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  1. I don't farm for inf, when I do farm it's just for levelling up an alt I like. Some hit 50 and incarnate, others I find aren't as much fun as I thought so I do a respec, sell all the enhancements, recipes, inspirations, salvage, then convert the merits to converters and sell them. Once everything possible is converted to inf I email it to my global then delete the alt. It's amazing how much inf is tied up in unplayed toons. I also do the "craft recipe/convert it to something profitable/ sell on the auction house" thing. It doesn't really take that long. I currently have around 800 million inf
  2. Just check your tickets. If You've put one in this week that Katie is stuck in a wall.........
  3. I don't know if it's going to get an updated patch to be honest. Eventually we will probably move completely to the new launcher and stop supporting Tequila which is old, outdated, highly unsecure and open to hacking, and hasn't been updated in years.
  4. Please avoid spoilers for a film that has barely even started. It's not even available in a lot of countries yet.
  5. Is that a chromebook? They don't really have the ability to play CoX like a proper laptop or mac or PC. I don't really know much about them, or how CoX reacts to the OS but they have weird architecture and are fine for what they are designed for, but don't have the versatility that other machines do
  6. I'm the opposite. I prefer tells. If I'm building a league it can get very messy with all the chat and the bright yellow colour stands out. I often miss broadcasts as they don't really stand out, but a bright yellow tell catches my eye. I don't refuse broadcast or local, it's just that I'm less likely to see them. I also agree that if someone's being rude then they don't get an invite. "Hi is there still room" is polite and if I have room they get a spot "Oi, F***ing invite me now F****r" does not make me inclined to acquiesce.
  7. As volunteers with full lives and jobs and all kinds of outside things going on, the GM and Dev team is busy dealing with immediate priorities. Players are invited to edit the wiki as they wish, but without holding a gun to their head there isn't much we can do. The knowledge required to write posts and make changes other than cosmetic ones is quite specialised. We appreciate all the help players give in that regard, but most people don't have the time or inclination to write long essays backed up with detailed research. It is what it is I'm afraid. People do what they can, but it will never b
  8. I tried WoW and hated it with a passion. And I know dedicated WoW players who hated CoX with a passion. The two demographics don't necessarily have that much of an overlap. The only overlap is DCU and CO players tend to migrate to CoX and find it a more satisfying experience. They look pretty, have differing power sets and storylines, but there is something missing that is hard to quantify.
  9. Can I just say, when I feel a little down I pop on here and have a good read. It always cheers me up no end. I am probably biased, but I think we have the best community out there. We do what we do partly because we love the game, but mostly because we love you guys, and this game and this server would be nothing without you all.
  10. I'm locking this thread. It has some interesting discussions but also some nastiness.
  11. As a HC GM I'd like to say, we don't have any animosity or bad feeling for any of the other servers. Be it Thunderspy, Cake, Rebirth etc. We actually barely talk about them except to mention a new change one of them have implemented along the lines of "That sounds really cool". The world is a big place and if one flavour of server doesn't thrill you, then perhaps a different one will. Do we have different ways of doing things? Of course we do. That's the nature of things. I would be so happy if people could move away from the idea that there is a rivalry and any animosity towards the other se
  12. This thread seems to be out of control. I'm locking it.
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