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  1. If you have a build in mind and the levels permit, always buy attuned enhancements not level locked ones. They are exactly the same price and level with you. I always take Blessing of the Zephyr in fly at level 7 when they become available and buy attuned, then never have to worry about them again. The enhancements level with me and so do the bonuses.
  2. It's probably because we have no other information to give you. I won't lie or try to fob people off, I think an honest response is the least I can give to a question. It's one of those difficult subjects where people often ask different variations of the same question. And the answer is always a different variation of the same answer. We would like to, and if it's possible we will, but as a legacy fan run server we just don't have the ability of the devs on live to make sweeping changes easily or quickly. Even if we are able to do something, it's going to take a vast amount of time and not be ready for a long time.
  3. Oh lord yes. A few years a ago I bought a red Nissan Juke, I thought it looked wonderful and it drove like a dream. The next day I was out driving it and couldn't move for red Nissan Jukes, which up till that point I had never noticed. It turns out it was a very popular make and model. I've just swapped to a Mazda 2 and so far (touch wood) I haven't seen any others on the road. I've finally picked a car nobody else likes, which is slightly worrying 🙂
  4. Extra content is always welcome, and the suggestions are well thought out. I can't comment on future plans (mainly because I don't know what they are) but if it's in the pipeline it's a very long way off. New content such as you suggest is very man hour intensive and instead of dozens or a hundred people able to work on zone revamps and new contacts and missions, the chances are it would be one person doing it for the love of the zone and the changes. Add to that the person doing it would most likely be holding down a full time job and be doing real life stuff as well, Which means those hundreds of man hours would have to be spread over a long time and take maybe a year or more. Creating the content wouldn't be enough, it all has to be hooked into the game proper, so it appears seamless and doesn't break anything already there. I'm not saying it's not possible, just very long winded and time consuming. And then of course three months later when the new content has been played to death people start on again about being bored and wanting new content 🙂
  5. If you are having problems with screen shots then use a 3rd party if you can. I use shareX which is free, and takes really good screenshots. I use it all the time for costume contests as it's quick and I can crop, copy and paste in seconds.
  6. A very dear friend has passed too soon. I'll miss you brother hero 😢
  7. This is dreadful news. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. He is an amazing person and we have chatted a few times about his guides, and nothing was too trivial to explain. I'm just in shock.
  8. I can testify that LGBTQ+ characters and players are totally welcome, and anyone who experiences any kind of unpleasantness should put a ticket in, with names, dates, times and if possible screen shots so we can investigate properly. As much as possible we try to be inclusive to all, and we do take any abuse seriously. As Jimmy has said though, we don't disclose what (if any) action is taken against someone, and this often leads people to think we aren't doing anything. The opposite is true, we investigate all accusations.
  9. This yoghurt is delicious. Oops, sorry Jimmy was this one yours?
  10. That's really posh. I'm dragging out my ZX81
  11. So far it seems to work fine. It's actually quite wonderful. I think there is an issue with XP and Win7 not showing the server status, but from what I can understand, being a not technical at all person, that's being looked at. Apart from that, there are a few small tweaks still to go but nothing launch breaking. Some of the GM's have tested it on win xp and win7, linux and mac. As well as win 10. Once it's ready for beta release to the wider public you can try to break it, but so far it seems pretty unbreakable 🙂
  12. As of right now the policy on streaming hasn't changed. When it does Jimmy will make an announcement. Until that time, I'm afraid the ban is still in place. The admin team are very aware of the popularity of live streams, but at the moment it's still a no I'm afraid.
  13. Can I just say, I'm just as much in the dark as you guys, but I'm really excited 🙂
  14. I'm a GM and I'm no wiser 🙂 "My first is in woodwork, but not in canoe"..... 😛
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