers a team of mostly support can sometimes run much higher difficulty than you would expect. I've been the only tank in a team of controllers and defenders and had almost nothing to do as the rest of the team has locked down and AoE'd everything to death before I've finished hitting my one target 🙂
  5. Hi!! Welcome home 🙂 Just to add to the general conversation, learn to use the Auction house. Just type /AH anywhere outside a mission. It might seem a bit daunting but as a general rule orange salvage will fetch around half a million inf a time, give or take a hundred thousand. Recipes are an odd group, some will fetch a fortune, others will fetch barely a couple of hundred inf. Learn how much stuff sells at a shop or vendor then decide if you want to sell it in the AH or the shop. Personally I sell white and yellow salvage at a shop and orange salvage on the AH, then check each recipe by dropping it into the AH window and clicking find. Sometimes I have to click a few times for it to come up as it's temperamental. Sometimes crafting an enhancement from the recipe can make you far more than just selling the recipe, but it's a case of if it's worth the extra cost for components and crafting costs to whether it's worth it. A purple recipe will generally fetch around 10 to 14 million, and the crafted enhancement will fetch around 20 million. If you have the components handy then it can be worthwhile crafting, otherwise sometimes it's just more cost effective to sell the recipe.
  6. Sadly recording of videos of the game are not permitted at this time, even if it's with the best intentions. If and/or when the policy is changed then obviously we will let you know, but for the moment it's a big no-no.
  7. True for everything everyone has said 😛
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